Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gallegos has been VERY quiet lately

so there hasn't been much to report.

Nothing's changed though. Still hasn't dealt with his problems. Still doesn't have any experienced DDAs.

It's not that there aren't some big cases - there's the missing and maybe murdered McKinleyville woman case... for one... but no action.


  1. I think he was waiting for the announcement that he won the Noble Peace prize. But I heard some other guy won it.

  2. Maybe he's hunting wabbits.

  3. No, boo bee's. In wewt swuits.

  4. Not applauding the president winning the Nobel Peace Prize puts you squarely on the side of the Taleban. You missed the chance to stand up for your country and be proud of being an American.


  5. Oh BS. Even the libs are upset at this one. Some of them are blaming the Prize Committee - "How could they DO this to him?"

    Anyone with a brain knows that this is insane. Even more so when you realize that they turned in the NOMINATION 15 or so days after he took office. Before he accomplished his great feats of spending trillions.

  6. 11:30 pm

    I'm very proud of being an American. I'm not proud of the President for winning the award because he didn't do anything to win it, just be a slimy politician.

    The deadline for submissions was February. What did he do in the first two weeks of office to even have someone entertain a serious notion to nominate him? The answer is NOTHING!

    It's European lefty politics and the prez should be ashamed and embarassed to receive the award.


  7. It was a premature award and Obama really doesn't deserve it. Not yet, maybe down the road when he's done something besides increase the war effort in Afghanistan and fizzling out along with his Zionist sidekicks on the I-P peace negotiations..

  8. Or maybe he can prove his worth when Iran gets a functioning nuke?

    Benjamin Netanyahu got my vote for the Peace Prize. Maybe next year.

  9. Netanyahu has my vote.

    As does Neda. She is the one who gave all for Democracy in Iran, she is one who had HOPE - didn't need a speechwriter or a teleprompter.

  10. You guys are really super sick. Rose, you stretch our friendship with idiotic support for this criminal in charge of Israel. Netanyahu will be very lucky to escape criminal charges for committing crimes against humanity in Gaza. And you applaud this, Rose? Are you really that twisted about Palestinian human rights? Are you that set in your ways that you want a man with proven blood on his hands to win a Nobel Prize for peace? Obama doesn't deserve his prize but comparing him to Netanyahu is like comparing Lincoln to Idi Amin.

  11. First of having "Stephen" call someone sick is laughable. Having Stephen call someone super sick is downright F'ing Hilarious.

    And it's not a comparison of Obama and Netanyahu. Actually there is no comparison. Netanyahu is a warrior (served in the IM Sayret Metkal, seriously impressive) and has lots more experience than Obama.

    You are funny Steve.

  12. Rose,

    You missed your chance to applaud your own country. Your position is now clear: you put your unpopular and discredited political party above your country.

  13. Zionism is based on racism. Israel is based on racism--Jews first class citizens, Arab Israelis second-class and always suspect of closet Palestinian support which is true because Zionists want to steal Palestine, every bit of it that they can get their greedy little hands on.

    Zionism gets a pass by those who do not want to look at the evidence in Israel because the racism inherent in Zionism is blanket racism, the whole body of humankind which isn't Jewish is considered inferior, i.e., the same racist mindset that sent European religious fanatics into the Americas, Australia, NZ, Africa, to steal land and take away the human rights of the indigenous population. Same story in Israel but European racism is still so strongly ingrained in many American minds that they actually can't see it when European Jews commit it in Israel. Add to this the immense Jewish control of media and money in America (e.g. Federal Reserve Banks 75% Jewish owned/and/or managed plus every presidential economic advisor appointed being Jewish as long as I can remember)
    This is why people like Rose who do have good hearts for others in most cases still harbor ancient European racial prejudice against non-Europeans who have been victimized by European colonialism.

    Netanyahu is another of the old Israeli school of former Jewish terrorist gangs like the Stern Gang who went on to become leaders of Israel. They all have blood on their hands with their push to drive Palestinians off their lands so that Israelis can take it for themselves. Zionism= racism and thievery and those who support Zionists support racism and theft.

  14. If you were being honest, anonymous, you would give the award to Soros or the speechwriter.

    Even Obama knows his receiving this award is a sick joke.

    But in the meantime - there's an important message to be learned - IT'S A TEACHABLE MOMENT! - every kid in high school really has good intentions with respect to graduating - how about we just award them their diploma based on our high expectation - you want your doctorate? I'm sure you have good intentions in that direction, ok, we'll just award you your doctorate. Real actions, real effort and work mean nothing anymore. It's of no value whatsoever. So why not.

  15. Just to be very clear, anonymous, this is not about Country or Party.

    “President Obama has broken new ground here. Nominations for potential winners of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ended on February 1. The president took office only 12 days earlier on January 20.”

    Let’s take a look at the president’s first 12 days in the White House according to his public schedule to see what he did to deserve a Nobel Peace Prize:

    ◼ January 20: Sworn in as president. Went to a parade. Partied.
    ◼ January 21: Asked bureaucrats to re-write guidelines for information requests. Held an “open house” party at the White House.
    ◼ January 22: Signed Executive Orders: Executive Branch workers to take ethics pledge; re-affirmed Army Field Manual techniques for interrogations; expressed desire to close Gitmo (how’s that working out?)
    ◼ January 23: Ordered the release of federal funding to pay for abortions in foreign countries. Lunch with Joe Biden; met with Tim Geithner.
    ◼ January 24: Budget meeting with economic team.
    ◼ January 25: Skipped church.
    ◼ January 26: Gave speech about jobs and energy. Met with Hillary Clinton. Attended Geithner’s swearing in ceremony.
    ◼ January 27: Met with Republicans. Spoke at a clock tower in Ohio.
    ◼ January 28: Economic meetings in the morning, met with Defense secretary in the afternoon.
    ◼ January 29: Signed Ledbetter Bill overturning Supreme Court decision on lawsuits over wages. Party in the State Room. Met with Biden.
    ◼ January 30: Met economic advisers. Gave speech on Middle Class Working Families Task Force. Met with senior enlisted military officials.
    ◼ January 31: Took the day off.
    ◼ February 1: Skipped church. Threw a Super Bowl party.
    So there you have it. The short path to the Nobel Peace Prize: Party, go to meetings, skip church, release federal funding to pay for abortions in foreign countries, party some more.
    Good grief.

  16. Just to be very clear, Rose, you are incapable of patriotism under Obama. Your patriotism is to the Republican party, a dying party soon to become little more than an annoying splinter group.To their guns, abortion opposition and school prayer, you pledge your allegiance. Not to the America we live in.

    So you are a disgrace to your country. You might consider leaving, if you don't like it here, because your day is long gone.

  17. How wrong you are anon 9:12 a.m.

    Rose's comments are right on point. In fact I'm waiting for my master's degree to be announced soon!

    I give credit to Rose for her patriotism and common sense.

    I'm a patriot all the time, as is Rose, and it doesn't matter who the prez is.

    And "just to be very clear" Obama and his posse have not accomplished anything in 9 months, anything positive that is. He's traveled more than any other prez in the same about of time, he's given more prime time addresses than any other prez, he's trash talked the U.S., and he's appointed more "Czar's" and/or personal staff or assistants than any ohter prez. He is an Ultra left wing radical in a conservative suit. He is spending like there is no tomorrow (taking care of his buddies) and regular people, republican, democrat, and independant are very concerned, even pissed off.

    Keep up the good work Rose

    the other anonymous

  18. The only way Obama could have gotten some respect from Rose apparently is if he spent more time on vacation during his first 9 months in office than any other predecessor,received multiple warnings about pending attacks by a government coined terrorist organization with financial ties to the Bush family,received a memo in August detailing the planned attacks and remained on vacation through the month at his ranch in Crawford and got the ball rolling on the fallout of those desired attacks by preparing to further engage in wars to benefit his pals,and eventually did indeed preside over and ensure that 3,000 Americans were killed in the 9/11 attacks.
    That,apparently,is Rose's criterion to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

  19. Nope. My "Patriotism" is to the Constitution, and the ideas that set us apart from any nation in the history of the Galaxy - and my dismay comes from seeing people like Anonymous who are willing to toss it all away in their own partisan zeal. Because only partisanship can explain this worship of a Junior Senator with an empty legislative record, whose political machine amplifies the worst of Chicago political thuggery, who wears the cloak of a pious man to get himself elected and sheds it once it is no longer useful - a man who is able to successfully deliver speeches written by others who have managed to achieve god status for him - even to the point of this empty Nobel. The "Speech Prize."

  20. Hey, Rose, you're prime material for Evangelical extremists who see Obama as the Beast. Or you could join the Muslim extremists and talk them into seeing Obama as the Great Satan. But right now, Muslims are watching and waiting to see if Obama truly remembers his family's Muslim roots or continues to be a sock-puppet for Zionists and Israel.

  21. Rose,

    Oh come off it! Our guy won and you can't bring yourself to stand up and cheer. Also seated on their hands and whining loudly: the Taleban. You've got some well-deserved company.

    You're not a a patriot, Rose, you're a petty partisan. Your party is deservedly going down the drain along with their concentration camps, torture and guns. They will be remembered as a close brush with fascism.

    American Patriot

  22. Wrong, mresquan. I do not fault any President for vacations - because I do not believe they are EVER off duty. In that job, you are on 24/7/365, like it or not, no matter where in the world you are.

    I do however, fault the hypocrisy of mouthing global warming pieties while jetsetting out for valentine's dates when you have 6 chefs at what could be called the most exclusive resort in the world.

    As for "American Patriot" as always, the opposite is true. strange dynamic that you always act that way.

    Funny thing, too, The "Code Pinkies" went to Afghanistan and lo and behold, what did they find? If they don't stand up and renounce their previous bullshit positions, then they are in fact the ones who are acting partisan. If they now completely around just because Obama is in, that would be sick.

    Keep trying though, anonymous.

  23. Glad you brought up global warming, another blind spot of the Bush proto-fascist years.

    President Obama's popularity throughout the world should tell you something, Rose. Americans are applauding it; only the Taleban, Al Queda and our rump Republican party sits on their hands. Your friends, the terrorists.

  24. above by AMERICAN PATRIOT

  25. Humboldt Heretic10/11/2009 5:18 PM

    Please get back to your bong and allow the true idiots like mresquan and anon 3:48 to continue commenting here.

  26. "the American Patriot", a good joke. More like ANYTHING but an American Patriot.

    mresquanie, how long will you and your ilk continue to blame Bush for everthing? Will it be one year, two years, or maybe four? As you guys say your guy won, get over it and move on. What has "your guy " done? Other than surround himself with shadey or corrupt Chicago pay to play chronies, give them jobs/positions and a staff.

    And of course a few former terrorists and a racist or two. Yes mresquanie people of color can be racist too.

    Do you think Gitmo will be closed by January? Of course you don't. What about ending the "don't ask don't tell"? Do you think it'll be done next week? Next month? Of course you don't.

    Yes Jimmy Carter can die a happy man as he now knows he won't go down as the worst President.

  27. guy got about 1% or so of the vote.Sorry,can't blame Obama getting the nod on me.

  28. 7:52...another anti-American rant. You people don't have to stay here. North Korea has a fascist regime. You would fit right in there.

  29. Joining McCain, former secretary of State Henry Kissinger. A 1973 Nobel Peace Prize winner for his efforts to end the Vietnam War, Kissinger offered "warm congratulations" for the award, "which, beyond the tribute to your person, honors America and the cause of peace."

  30. You think I could get paid for some work I'm thinking about doing?

    Bottom line the Nobel Peace Prize is a joke, a BIG F'ing Joke. Norweigian lefties getting a slam in on Bush, America. I'd boycott Norway but what the hell do they produce anyway?

  31. The pity is Norway, like Denmark, finds itself overrun by the Muslim hordes. Not the good ones. Not the "Religion of Peace" kind, but the brutal, drug dealing, burn your cars and riot in your streets kind. Talk to people in Norway, and they are very unhappy about it.

    Why they imagine that kissing up to the brutal leader of Iran is something worth honoring - who knows.

    Defend him all you want anonymous. It's pathetic and the entire world knows it.

    The left-wing NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands): ”What got into the committee to award this prize to a man who has yet to live up to the high expectations? Were they drunk?”

    The right-of-center Telegraaf (Netherlands): “This isn’t the first mistake of the Committee, but it is the biggest. The value of the Nobel Peace Prize has been diminished.”

    The Times of London: “Rarely has an award had such an obvious political and partisan intent. It was clearly seen by the Norwegian Nobel committee as a way of expressing European gratitude for an end to the Bush Administration, approval for the election of America’s first black president and hope that Washington will honour its promise to re-engage with the world.

    “Instead, the prize risks looking preposterous in its claims, patronising in its intentions and demeaning in its attempt to build up a man who has barely begun his period in office, let alone achieved any tangible outcome for peace.”

    Left-wing rag the Guardian: “Indeed, the reasoning behind the awarding of the prize to previous American presidents has been easier to discern. Teddy Roosevelt opened the court of arbitration in the Hague and helped mediate a peace treaty between Russia and Japan; Woodrow Wilson was the founder of the League of Nations. Jimmy Carter won his prize for his “untiring efforts to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts”.

    “Which is what makes the awarding of this year’s prize to a president who has been in office for a mere nine months an odd departure. It is as if the prize committee had been persuaded to give the award on the future delivery of promises.”

    The Sydney Morning Herald: “YES, surprisingly, he could. Barack Obama, is the shock choice for the Nobel Peace Prize, less than a year after his election as U.S. President.”

    Il Giornale (Italy): “Let me be clear: the discourse on Islam in Cairo was beautiful, tall, and it opens up new horizons, but did not lead to anything. And on the other matter, as pointed out repeatedly in this blog, Obama has been evasive or inconclusive, starting with Iran and Afghanistan. Nor can he boast the merits of rapprochement with North Korea, which was brought about by Bill Clinton. He kept only one real promise: the gradual withdrawal from Iraq. Enough to deserve the Nobel Prize?”

    Center-left the Spiegel (Germany): “The Nobel Peace Prize has come too early for Barack Obama. The US president cannot point to any real diplomatic successes to date and there are few prospects of any to come.”

    National Post (Canada): “Obama is being given his award for mere words — for striking fashionable poses in favour of multilateralism, for making a nice speech in Cairo, for offering “hope.” Months after Americans learned to dismiss Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign slogans as the meaningless bromides they were, Scandinavians are still drinking his Kool-aid.”


    The comments are interesting too..."The last several weeks any spoofs of Obama are being pulled off the air as fast as the Obama Farenheit 451 patrol can find them."

  32. It's going to be a lonely 8 years for you, Rose/

    As I said, our guy won and you can't bring yourself to cheer for the home team. That's because you aren't ON the home team; you put your right wing fascist party before your country. Your hysterical behavior is un-American. Maybe you would be happier elsewhere.


  33. Interesting that you use a bunch on NON American sources as an argument. These could be your people, Rose. If you can't stand up for America when our president is honored, why not join your friends in Italy or Germany? You will find many unreconstructed fascists in either place.


  34. Rose, you put up one post on Gallegos being quiet (what, another long vacation for him - must have wanted to dodge another funeral huf?) and then someone posts a comment on that silly Nobel prize that even most of my dem friends say was just plain silly. Then the gadflies come out like their heads have exploded over that comment.

    Makes me wonder if American Patriot is that lunatic Salzman that was in the North Coast Journal's Web of Lies. What do you think?

  35. Hey "Patriot", I thought, according the bumper sticker you peeled off the back of your Volvo last November, that "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism".

  36. Bingo 6:13!!

    It's kinda like that all pigs are equal but some pigs are more equal than others.... Earth First can threaten Eric Schatz's life and not a peep out of our boys. A couple of soccer Moms hold a Tea Party and Congresswomen weep and reporters shake in their boots.

    Dissent - is skeeery.

  37. "Dissent" according to Rose and 6:13 is an armed fascist mob screaming down a speaker every time he tries to speak.

    And BTW, where are the Republican town hall meetings on health care? What is your plan?

    American Patriot

  38. Better Question - Tool (AP), is WHERE were all your DEMS all these years? WHERE were all their proposals to REFORM Health Care in meaningful ways? Nonexistent, that's where. Where were all Obama's bills, in his time in the Senate? What HEALTH CARE legislation did he even vote on, much less put forth? Oh, right, I forgot, the one where you had to let the babies die if they survived an abortion. Talk about a death panel.

    Where is the money going to come from to pay for this? Are you really willing to let them saddle future generations with this cost? Or do you think money is just like raindrops falling from the sky?

    Do you even know what is in the bill? Which bill? Any of the bills?

    God help you. Poor, poor, poor guy.

  39. Methinks 12:05 doth protest too much.

  40. As you know, Rose, you shot down health care reform under Clinton. This time, as your party fragments into religious fascists, segregationists, and outright Nazis you've sent in the goons, the shrieking mobs of "tea party" fascists. It's going to fail simply because real Americans won't let you get away with it.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us are basking in a new American patriotism: our president is honored everywhere he goes. You're not capable of applauding a great American, but that's because it's Republicans first, Americans second in your book.


  41. Psssh, screw America and "Patriotism"

    If being a patriot means being a sheep who accepts a quick smile and kind words from a well-groomed, highly paid political salesman as being genuine, then I'm a uh... matriot or something.

    Obama sucks. What has he done? Be black. Good job. Nobel genes prize.

    Here I was hoping the first black president would be more like Thomas Sowell. Or even Michael Steele. Damn. Oh right, I'm supposed to be colorblind yet surrounded by white boys.

    Even Hillary was better than Obama. What the hell happened? The country got hoodwinked.

    I hated Bush as much as anyone else. I mean, c'mon, people accuse all kinds of politicians of being racists but I think Bush actually liked seeing Chocolate City underwater.

    But, it's not like Obama pulled us the hell out of Afghanistan and Iraq which would have been a good reason to hand him a peace prize. At this point dude doesn't even deserve a peace pipe.

  42. Maybe a crack pipe?

  43. "Obama sucks. What has he done? Be black. Good job. Nobel genes prize."

    "At this point dude doesn't even deserve a peace pipe."

    "Maybe a crack pipe?"

    Witness the Republicans playing the race card. Next comes the cowardly denials. It's all they've got left.

    Our guy wins a Nobel and they can't bring themselves to applaud the home team.


  44. AMERICAN Patriot:

    Bear in mind, you're debating people who believe that Dub was a good president. They can join his seven closest family members--and Liz Cheney--in thinking so.

    These are also the same people who cheered when Chicago wasn't awarded the Olympics. These are the same people who said Bush denying requests for additional troops in Afghanistan was the right thing to do, but criticize Obama for even considering the request. These are the same people who probably still believe that Iraq was a just war and that Saddam was behind 9/11. These are the same people who believe homosexuals, who pay taxes, serve in the military, serve in law enforcement, in Congress, and are "created equal", should not be accorded equal protection. These are people who don't see Sarah Palin as a complete embarrassment.

    This debate is beneath an open-minded, well-reasoned person.

  45. Almost without exception, you could not be more wrong. IT's really very comical.

  46. Rose,

    Your refusal to applaud president Obama for winning the Nobel prize shows us whose side you are on: Al Queda, North Korea and Iran. They also refused to applaud our president, but they hate America.


  47. Even Obama knows he did no deserve that. 60% of Americans polled say he didn't deserve it.

    "Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai"
    The cover of the Oct. 21 Japan Newsweek reads Obama Wa Nobel-sho Ni Ataeshinai which means "Obama Unworthy of Nobel Prize". The subtitle says "The Idiocy Of Him Receiving Such An Award, With Less The One Year In Office With No Accomplishment"

    As for North Korea, Iran, and Al Queda, they don't RESPECT him. Neither does Sarkozy or Putin. And that's dangerous - how anyone can say Obama has brought PEACE when North Korea is setting off nukes under his nose to taunt him is crazy.

    Keep on livin' in your dream world, though. Enjoy.

  48. All Nobels are controversial. The fact remains that our guy won and you refuse to cheer for the home team. Your "patriotism" is limited to those who toe your far right party line. Meanwhile, the rest of America is proud of President Obama.

    Again, if you don't feel comfortable here, you are free to leave.


  49. Right. Nobels are no longer awarded for real accomplishments. The Nobel Committee has reduced the meaning of their award to that you might find in a Cracker Jack box.

    You go right ahead and cheer. Maybe there's hope for you, now.

  50. Another attack on the president and on America...

    Rose, you're really miserable in this country. We're not holding you here. Look for places where citizens pray in school, beat children and carry a gun.


  51. theotherme....errrrrr, american idiot, we've missed you. Welcome back!! Hugs!


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