Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brain Drain. Bad situation gets worse: Allan Dollison out

The rumors prove true.

Deputy district attorney out after 6 years

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos confirmed Tuesday that Allan Dollison no longer works in his office as a deputy district attorney.

Gallegos said he could not comment on whether Dollison -- a United State Army veteran who served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq -- had resigned or was terminated on Friday. He was hired by the office in 2006.

”Certainly, I appreciate all of Allan's work with the District Attorney's Office and his commitment to his community and country,” Gallegos said Tuesday. “But other than that, I can't discuss the nature of his leaving.”

County Human Resources Department Director Dan Fulks said he could not immediately comment on the circumstances surrounding Dollison's departure....

Early in his career, Dollison was disciplined by the State Bar.

In August 2000, Dollison received a 60-day suspension of his law license and was placed on two years' probation after stipulating to 16 counts of misconduct in four consolidated cases, according to the State Bar.

Those included failing to perform legal services competently or respond to client inquires; improperly withdrawing from representation; failing to return client files and unearned fees; and two counts of failing to cooperate with the bar's investigation.

The State Bar report stated as a mitigating factor that Dollison started a solo law practice soon after passing the bar, but due to a lack of experience and business acumen, he accepted difficult cases for relatively low fees.

When he was hired by Humboldt County District Attorney's Office in 2006, Dollison said in an interview with the Times-Standard that he got in over his head as a new attorney and took on more than he could handle at the time.

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The sad thing is - he probably was one of the best attorneys Gallegos had, once he "lost," fired or got rid of all the experienced DDAs.

And there were rumors he might be considering running for Psul's seat.

Question is - who - and what - is left.

Remember, Under Gallegos the DA's Office has "lost" all of Humboldt County's experienced prosecutors, and then some:

DDA Zach Bird
DDA Jose Mendez
DDA Ed Borg
DDA Worth Dikeman
DDA Frank Dunnick
DDA Eamon Fitzgerald
DDA Heather Gimle
DDA Paul Hagen
DDA Nicole Hansen
DDA Shane Hauschild
DDA Andrew Isaac
DDA Allison Jackson
DDA Harry Kassakian
DDA Elizabeth Norton
DDA Murat Ozgur
Patrick Pekin
DDA Amanda Penny
DDA Gloria Albin-Sheets
Jennifer Strona
DDA Andy Truitt
DDA Nandor Vadas
DDA Rob Wade
Bill Rodstrom
Investigator Chris Andrews
Investigator Chris Cook
Investigator Jim Dawson (retired)
Paul's secretary Gail Dias
Office Manager Linda Modell
Investigator Eric Olson
Investigator Kathy Philp (retired)
Investigator Dave Dave Rybarczyk
Investigator Dave Walker
Child Interview Specialist Laura Todd
Senior Legal Secretary Melissa Arnold
Alternate Child Interviewer Jennifer Maguire

And, of course: Schwartz and Stoen.

Question, still, is "Who's left?"

Maggie Fleming, Max Cardoza, Wes Keat, Stacey Eads (on leave),
Allan Dollison, Arnie Klein, Jeff Schwartz,
Mary McCarthy, Davina Smith and Randy Mailman (the newest hire)

Two deputies leave DA's Office 3/8/2007
Update: 6/12/2007
County Counsel Kim Kerr - Longtime employee of the county takes job in Ione

Like Stoen leaving, this is good news... "" Jeffrey Scwhartz is leaving the DA's Office, going in to private practice (No surprise since he has had his "practice" listed in the phone book for the better part of a year, while acting as a prosecutor, which should be a big no-no.) 8/31/07, is gone.

1/2008 Davina Smith moves to the County Counsel's Office.

9/25/08 Deputy District Attorney Kelly Neel, who has been handling the (Belant) case, will be leaving the office for another job at the County Counsel Office, Gallegos said.

1/5/10 Kathleen Bryson, hired and reputedly fired by Gallegos, is now running against him... ◼ Local attorney throws hat in the ring for DA

DDA Ben McLaughlin