Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What Mark hath wrought

What Mark Lovelace set in motion all those years ago has now come full circle - and irony of him now sitting on the Board of Supervisors to witness the fruit of his machinations - and for him to bemoan someone as being 'divisive' and 'having an agenda' is truly amazing to behold.

On that fateful day, with virtually no notice, the Board of Supervisors voted to strip every citizen's property rights. Egged on by Lovelace (the anti-Palco activist, not yet a Supervisor), and his astroturfing cadre of speakers, lined up with their 3-minute share of the talking points, lauding the Board for their 'courage' in trying to slam the door on Pacific Lumber Company yet again, the Board's decision had far reaching effects, and woke the mythical sleeping giant.

The end result - a coming together of a very diverse group of people, landowners, people who cared about their property rights. Southern Humboldters, old folks, hipsters, back-to-the-landers, builders, and more. Their vow? Never again. Recognition that vigilance is the price of freedom, and Lovelace's reign came to an end.

His vision was well on its way to taking over. Now, the nail is in its coffin.

I'd say "May It Rest In Peace" but that would be too kind.

Lee Ulansey emerged as an articulate, forceful, and determined spokesman, championing the rights of all the property owners in the county. He's now been through the fire, vilified at every turn by the "progressive" machine. Like anyone who stands against them, he's been accused of being paid for, being in collusion, and more. They've never known what to make of someone like him.

Congratulations, Lee. And, to the new Board who made the decision.

Give Faust a run for his money.

And, let's hope that what the Board did, way back in 2007, never happens again.

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