Thursday, October 15, 2009

Somethin's cookin'

Police review committee survives heated debate before supervisors
Human Rights Commission proposal caught some by surprise -

OK - obviously Bonnie has it in for Philp.

So the question is, why? Does it have anything to do with this little soiree?

Watch the talking points on heraldo, and you know the guns have been lowered, and Philp is in the sights... Gary Philp is well loved, so they have to discredit him... key words being floated... setting this up as 'he opposes accountability,' he's 'totally obstructive of and uncooperative'.... all untrue, but looking for reporters to perpetuate the meme. Be on guard. And look behind the curtain.


  1. Mark is small minded fool,Bonnie is an evil sadists, Cliff is the village idiot. The inmates are running the asylum. What might they do next? Tad,are you looking? These numb nuts are trumping you, dude.

  2. Gary is going to retire anyway. There is no reason for the Sheriff to be in Bonnie's sights, it's not like she has a replacement waiting in the wings to win the next election once Philp puts up his star.

  3. There grooming Tad.

  4. Hell of a photo Rose - makes me puke - the witch without her broom, the really bad denture beeaaattch and then there's Connie er wanna be er... and they are all where - don't tell me - this is the soiree in the back yard of none other than Sue Brandenberg, right? Now it all makes sense.


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