Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Who's on your list...

To replace Judge Watson?


  1. Word has it that Paul Gallegos has the inside track. His closest minions have been preparing for this opportunity for years. They are supposedly well connected to the governor's office.

  2. Nightmare. Nightmare. Nightmare. Maggie Fleming deserves this Judgeship.

  3. I've held back my opinion, for now. But suffice it to say, Jerry Brown did an excellent job as Mayor of Oakland, and since a large part of that job was dealing with crime and the repercussions of crime, he knows the importance of competence in law enforcement.

    He knows better than to put someone who a Grand Jury found exhibited "Weak leadership and poor managerial practices" have undermined the office... "

    Remember they stated that "Implicit in all evidence gathered by the Grand Jury - including interviews with the D.A. - is the unfortunate truth that the D.A. exhibits a limited understanding of how things are done in the department" Gallegos "lacks the global perspective needed to keep the department operating efficiently," and quotes an unnamed staff member as saying, "The D.A. does not fully understand the functionality of many of the things we do here" - Years later, in his own words: "I’m not an administrator, they didn’t elect me to be an administrator, they elected me to make sure this office runs..."

    That's even more troubling when you think about the importance of competence in a JUDGE.

    Of course, Gallegos' activist backers will be drooling at the prospect of moving him up the chain. The poor guy, let him enjoy his new life in private practice, where he can be his own man.


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