Monday, August 12, 2013

Who should run for DA?

Who's qualified? Who can fix a broken office? Does it require dope-grower support? Will the trial attorneys finally be brave enough to buck the machine? Or are you stuck with Paul for the next 20 years?

Leave your suggestions in the comments.


  1. The business interests in San Francisco came up with a formula, but it meant compromising by promoting a progressive candidate who may one day be Governor or even president. They defeated borderline left wing radical Terrence Hallinan, who was sending white collar criminals to jail, by backing a progressive young African American woman Kamilla Harris. She is now, of course, Attorney General.

    Is there a qualified young progressive African American female to run against Paul?

  2. Rosie, what happened to the coffee shop blog? My link is broken. Did you move it somewhere? I'll have my neighbor who is much more computer literate try to help me tonight. -CRP


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