Thursday, March 29, 2012

Richard Salzman and other email phonies (UPDATED)

Web of Lies - The Journal

Anoint Adams - Richard Salzman/The Journal

Don't Anoint Susan - Sylvia De Rooy/Letter to Editor/The Journal

Shame on you, Richard Salzman (Mailbox, “Anoint Susan,” March 22). You told me you wouldn’t do that again and then you went and did it. You agreed that there was a question of ethics, and yet you done went and did it again. You wrote that long letter filled with your reasons to vote for Susan Adams but you left one critical piece of information out. You wrote that letter like you were just another John Q. Public voicing his free and honest opinions.

But, is it free and honest when you fail to point out that you are Susan Adams’ paid employee, her campaign manager for Humboldt County? I would like to believe that you know the answer to that, but then why did you do it? ...

Read it all - especially the response from Richard Salzman, admitting he is in fact Susan Adam's "Northcoast Field Organizer."

At least Richard is finally posting under his real name. At least sometimes.

What is he going to do for you exactly, Susan? Does it include scurrilous defamation under anonymous pseudonyms on the many forums throughout Humboldt County? Blogs? Times Standard? (Well, they kinda threw him off his game there by requiring Facebook log in… but you can bet he’s found a way around that by now.) What, exactly is he going to do for you? And are you ok with it? What names is he going to call your opponent? What lies will be offered up as fodder for voters to consider?

As far as I am concerned, any candidate who uses Richard’s services does not deserve to hold any office anywhere.

‘Surly Cur’ Salzman - Paul Hagen responds to Sylvia De Rooy's Letter

The true insult and betrayal of his pernicious conduct is that all of us are now stuck with what the son of a bitch has done to our county and, as Ms. De Rooy’s letter so well demonstrates, will shamelessly continue to do.

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