Thursday, September 30, 2010

epitaph prophetique

"... it is now unmistakingly clear to me that we can only bring necessary change to the District Attorney's office by changing the man entrusted with leading the office..."

"...The crisis with methamphetamine and heroin, domestic violence, and child and elder abuse in our community has been met with too little resources and too late for those facing these problems...."

I would say it is unmistakably clear. 8 years later.


  1. The Eureka Police (association) have also endorsed Larry Glass.

  2. NOW ;
    “You need to make people feel welcomed. You don’t have to agree with them. That’s not the role. The role is to provide an open forum for the community to get its issues before its public servants,” LaVallee said.

    THEN ;
    He cut off , Jerry at the Council meeting when he mentioned ,
    ” homelessness dominating out Streets “.

    ” one that hides and cuts off the very people that elected him off at Council meetings far short of their 3 minute allotment time ”

    Taken from , So Hum Parlance , Nov.5 , 2006 ………..” Peter LaVallee lost my vote a long time ago “


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