Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Ken Miller," Sylvia DeRooy and the plagiarist. And hypocrisy.

In the ongoing saga of the graduation speech and the school board member, a familiar player raises his head. ◼ NHUHSD PLAN FOR RESPONDING TO PLAGIARIZED SPEECH: DO NOTHING - McKinleyville Press

In the comments, Ken Miller* says:
August 29, 2013 at 8:03 pm
A concern I have not seen expressed is what other transgressions Don is involved in? He has many big projects, and not just locally, with many opportunities to skim, skate, or otherwise scam a variety of enviro and economic laws. He is simply not trustworthy. Just as catching a speeder or shoplifter is assumed to be catching a chronic offender, we can assume that a parent willing to involve his daughter in a baldface lie in front of her peers, and then attack we who are incensed by his sociopathy, reveals someone capable of, well, anything.

Really? Is this the real Ken Miller? the Ken Miller who brought us Paul Gallegos (the plagiarist)? Ken Miller who stood on his "Fraud is not a victimless crime" soapbox?

The same Ken Miller behind so many political machinations in this county? Suddenly going for the jugular?

Yet - the same Ken Miller who supports Paul Gallegos DESPITE his plagiarizing THE OX-BOW INCIDENT by ROBERT LOUIS FELIX in his PUBLISHED OP-ED "MY-WORD" IN THE TIMES STANDARD?

Yes, the same Ken Miller, (and Sylvia DeRooy, BIG vociferous Gallegos supporter) front and center, at the School Board meeting last night. Opining about the evils of plagiarism.

So, let's hear Ken (and Sylvia) stipulate that Paul Gallegos "is simply not trustworthy. Just as catching a speeder or shoplifter is assumed to be catching a chronic offender, we can assume that a DA willing to mislead the public in a baldface lie in front of his peers,... reveals someone capable of, well, anything."

* We're assuming this really is Ken Miller, out from the shadows, but maybe it's Salzman, using Ken Miller's name. Who knows.

And for you newbies, who don't know the history:

a copy of THE OX-BOW INCIDENT in case the link goes down
TS - Paul Gallegos' My Word
ER - WHOSE WORD WAS 'MY WORD'? - Eureka Reporter
ER - A second Gallegos column raises questions about attribution - Eureka Reporter


  1. Poor Rose, pounding away on her keyboard, no other outlet to vent her rage.

    Get a job Rose. It will help heal your mental wounds.

  2. Very funny. Unfortunately for you, my favorite anon, time proves me right over and over and over again.

    Pot doc Ken Miller is all amped up again - sensing an opportunity here - why else is he suddenly so 'concerned' about plagiarism?

    He has no kids in the school system. One can only conclude he sees an opportunity to drive the knife into someone he perceives as a foe.

    And he, Ken Miller the Pot Doc, is responsible for Paul Gallegos. In fact, I think you can lay all the home invasions and environmental damage pot inflicts on this community right at his feet. Next time you see him be sure to thank him.

  3. Rose, check out Eric's blog and see that Ken's part of the Jewish Left's attack teams here in Humboldt County out to destroy Gentile Republican owned anchor businesses so that our economy will continue to be unable to provide local jobs. They are everywhere now trying to get into every available seat of political influence and as a Jewish Christian whistleblowing on anti-Gentile Jewish activism, I urge everyone in Humboldt County, Democrats and Republicans to take a long hard look at the 2% world's richest minority group's people now in ideological power positions within the Democratic Party. The character assassination attacks on Dan Johnson are typical ADL, AIPAC smearing tools. Replace Jewish with Mormon, also another 2% minority group and see what it would feel like to have Mormons and a Mormon agenda dominating most every political action group's agenda.

  4. Yeah Rose, please do whatever Steven Lewis said, assuming you can translate

  5. I'm not into the conspiracy theories. We have enough REAL LIFE stuff happening - most recently, there has been a spate of Letters-To-The-Editor decrying money in politics locally. The target, of course, is the Board of Supervisors. There's another piece by Sylvia De Rooy in The Times-Stanadard - wah, wah, wah, money, influence, etc.

    What they're really upset about is that their own power grab and over reach met with opposition, during the TPZ debacle, Remember, Mark Lovelace's orchestrated cadre of 'ordinary citizens,' each with their carefully crafted 3-minute speeches driving home his agenda - all aimed at destroying Palco, and catching all Humboldt property owners by default.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Lovelace, who, it was discovered, was not an 'ordinary concerned citizen' attending Planning meetings at all, but rather was paid by monies from the Resource Legacy Foundation to promote a particular anti-property rights, pro-infil (everyone live in your cubicle) agenda.

    That a group of people decided to stand up for their rights, and fight fire with fire came as a shock to the activist group, who had held sway over Humboldt politics for a number of years. Powerful enough that Bonnie Neely flipped her entire stance in order to garner their support.

    NOW, while the letters to the editor pour forth, no one notes the recent revelations that the Resource Legacy Foundation funding influencing our General Plan was just the tip of the iceberg - turns out there's some $300,000 from "WildCalifornia" that was at work to drive the Plan against property owners.

    Where's the outrage? None over Gallegos. None over the money and influence in the case of Lovelace and company. Just now, because that faction that has fallen out of power wants it back. So they can dictate how and where you live.


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