Tuesday, July 07, 2015

For the record

Benjamin Carter jury trial date moved a week; People's offer clarified by DA Maggie Fleming in court - John Chiv/Words Worth Jul 2, 2015

In response to this post ... ◼ http://johnchiv.blogspot.com/2015/07/people-make-offer-of-four-years-to-be.html, District Attorney Maggie Fleming told me today today's trial assignment calendar was called, that misinformation had been provided regarding the People's offer and that she wanted to correct the information.

On record in court, Ms. Fleming told the Judge that there has been "no other offer" made in the defense case. The People's offer "has always been that Mr. Carter plead to the remaining count and admit the prior strike and a six year term."

For detailed coverage and followup on cases that make headlines and cases that don't... ◼ BOOKMARK John Chiv's Blog. The attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses and juries, the day to day goings on in the courtrooms, it's all there. One of the more interesting blogs in Humboldt County, and well worth your time.

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