Friday, May 23, 2014

The political ping-pong ball

Kerrigan’s largest donors were hardware store owner Bill Pierson, who gave his campaign committee $2,000 this period, and former pot doc/environmental activist Ken Miller, who gave $1,850.

No special interests at work here, nosireebob, uh uh, no way, no how.

Both Kerrigan and LaTour are running because somebody is pissed off about the General Plan being re-examined.

Remember: As the General Plan was being wrapped up, the following passage was discovered, tucked into the County of Humboldt Climate Action Plan (CAPE) which is an Appendix U to the Draft EIR for our local General Plan Update, and may be included as a background document for the Energy Element of the General Plan:
"B. Family Planning
(Big Brother*) The County should support the notion that every woman and every couple should have the resources and the power to control their own reproductive lives. By ensuring that every child in the County is planned, the County will make significant progress toward solving unnecessary increases in local contributions to global warming impacts. The County Public Health Department should implement a program to address the potential of unplanned pregnancies which unnecessarily add to future population increases, which in turn add to further greenhouse gas emissions due to addition(al?) consumption.."
I submit that the people who are pissed off about the re-examination of the General Plan are either ignorant of this fact, or are worried that their other Easter Eggs will be discovered. And they want a chance to put it back in.

NOW - You can ask Ms. LaTour what she thinks about this. As a pastor, it will be very informative to hear what she thinks about government encouraging abortion, and acting like China. Ask Chris Kerrigan, too. Better yet - ask them what Bill Pierson thinks. And Ken Miller the pot doc.

But here's the real question - the General Plan is slated to be FINISHED by December, BEFORE either one would be seated if elected. IF they do get elected, are we to expect that the WHOLE damn process begins again? So they can reinsert that passage, or worse?

The Lovelace/Pierson/Faust/Miller/Kerrigan/LaTour camp created this game of political ping-pong. We should be glad someone stepped in to clean up the mess, and will pass it without crap like that added in there.


  1. Some folks such as Michael Winkler and Larry Hourany donated twice.

    So some $100 donations are more than just one donation of that sum.

    I did not realize Arcata, Petrolia, Garberville, Loleta and McKinleyville had such interest in the fourth district Supervisor's race.

  2. Arcata, Petrolia, Garberville, Loleta and McKinleyville are in Humboldt County. Why would a resident of Louisiana show such interest?

  3. The resident of Louisiana is your tired tactic. That resident, however has a business and home in Eureka.

    Typical deflection when confronted with the truth.

    Chris Kerrigan is not representative of Eureka and he is not representative of the people, much less the 4th District.

    Spin it however you want Richard, Mitra, same difference.

  4. Ken Miller's into social engineering - his name on a donor list ought to be a clear warning.

    He will use and manipulate people, especially public officials. When he does it, the media yawns.

    Evidently. some people are willing to be used.

  5. Fun with facts, here we go...

    "Both Kerrigan and LaTour are running because somebody is pissed off about the General Plan being re-examined."

    Wrong. Maybe ask someone who is pissed about removing language to protect timberland and agland for the long term why they are pissed.

    "You can re-examine all you want, just don't undo years of work in the public interest in the name of public interest then follow the narrowest agenda of the Chamber of Commerce. "

    Holy cow Rose. The General Plan is about Family Planning to you. All those hours, the guiding principles and this is the second time in what 6 months you bring this up? Have you addressed mid point densities or a 2nd mother-in-law unit in TPZ lands? Maybe, but here we are again with this red herring.

    I don't know at this point if you are serious or not. I'll just leave it there.

    "who are pissed off about the re-examination of the General Plan are either ignorant of this fact, or are worried that their other Easter Eggs will be discovered. And they want a chance to put it back in."

    Oops, there is the second repetition. This must mean this is true. Sorry as one who is pissed off, I did not realize why I was pissed. Now I know. Conservatives like Ryan and Virginia are busy and over the past 3 and a half years have not had time to complete their hunt for the Agenda 21 inspired brown-shirt population control.

    Darn it, found out again.

    "You can ask Ms. LaTour what she thinks about this'

    Please - she'd answer it too. I'd love Virginia to answer some of the tough questions her constituents put to her. Things like - "Virginia, you've stated you understand climate change is real and a problem. a) Should leaders like you and/or the local public sector have any response to it? and b) Shouldn't someone in your position use educate the climate-change dead-enders that "hey, this is for real". Virginia- your district is basically at sea level, just fyi."

    " IF they do get elected, are we to expect that the WHOLE damn process begins again? So they can reinsert that passage, or worse?"

    Rose, I'm starting to just get sad. I don't know if a) you really believe this or b) you are a great political operative yourself (a la RS). I'd much rather it be b), but I'm starting to be afraid it's a).

    If it's (a) then it's time to up the "propaganda" as you would see it, or in common parlance, education and as one of your commenters wrote - critical thinking skills. And not on you, because the die is cast, but on the youngens.

    "The Lovelace/Pierson/Faust/Miller/Kerrigan/LaTour camp created this game of political ping-pong."

    Wrong. I can see where you might believe this from your perspective, but it is at the very, very best a game of ping pong created by both sides. But even that is false.

  6. What happened is a fair document was produced. Really, it was fair and it was (wait for it) forward looking. However it was not the 1984 era brand of planning that Peter Childs, Dan Taranto, Lee Ulansey and Robert Morris and their hundreds of anon supporters at HumCPR, CLMP and weed afficianados like Charley Custer and Bonnie Blackberry, professional realtors, contractors , businessmen and developers like Julie Williams, Ben Shepherd, Tina Christiansen, and Mr and Mrs Provolt, Kevin McKenny, and Alan Bongio.

    So what they did was they and two compliant Supervisors who are currently up for elections did was add language to increase public participation all the while doing the exact opposite of the language they are currently adding to the GPU.

    What happened was a sane planning regiment that respected and balanced property rights AND the absolute no question need to protect our resources for the future proposed by the like of Supervisors Lovelace and Commissioner Faust, and let's not forget, Smith and Clennenden and Neeley too was created.

    A new coalition of monied conservatives represented by HumCPR and weeded libertarians/liberals represented by KMUD's CLMP rode a wave of Tea Party fervor to get our current BOS super-majority. And, mind-numbingly frustratingly, they won based on campaigns and supposed anger that the public wasn't having a say. Turns out, what was really happening was they were stalling until they could get into power again and they were using public participation as the stalling tactic. And now, to top it off, the argument switches to let's not allow this to be re-investigated again.

    It's simple political posturing and if you don't know you are doing this by making this about Margaret Sanger, then I AM really sad.

    So no. this is not true..."So they can reinsert that passage, or worse?" unless you consider the following language worse.

    Protect natural resources, agland and timberland for the long term.

    Can we agree on that? Unfortunately no. And that is another reason why conservatives and property rights lobbyists can't win local elections as Republicans so they have to run as Democrats.

    Sometimes, very rarely, you actually have to say what you mean in legal documents. The Guiding Principles were the public's chance to find out what was important to Virginia and Ryan who voted with the changes made by Rex and Estelle.

    So yes, look at these changes, then look at the 460 reports and see if you can come up with why people would vote to change a simple principle..."protect natural resources for the long term".

    Small print ... (please to not read this) One more thing, we do need to work harder to insert some language to work on population control into this document. Seriously, but whatever you do don't let Rose on to this, she is a bulldog!

  7. WRONG. Jon.

    County staff claimed it was included there as a MISTAKE. If so, you should be glad it was cleaned up and glad that the Sups decided they better make sure there were no other inadvertent passages, that magically appeared as the result of some copy/paste error. Certainly not as part of a resources Legacy Foundation agenda, not certainly not. Even though one of your boys was being paid to 'influence' things in just that manner....

    Stop spinning, Jon. LOOK at the facts, and then STFU.

  8. Lib j wh at a crock. I think the whole Gpu re write attempt bizarrely referred to as an update should be dumped. It's so flawed it's indefensible. Then a simple update could be achieved from start to finish In 2 to 3 months

  9. Nice article by Rose's friend Judy Hodgson in the NCJ this week

  10. Rose, is it at all possible, only possible, that the reason the media yawns is because you are wrong? Not not asking you to say it's true or probable, only possible.

    We've discussed your paranoia (sorry Rose, but in this case I have to call a spade a spade, I don't mean to be rude) about this section before. I agree with you, it had no place being in the document and I think the county staff did as well based on the article you posted.

    Unless you think it was an underhanded attempt by local county staff to sneak in family planning into the GPU.

    Let's say that's true for a moment. We will as a society, as a globe have to think about population control, yes. To not do so would be to put one's head in the sand. So I can see a motive for a thoughtful planner to put it in there, but you and I would agree (and apparently the entire County staff on the record) that it has no place in that document.

    So, congrats on getting it out. Do you think Virginia was instrumental in extracting it? I don't. I think a good public meeting would have changed that the first time it came up - even with Supervisor Lovelace as the most conservative Supervisor on the board.

    Here is an analog. When Rex and Estelle re-wrote the Guiding Principles they added language that said we "honor landowners" not residents, citizens, people, etc., landowners specifically. That was clearly an overreach and despite objections from Supervisor Fennell alone, the board voted to change the language from "landoweners" to residents.

    So these types of easter eggs which are clearly wrong for the GPU can be changed if the public has a say. Which you did, and it was changed - and I do appreciate it even if I agree with the sentiments of the statement - it doesn't belong in a General Plan.

    What the public can't do with a public meeting is change the direction of the GPU. That is what Humboldt Builders Exchange, Humboldt Area Realtors, the Chamber of Commerce, Working Lands Resource Group, etc. basically business interests have done over the past 6 years with a concerted effort to place compliant or property rights activist Supervisors on the board.

    Mission accomplished. They removed the offending family planning language and as an extra bonus, the business community (the myopic one, not those concerned about long term growth and sustainability) got the plan they wanted.

    But to speak about the GPU in those terms would not win an election for you Rose, so bring out the old family planning political garbage.

    And it is garbage Rose. Again, I'm sorry to be blunt on this one.

  11. I don't think you need to apologise Jon, since Rose told you to shut the fuck up in her previous comment.

  12. Liberal jon, the media does not report. They are so into the left propaganda they have lost all objectivity.

    Those that do report are attacked by you.

    The GPU and your view of the exaggerated climate change are not the issues people struggle with daily.

    You progressives deny when confronted with the truth. Who pays for the job you have jon? Taxpayers who work and they include developers.

    So cutting and pasting philosophy doesn't feed people.

    As for anonymous comments, are you going to call out 9:07 for not using a real name. No, because what you are is a hypocrite, clueless pro bought off by the left cabal with a job at DHHS.

    And a HCDCC treasurer position as long as you do their bidding.

  13. Jon continues his whining because he can't deal with the reality that landowners have rights that he and his prog thugs can't take away. I totally agree with reasonable restrictions on my land so I don't interfere withe the quiet use and enjoyment of my neighbors but I won't have some assshat who just wants to tell me what to do try to just because he or she thinks they are superior and "know better" jon if you want skin in the game get off your lazy ass buy a piece of property next to me and we will talk. Till then but the fuck out of my legal use of my property. I have rights to my property and you don't. Deal with it Rex and Estelle get it and I appreciate that.

  14. That should have been "butt the fuck out".

  15. LJ, NO! The lib press yaws because they are as fucking lame and in the bag as you. Nice article by Judy in the NCJ. Not! Unless you are a koolaid drinker. She is a joke. The truth is you lib-statest.idiots over reached. Thank God, and we hill folks, libertarians, working class and open minded thinkers said hell no to your brand of commiesocial.dumb ass engeneering. Go fuck you hand again LJ. You lose!

  16. You gotta love the teabagging!

    1. How prog of you to make such a reference. All hail the progs all haul the progs. Oh they cry tolerance and egalitarianism unless you don't agree with them. In that case they reference to you with sexual references or call you a racist or bigot or dumb bitch or an oreo. I left the dem party because of the prog takeover.

  17. Has Kerrigan ever had an original thought?

  18. OK, LJ, and 11:58, YOU explain how it got there, and what it means to you.

    While you're at it, explain Lovelace's role. Explain what he was paid for. Explain the agenda AS DETAILED BY THOSE WHO WERE PAYING HIM - go on, give it a shot.

    No pass for you, Jon, even though I know you have NO CLUE - give it a shot, buddy, Mr. Know It All.

  19. Rose: That's Mr. Knows Enough to Know How Little He Knows to you please. Some respect! KIDDING!

    Anyway, let's go back and address the pressing issue of planned parenthood easter eggs for Rose.

    Here are snippets, again, from the link from Rose's 3.22 post.

    A support document to the draft environmental impact report for the county's general plan update drew a link between unplanned pregnancies and global warming -- and has drawn the ire of some locals.

    Point one: This crime against common sense and clear evidence of Agenda 21 was in a supporting document. OK? Clear? Not, say in the Guiding Principles. How much sway do you think it would have had if conservatives like Supervisor Sundberg had blinked his ever-watchful eyes against the prog thugs in this county?

    Here is more from the TS article (credit - Thadeous)
    "But a one-paragraph clause in a Draft Climate Action Plan found in Appendix U of the draft report has attracted attention."

    Here is the most implementable part "The county public health department should implement a program to address the potential of unplanned pregnancies which unnecessarily add to future population increases, which in turn add to further greenhouse gas emissions due to addition consumption"

    Notice "should", not "shall". If passed (notice past tense, 2 years ago past tense) the BOS and public health director had great leeway to implement this program.

    So to Rose who asked this " {A}YOU explain how it got there, and {B} what it means to you."


  20. Here's what Senior Planning Staff member Martha Spencer - who I think all GPU heads (including property advocates) would agree has a high amount of credibility...”This language is inappropriate in a planning document,” Spencer wrote.

    “Planning staff used a template borrowed from another jurisdiction that contained this section. This section should have been deleted during the editing of the document prior to release.”

    I whole heartedly agree with her (as I've said before). Answer to {A} I think that explains how it got there.

    -OR- maybe it doesn't. Maybe this is another Agenda 21 maneuver by secret liberal Michael Richardson conniving behind the scenes? ahh the drama!

    But the result..."The section has been removed by staff -- as is allowable due to the document's designation as an administrative draft -- and will not be included in the draft environmental impact report that ultimately comes before the supervisors."

    Cooler heads prevailed and the clear Agenda 21 driven plan to initiate government-supported planned parenthood has been averted.

    Another success for the ever vigilant conservatives against the progressive thugs of the County who cannot pass their dastardly dictator-like agenda in the light of day.

    -or- a brilliant diversion, a shiny object, full of drama and emotional purchase that helps to reframe the debate away from, I don't know, land use planning?

    Rose. Sincerely, I'm glad it's gone. I don't know how much longer you will need to argue this point, probably until June 4th. I'm guessing it will come up again in March 2016 too.

    {B} What the paragraph means to me? I think it is a solid thought and I support it. I know it to be true, I wouldn't mind, in fact I would encourage the DHHS to implement a family planning plan of some sort - in fact they probably already have one. It just doesn't belong in the General Plan.

    And just so we are clear "family planning" does not mean abortion. You realize this right?

    Now that we've covered that let's please get back to today's GPU. You could discuss your opinions on private property rights. Should the public sector be allowed to designate 150 ft setbacks from rivers to help protect endangered species - one in particular that has extremely significant economic value to our County?

    If it's so important, why don't I buy up those properties, right?

    But Rose, you nor property rights advocates want to dare to address these issues in public because they are not winning issues.

    Fighting against the Agenda 21 driven dictatrous thuggy progs will get out the base though!

    Why again, has the Republican party not endorsed in either Supervisorial race? Could it be they are too smart and know it would hurt more than it would help? Is it possible this type of either insincere or not-quite-right framing of the GPU is one of the reasons?

  21. Excuse me, Jon, which candidate in the Supervisor's race is a Republican? Answer, none.

    And the point you are missing is - it WAS RESPONSIBLE to RE-EXAMINE the entire stupid plan to make SURE there weren't any more easter Eggs hidden in there. For YOUR sake, LJ. As much as everyone else's. It was the responsible thing to do.

    I gather you'd rather they shrugged it off as shenanigans, and rubber-stamped the thing. Because. Progressive.

    Don't look. Nothing to see here. Don't ask any questions. Because. Progressive.

    Writing into the General Plan that a governmental agency can get into people's bedrooms - I don't really know when that became Progressive, but I guess it is now, and we don't dare ask any more questions. Because. Progressive.

    1. Rose. What a smack down! Jon you putz. You really are indoctrinated. I sort of feel bad for you. (Not)

    2. Teabaggin!

  22. "Excuse me, Jon, which candidate in the Supervisor's race is a Republican? Answer, none."

    Exactly. Related question. How many Supervisors on the BOS are Republicans? A: None. Related question, how many DA's running are Republicans, A: None. Why is this Rose?

    Maybe, just maybe it's because of instances like this. When the subject at hand is land use policy, you are shouting - government get out of my bedroom. Remove offensive language and move on. Wait a minute that was already done, with no opposition.

    two years ago.

    And sorry to harp on the Republicans with you Rose, but you are the only one I know with the courage to post you opinions online. Have you noticed how difficult it is to comment on conservative/Republican shows/etc. Call me when KINS opens up their local hour to questions from the public. That would be interesting.

  23. Rose is more teabagger than Republican. She believes man made Global Warming is a hoax. Loves Palin.

  24. Uh jon. The real question is how many of us don't identify at all with any party. Answer = a shitload. It's due to small minded people like you and loud mouth lying sneaks like salzman. Frankly no side can box me in with any label. Unfortunately the divide and conquer progs go into meltdown when that happens. You folks can't deal with it so anyone who doesn't duck step to your mantra is a teabagger. That is disgusting. Simply disgusting. I pity you.

  25. Removed two years ago - and the slobbery apologies, ooooops, we just ACCIDENTALLY copied that from somewhere else and slipped it in.

    Again, you miss the point. That little 'mistake' necessitated a full-scale examination of the document to make sure there weren't more sneaky little pieces of social engineering tucked in there.

    Again - that is the responsible thing to do - ESPECIALLY if you are safeguarding all theta public input - that NEVER once said put something like that in there, right, Jon?

    Now - open your mind - how might that have been considered appropriate to include? Do you KNOW, Jon?

  26. Jon, the reason why the property owners are fighting for GPU land use changes is simple - land values. Land is more valuable when you have less restrictions. Subdivide, develop, clear cut, you name it.

    And who is buying the rural parcels? Pot growers! Rose would be happy to split off a TPZ 40 into 4 parcels and sell them to growers at top dollar.

    It's all about money Jon. Nothing else.

  27. anon. If you feel your opinions are not worth giving them their best shot at winning an election, that's on you. Since 1860 there has been two viable parties and since 1860 there have been people trying to start new ones. I'd like to have an actual influence that crosses county and state lines. I'd like my vote to be for something. Opinions may vary on this, and that is understandable, but do understand you influence is dimished until we change things electorally so that, say a vote for a Libertarian isn't a defacto vote for the leading liberal candidate.

    That's what happened in 2000 in Florida and it changed our country for the worse since then. Gore would not have gotten us into Iraq. I would all but garuntee it. Gore also would not have appointed Citizen's United Roberts or Alito.

    "That little 'mistake' necessitated a full-scale examination of the document to make sure there weren't more sneaky little pieces of social engineering tucked in there."

    Got it, inspect away. Could that not have been done without changing the Guiding Principles? What do you think was more important to the paid (or soon to be paid) public attendees of the hearings? An appendix or making sure the county does not stand against resource conversion?

    "How might that have been considered appropriate to include? Do you KNOW"

    Is it because it wasn't a copy and paste at all, Martha Spencer was lying. In reality is it because the progressives are trying to be sneaky and overshot due to their characteristic delusions of grandeur?

    Is that the narrative you'd like all to have an open mind about?

    OK, I'll give it a test run in the noggin'. Or wait for you to tell the actual narrative behind the story.

    While we are on the subject of open minds...might I ask you to consider the reality of climate change? A hyper-majority of professionals in the field say it is happening. We can see patterns of climate change (not this or that weather event that Drudge likes to promote) that suggest it's true. As each day goes by more evidence builds up. Might I ask you to open your mind a little too?

    1. The more parties the bEtter insert smiley face here. Gone is a 2 party system hopefully. The Republicans gave faced it and now the dems are. I don't need party identification so badly I would keep a d for dem because the progs are loudmouth bullies. I am not a Republican either. They suffer the same with extremists. Deal with it jon. The Independents are It

    2. Progs, Repugs, Baggers
      Progs, Repugs, Baggers
      Progs, Repugs, Baggers

  28. Rose is still pissed at Roberts for his Obamacare clinching vote last year

  29. Ben McLaughlin5/24/2014 10:59 PM

    Happy Memorial Day.

    I give thanks to all veterans, but especially my great uncles Billy and Buster, and also Grandpa Ambie.

    Uncle Billy was at Bastogne. Uncle Buster was a tail gunner on a B-17.

    Grandpa Ambie was a Marine in the Pacific Theater.

    In retrospect, they were so great. I was young, when I saw them last. Never appreciated them. Our generation has a lot to learn. Don't even know how to begin to say, thank you...

    I thank you all for your service, whether we like each other beyond today, or not.

  30. A nice sentiment, Ben. Thank you.

  31. But anon 721 brings up a very important point.

    Here's the thing. One side wins if you tune out. The side that believes a more inconsequential public sector (ie government - federal, state and local) is a good thing.

    So, when they are involved in uncivil or unreasonable or illogical or hyper-polarized debate where poles are enemies or fools and not fellow countrymen and issues are about good and evil, not right and wrong, that actually works to their favor. At least until people catch on. And I think people have finally caught on. Inshallah. (That's one half of my family's way of saying "with the will of God", or in our common parlance to a ear that grew up in the West, hopefully)

    Thank you Ben and Rose, a happy and contemplative Memorial Day weekend to all too.

  32. What are Miller & Pierson's special interest agendas Rose?

  33. Pierson's is obvious. Keep out lower price competition. Ken Miller is a failed Jewish activist who's only claim to fame is his riding the shirttails of other enviro yahoos diverting all Humboldt County environmental protection attention to the wrong place: Palco, when it was homesteaders all along who were doing far worse eco-damage. Miller and Lovelace of Humboldt Watershed Council collusion have left us with their installation of the GAP Bangledesh sweat shop fire and Cambodian gov't firing upon GAP garment workers Fisher Family as the biggest private ownership in Humboldt County. Oh, yes, they are soooo environmentally responsible as they use HRC as their private piggy bank growing their dollars every day..thank you, Ken and Mark for your legacy we all have to live with. This is Ken's agenda he doesn't want exposed as it has been and will be even more so as the real eco-destruction story piles up evidence of not of Palco great harm to our environment but the very people screaming the loudest at rallies as well as funding the lawsuits against the wrong eco-destructive people.

  34. Can someone please translate for Stephen? Did he throw in Jewish just to expose his anti Semitic ideology?

    And how is Kerrigan going to stop Home Depot from opening a store in Humboldt? A no vote on the next zoning change request?

    Meanwhile, Home Depot already announced they are changing to an e-commerce format, and ditching the retail warehouse model.

    Stephen is your friend Rose, correct? Didn't you do a radio show with him? What's his problem(s)?

  35. What's yours 7:47? Pierson is just trying to get back into influencing county government. It's obvious. Miller is just a pot shill selling recommendations and growing as much as he can.

  36. LJ, I agree with you completely. We are catching on ,finally. You ant-liberty prog fools are unable to have civil discourse.

  37. 2:03 hit the nail on the head.

  38. 2:03 hit the nail on the head.

  39. 2:03 From your last sentence that contained the words "prog", full, and anti-liberty. Either I'd hate to think what your uncivil dialog would sound like, or, I don't think you are clear on the concept of civility.

  40. Sounds like a fiscal teabagger to me

  41. 6:55 . Your response is so typically prog. Disdainful to any who disagree with you.

  42. As evidence of religious fanaticism, check out the Kerrigan letters to the editor by Prog fanatics ordered to write letters of support for their ailing candidate who only Progs want in office. I don't think I've seen any matching Republican political fanaticism as can be seen in our newspaper letters now of Progs trying desperately to convince anyone their boy is fit for office.

    I think we'll see again that the Prog Movement is dead meat and only will kill the chances of any political candidate running for office. Who needs 4 more years of what we've already seen of Progs in office with Mark Lovelace and Paul Gallegos? Dysfunctional DA office and political Party agenda ruling all community Supervisor decisions for Mark. Just like the letter writers all these Progs have to toe the Party Line which is maintained by hardcore political fanatics determined to cause social war where their fortunes as outsiders exploiting HSU non-resident student liberalism and pot grower money for financing political campaigns, so people like Lovelace can rise pitted against locals and local concerns.

    Local people, local concerns, boot out the big city politicos and their takeover ideology.

  43. 7:20. This from the guy who uses Prog to insult others with whom he disagrees

  44. When my clones arrive you can insult the Steves but for now there's only one of me while there are scores of Progs, rhymes with frogs and all seemingly lined up by the Big Frogs in our small Humboldt County pond, to croak out their twilight song of for their boy going under in a fanatics show of orchestrated letter-writing. So what exactly is your beef? I shouldn't insult Prog clones and drones? That'd take all the fun out of blog life now wouldn't it for yours truly. No worry there. I will be here to hurl the danging words to even things up, even Stephen-wise..

  45. Wtf. Progs call themselves progs. If they called themselves something else we'd use that term.

  46. 7:02 wins for the stupidest comment of the day.


    1. Shoot. I didn't know there was a contest! What did he win?

    2. Nope 8:45. You win for the stupidest comment congrats dip shit


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