Saturday, September 28, 2013


Three raids in the area of Garberville and Benbow netted an estimated $21 million in marijuana, including nearly 24,000 plants and 600 pounds of processed pot. - Catherine Wong/The Times-Standard

Twenty One Million.

The article makes note of environmental law violations. And, if they had kids, you might find them on the 'free lunch' rolls, right, because the parents show no income. If they're in town, with an indoor grow, their PG&E bill is likely more than most people make every month, and they might be on some special low-income assistance program. Wherever they live, they might be getting Food Stamps, WEC, and whatever other programs they're 'eligible' for.

And even if they're not, they're guilty of a whole lot more than just illegal growing. There's income tax evasion, likely labor law violations, and any number of other laws and statutes they are either violating or not complying with.

Funny how people who support this behavior will also, with a straight face, pontificate with "It's the law of the land" as a new favorite phrase. When they so clearly don't care on whit about the 'law of the land.'

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