Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Worth noting

"...Warren failed to show up for a Sept. 7 court date after entering into a plea deal to serve six years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon after he was arrested in April for robbery.

He was released on a Cruz waiver, which is part of a plea agreement that has a defendant agree to have a greater sentence imposed for failing to appear at sentencing. Warren faced nine years for failing to appear.

”He was released prior to sentencing on the Cruz waiver, pursuant to the plea agreement,” said Deputy District Attorney Zachary Curtis in an email. “It is fairly common to release a defendant with something over his head to try to encourage good behavior, usually with probation cases...”
Zachary Curtis's lamentable remark is cause to point out that Deputy DA's are not supposed to be talking to the Press. For just that reason.

The DA is the office's liaison with the Press, or should be. Gallegos farms it out all the time. Even used to hand it over to his campaign operative, Richard Salzman

The notion that you take some guy who is going away for 6 years for the crime he committed - leaving aside that it's another plea deal - you let him OUT to clean up his business - and then voila! What do you do when he does just that? What? You thought he was gonna just close his bank account and make sure his mail was held?

This is another one that rests on Gallegos's head.

Remember it come next election.

Because this isn't the first and won't be the last.