Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wow. Greg.


(For new readers, who aren't part of the debacle, who have no idea what's going on here, because so few clues have been given... sorry. The people involved know who they are, and OTHER people who know who they are and who are observing this whole unfortunate mess have taken note.)

(Liked by MOLA42 and Carol, who refuses to apologize.)


  1. Greg who? Does he have anything to do with turtles?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. And I am taking that comment down. No need for this whole thing to deteriorate further.

    3. Once again, if there's something that needs to be said, people, when it is serious, you MUST say so openly. People have a right to face their accusers.

  2. "And apologize. Most people are very forgiving."

    Yes. You know who owes an apology, ma'am. Do it now.

  3. "Rose,
    There is no reason I need to apologize, ma’am.

    When one regularly posts as himself, and as a nic, and compliments himself, and his spouse does likewise, praising and thanking him, and he demonstrates his 't-o-lerance' by actively pushing a phony outing, maybe that ought to stop. Don't you think? Open secrets and all. And maybe when said 'nic’ obviously knows who anonymous bloggers conducting this ever-so tolerant witch hunt are, maybe it's time for an apology… ma’am.

  4. Don't be afraid, Carol. You used to comment here, and were always treated well and with respect.

    Basically, Carol, If Tulawat wants to denigrate John, then they should do it openly, and under their own names, and not play silly games with ______ blanks.

    And if you and yours want to participate, and further demonstrate your own tolerance, do it openly.

  5. Vicious fuckers aren't they, Carol and TE crew.

  6. I have to agree the comment section in the Tuluwat Examiner went bananas (in a bad sort of way). The TE has taken down the whole comment section, which is an action I support.

    I think the Tuluwat Examiner is a victim of it's own philosophical view... that censoring comments is not progressive.

    For the most part I agree with that view. But their are reasonable limits, and some (not all) commenters crossed that line.

    We forget that liberty does not equal licence.

    For myself I am sorry for any hurt caused by the debate now no longer on the Tuluwat Examiner web site. Not all of us who comment there thought the discussion should have gone the way it had and tried to put the brakes on it. Liberal Jon (LMOB) and eyerollah were two that attempted to put the focus back where it belonged.

    I should say I can speak only for myself. I don't know how the staff of the Tuluwat Examiner feel about the whole thing. But this situation had almost caused me to give back the Junior Progressive Secret Decoder Ring.

    But I hope that there are those out there (and on this blog) that can see a mistake in judgement has been made and hopefully will not happen again. Human beings make mistakes, all can so silly, hurtful things, even the readers of this blog.

    Also please keep in mind the Tuluwat Examiner was not obliged to remove the comments. They simply did the right thing (eventually).

    And hopefully the Tuluwat Examiner and it's commenters will realize the whole fiasco did nothing but hurt the cause they we (us progressives) support.

  7. MOLA, you and Liberal Jon deserve respect.

  8. Thanks Rose (and MOLA), I think you too would do better to cut this entire post. Let's do the community and our friends in this community a solid. This isn't the time for taking shots at perceived opponents but to celebrate our local community.

  9. Uhhh, NO. Carol is not an opponent of mine. Nor is Greg. We may not be on the same page politically, but we have been friendly in the past. Back when the blogging community was generally more cohesive. Greg and carol had their own blog, did you know?

    Re: Tuluwat: The spirit of that swamp, where you're (and they are) perfectly happy to swim about, was on full display, and they chose to participate in the stoning, gleefully. "Their" "Progressive" values (as MOLA refers to them and believes in) were on FULL display. I know you're mortified. You didn't know about the little game that's been played for years, and you'd never seen that side before. Even as you are mortified you want to brush it aside. Make it ok. It's not.

    What's there to celebrate? Sweeping it under the rug?

    Here's the deal, Jon. I have been critical of Paul Gallegos (and others) here. Had I chosen to do that anonymously, that would have been wrong.

    Tuluwat exists to criticize people 'they' hate. THEY should use their names. If they have an angry 'guest poster' they should require them to use their name. YOU should demand it. Period. End of story. Anonymous witch hunts and stonings should offend you to your core. But it's your buds, so it's cool, I guess.

    1. Rose, have you paid an ounce of attention to those commenting on your own site or the JW's on TE? Let's keep score here. You may not have gotten the apology you wanted but the TE did the right thing (Kudos and love TE, btw) and there was some walk back from those you are calling out.

      Although you will deny it, this is about political points. I remember that Chris' addressing your concern on LoCO had little to no influence, it was just a chance for you to frame the debate. The same is going on here with you using this to frame the debate as the darn lefties at TE as the bad guys and the paragons of virtue here on WatchPaul and the right as the good guys.

      Yes, we are political opponents, without different world views, especially when one party has taken the route down Crazytown Lane (Take exit 1964, Barry Goldwater Blvd, take a right on Nixon Street and another right on Reagan Avenue).

      No Democrat Mike McGuire supporting "Decline To State I'm a Republican" Rex Bohn is not a sign of progress, of good feelings, that we are on the right track.

      So here I go breaking my own rule about taking shots, but as this thread is not going down apparently, I might as well set the record straight (ie correct) while trying to take the attention off of you calling out anons. What you are doing now may not be as distasteful as what the anons did, but it is in the same realm. Which I think is the point of your use of their names.

      " YOU should demand it."

      That's isn't how life works. Sometimes we can't get what we want, it's why you and I work so hard to affect (or is it effect?) public policy in my case and culture and law and order in your case.

      Maybe that's why you and other conservatives have such an interest in law and order because this is where we as a society get to tell people how to be. Period. End of Story. (Or go to jail).

      That attitude just isn't going to fly if you are trying to convince people that your ethics (ie not being anonymous) are more righteous than their own. The end result would inevitably be a righteous sense of self-satisfaction and an increasingly bitter taste in ones mouth as the world you dream of becomes less and less like the world you live.

    2. You had to go and blow it, Jon, didn't you. You were doing so well, too.

    3. I dunno Rose, I thought Jon did a pretty good job there.

      Your respect does mean something to me Rose, please don't get at least me wrong.

      But he is right to point out that despite the "mucky" mess that is the blogosphere, we are all working for a world view we believe is important.

      It's just our worldview's don't cross at every point. I think that is a good thing.

    4. But MOLA!! He forgot FOXXXXXX News!!!!! and Booooooosh!!!!!!!

  10. And, MOLA - I think you need to check your definition of 'progressive' values.

    1. Perhaps....

      But how can you respect me, an anonymous blog commenter?

  11. For the record: I deleted two duplicate comments. (MOLA's)

    1. Sorry, don't know how they got there.

    2. The heck... it did it again. The system must like the picture of my dogs or something....

      Honest, I'm not trying to inflate my numbers or anything.

    3. :) Some kind of Blogger glitch.

  12. Thanks MOLA you are awesome. Thanks MOLA you are awesome.

    Despite the above Rose, this isn't about getting people's approval or respect or being on a team or even winning for that matter. Mutual respect IS important and winning an election is a goal, but not THE goal. Having team-mates in politics is where you and I would agree on the non-sence of partisan politics.
    What is important is public policy and something that always goes with the politics of those discussions - our personal sets of ethics. That is what this is all about. imho.

    I still think the TE has shown grace on this...I'm waiting for you to return the favor, but I won't hold my breath.

    Again, I don't think what you did here (and my participation) is the same, but, again, it's in the same realm and it would be a good olive branch as a way of both left and right acknowledging that we have a heart and come together when we should.

    That's my opinion because I know that standing up in a huff and demanding non-anons is just about as useful as (enter something not-useful and witty here).

    Anyway, have a good day ,,, and in case MOLA is still here...

    Anyway, have a good day.


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