Monday, August 12, 2013

The latest maybe

Another name being mentioned as a candidate for the Humboldt County D.A’s race is Cyndi Day-Wilson, the attorney for the City of Eureka. - John Chiv Words Worth

And there are others. Not just the ones who've been mentioned here. Paul is weak, more and more people KNOW how absolutely bad he is at his job.

The more candidates the better. Maybe there will finally be an HONEST assessment of his atrocious management of that office.

Just remember - you once had 20 capable prosecutors, now you have 7-ish mostly untrained people struggling with overloaded buckets, no time to properly prepare for cases, and no decent mentor left to help them find their footing.

Oh, I know, eric. He's SUCH a nice guy, and by God, he won!

Lucky for him. It's time for some luck for the people of Humboldt County instead.

(Word of warning: Salzman/Gallegos' machine is much more vicious when it comes to female candidates, so be prepared.)

The latest maybe: Cyndi Day-Wilson
Let's hope not: Elan Firpo
And so it begins: Arnold Klein


  1. Well he is a nice guy. As it happens, his son and my son are playing for the Eureka Breakers, and they teamed up for a spectacular goal against Fortuna yesterday. My son chipped a lateral pass over the heads of the Fortuna defenders and Paul's son trapped it, and slammed it in giving us a 1-0 lead. We lost ultimately, because Fortuna is just an awesome team. But it was a great moment.

    Just a reminder that we are talking about people in all of this. The issues are large, but people are involved.

  2. yes. It's too bad HIS machine doesn't remember that. And it's too bad being a nice guy doesn't make you a good manager.

    What is it now, Eric? Seven? Seven newbies trying to do the work of twenty - and a twenty that included experienced prosecutors?

    Let him return happily to a life as a trial attorney, running his own office, he can be a nice guy from there.

  3. Whatever you do Rose DO NOT manage any more campaigns. We lose every time you're involved.

  4. Right, Richard. aka...


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