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San Jose pot clubs to offer voters free weed on primary day...

California voters can expect to receive free weed from some pot clubs in the Bay Area city of San Jose for casting ballots in state primary elections next Tuesday that include local races and battles for governor and secretary of state. - Reuters

The city’s cannabis collectives, which have also offered up a voter guide to the races, are offering free marijuana and discounts when members show a ballot stub or an “I Voted” sticker on June 3.

Hey! Isn't that illegal???

Yep. Illegal.

Codifying the ban on voter bribery, the United States Congress has prohibited the conspiracy to encourage illegal voting and stated that anyone who "pays or offers to pay or accepts payment either for registration to vote or for voting shall be fined not more than $10,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both."

And that's not just cash for votes that's outlawed there! "Not only is a direct payment for a vote prohibited, but any other 'valuable thing, to or for the use of another.'" Like delicious ice cream, which is very valuable. Or pot which is illegal....

BUT... "California...allows voters to receive incentives for voting, so long as the incentives are not offered to induce a voter not to vote, or to vote, or to refrain from voting for a particular candidate or ballot measure, and so long as no federal candidates are on the ballot." Richard L. Hasen, Vote Buying, 88 Cal. L. Rev. 1323, 1355 (2000) (citing Cal. Elec. Code. § 18522(a)(1996)).

Bodhi Tree Updates: Rhett August

Note: Chiv often post early details of court proceedings, and then fleshes the story out later in the day, so it is recommended that you check back, to catch the full post, and the full flavor of the proceedings...

Rhett August, who was allegedly shot by Bodhi Tree, has a court case of his own *. EPD was responding to a domestic violence call and found meth..... ◼ (In February, he was released on a Cruz Waiver.) Now his own case is being delayed again, AND he is testifying about the events leading to the shooting...

* Rhett August petition to revoke probation withdrawn, remains on probation - John Chiv/Words Worth

Keeping vigil at Tree trial: 'She was one of my best friends' - Lorna Rodriguez/Times-Standard 5/31/14

Tenuous Witness Cred Erodes State’s Case Against Tree - Paul Mann/Mad River Union 5/30/14
The heroin addictions and resulting memory loss of three prime witnesses in the Bodhi Tree triple murder trial are chipping away at the state’s charges.

Rhett August, the one victim to survive last spring’s shooting binge in Eureka and Arcata, remains unable to identify who shot him the night of May 15, 2013, when he answered the doorbell and stepped outside his Eureka apartment....
"Russo seems very frustrated; Firpo defeating him at every turn"; general consensus among media covering case - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/30/14
In my experience, in Humboldt County, a pound of marijuana would not get prosecuted in this era - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/30/14
Detective Cress explaining one of the reasons why he did not confiscate the marijuana in Rhett August's apartment. He also said when he saw the marijuana in the one, clear plastic bag, he was doing the initial sweep to secure the apartment for safety.
Cress cross by Russo concludes in Bodhi Tree, Firpo still doing redirect - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/29/14
3 year supervised probation for Rhett August, alleged first victim in the Bodhi Tree case - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/28/14
Judge Feeney said that in addition to the Probation report, an addendum to the Probation report, he received character reference letters provided by August's family.

His tentative decision was to grant three years of supervised probation to August and to reinstate probation for four older cases.
Brief Bodhi Tree update from today - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/28/14
Cress still testifying: explains how Bodhi Tree connection with Eureka and Arcata happened - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/28/14 10:05

4 days to go


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Defendants held to answer on all charges

Two voices "Fuck you and your fat girlfriend" and "I am still following you"


Ferrer defendants held to answer on all charges - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/29/14
Arraignment for trial on June 10 at 2 p.m. in Ctrm 4. Judge Wilson said counsel had good arguments and while he saw evidentiary issues and potential problems with jury instructions, he said Ferrer's actions did meet implied malice and that use of a knife in a physical alteraction was similar to bringing a gun to a knife fight.
Reavis and Okin get Sligh to admit testimony left out during prosecution cross in Ferrer case - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/29/14
Possibility of other assailants and more heroin connections raised in Ferrer prelim day 2 - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/29/14

A witness in Ferrer case describes what she heard. Detailed testimony from today's preliminary updated later. - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/28/14

Ms. Neel's first witness APD Detective Dockweiler. Mr. Reavis doing cross.

More, at the link.

Arcata detective describes scene of fatal stabbing - Will Houston/Times-Standard 5/28/14
The preliminary hearing is scheduled to continue (Thursday) at 9 a.m.

And WHERE was Paul, who was to have handled this case PERSONALLY?

PREVIOUSLY: Gallegos informed Reinholtsen that he had not had the opportunity to speak with Anderson-Jordet's family

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said... he has reassigned the Douglas Anderson-Jordet fatal stabbing case from Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo to himself.

”It was my own inner sense of justice for everyone involved and my disappointment that some would use this case for political purposes instead of trying to seek justice,” Gallegos said....

So, WHERE was Paul?

People are calling about the Rio Dell 'debate'

Arnie has posted: Last night in Rio Dell: I went to a forum and turned it into a debate.....

Here's the ◼ AUDIO.

Here's the ◼ VIDEO.

Well worth a listen...

Apparently very contentious - Discuss.


5 days to go


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Interesting Case from Supreme Court

Stating the obvious, after a while - scotusblog

Martinez v. Illinois – While the case kept getting put off, for one reason or another, things started to move in July 2009. But the prosecutor sought several delays, because it could not find Binion and Scott. Finally, the judge ordered the trial to begin in May 2010. The judge was exasperated, commenting that the two complaining witnesses were “convicted felons…well known in Elgin.”

Insisting on starting, the judge then was notified by the state’s prosecutors that they would not take any part in the trial. A jury was chosen and sworn in, but still the state held back. Given repeated opportunities to call witnesses, the prosecutors each time said they were not participating.

So, at the request of Martinez’s lawyer, the judge ruled that he was not guilty of either charge, and dismissed them. The prosecutors appealed, and first a middle-level appeals court and then the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that Martinez had never been put “in jeopardy” and that the judge should have delayed the trial further. Because the prosecutors never put on a case against him, the state supreme court found, Martinez was never “at risk.”

In addition, the Court turned down a plea by James Holmes, the Colorado man accused of the massacre of theater-goers in Aurora, Colorado, in July 2012. He was seeking to force a Fox News reporter in New York, Jana Winter, to go to Colorado to take the witness stand and reveal the sources of information she received about a notebook Holmes had written to a college psychiatrist. The notebook apparently reveals incriminating information about his case. The case was Holmes v. Winter. The New York Court of Appeals (the state’s highest court) protected Winter from having to testify, under that state’s “shield law” for news reporters.

Ferrer preliminary scheduled for this morning

The Ferrer case has been moved to Courtroom 6 with Judge Christopher Wilson. Will start at 2:30 today and continue tomorrow at 8:30. - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/28/14

(Note: for those who aren't familiar with John Chiv's coverage, it is typically updated throughout the day, and finalized after the court day is over, so check back, at the link.)

6 days to go


Saturday, May 24, 2014

[An exchange of insults at a party leads to ‘a truly horrific’ beating]

Issues with women, gets beat up by some guys at a party, describes his rage, and his plans to come back and punish them... oddly similar to what must have been going on with Bodhi Tree... only Bodhi Tree wasn't as calculating... based on the reports so far.
Elliot Rodger, the suspect in a rampage near UC Santa Barbara, outlined his intentions in a 137-page document that he sent Friday night, shortly before the killings, to someone he knew from an online body building forum.

The document was forwarded to KEYT-TV Channel 3 in Santa Barbara, which provided a copy to The Times.

WARNING: The document contains graphic language.
Isla Vista shooting: Read Elliot Rodger's elaborate attack plan - LA Times
...A whole group of the obnoxious brutes came up and dragged me onto their driveway, pushing and hitting me. I wanted to fight and kill them all. I managed to throw one punch toward the main attacker, but that only caused them to beat me even more. I fell to the ground where they started kicking me and punching me in the face. Eventually, some other people from the street broke up the fight. I managed to have the strength to stand up and stagger away.

It was the first time in my life that I had been truly beaten up physically to the point where my face was bruised up. I had suffered a lot of bullying in my life, but most of it wasn’t physical. I had never been beaten and humiliated that badly. Everyone in Isla Vista saw what happened, and it was truly horrific....
Elliot Rodger's YouTube manifestos

Fascinating, and psychotic. Surreal. Like it was a reality murder TV show.

'Sexually frustrated' Santa Barbara killer promised to 'kill as many people as possible' - NY Daily News
The killer stabbed three men to death at his Isla Vista apartment before he embarked on the killing spree that also wounded 13 people on Friday night.

'I will slaughter every single blonde s**t I see': lonely killer posted chilling video warning of 'retribution' because he was still a virgin at age 22 - Daily Mail
Rodger details throughout his manifesto that he filled a void in his life with violent video games starting at a young age. - The Blaze


So, focusing on this one for a minute - Aspbergers, off his meds, and violent video games. You can't blame the parents for this one. But you CAN see how having the tools that enhanced his narcissism (video cam, so he can look at himself, obsess on his delusions, YouTube, so he can post it, and thrill in the knowing that someone might HEAR him, indulging in the ultimate 'they'll all be sorry now' wallowing) helped fuel the fire. He had everything, but he had nothing. But what went wrong in his wiring, in HIS head, had nothing to do with anyone but him.

Well, that and, when the police were called, they gave him the Jeffrey Dahmer treatment. Which is to say, they didn't inquire, they let it go. In Dahmer's case they returned the terrified victim BACK to Dahmer.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The political ping-pong ball

Kerrigan’s largest donors were hardware store owner Bill Pierson, who gave his campaign committee $2,000 this period, and former pot doc/environmental activist Ken Miller, who gave $1,850.

No special interests at work here, nosireebob, uh uh, no way, no how.

Both Kerrigan and LaTour are running because somebody is pissed off about the General Plan being re-examined.

Remember: As the General Plan was being wrapped up, the following passage was discovered, tucked into the County of Humboldt Climate Action Plan (CAPE) which is an Appendix U to the Draft EIR for our local General Plan Update, and may be included as a background document for the Energy Element of the General Plan:
"B. Family Planning
(Big Brother*) The County should support the notion that every woman and every couple should have the resources and the power to control their own reproductive lives. By ensuring that every child in the County is planned, the County will make significant progress toward solving unnecessary increases in local contributions to global warming impacts. The County Public Health Department should implement a program to address the potential of unplanned pregnancies which unnecessarily add to future population increases, which in turn add to further greenhouse gas emissions due to addition(al?) consumption.."
I submit that the people who are pissed off about the re-examination of the General Plan are either ignorant of this fact, or are worried that their other Easter Eggs will be discovered. And they want a chance to put it back in.

NOW - You can ask Ms. LaTour what she thinks about this. As a pastor, it will be very informative to hear what she thinks about government encouraging abortion, and acting like China. Ask Chris Kerrigan, too. Better yet - ask them what Bill Pierson thinks. And Ken Miller the pot doc.

But here's the real question - the General Plan is slated to be FINISHED by December, BEFORE either one would be seated if elected. IF they do get elected, are we to expect that the WHOLE damn process begins again? So they can reinsert that passage, or worse?

The Lovelace/Pierson/Faust/Miller/Kerrigan/LaTour camp created this game of political ping-pong. We should be glad someone stepped in to clean up the mess, and will pass it without crap like that added in there.

No 460 feeding frenzy?

So far, only one mention...

Once again, Maggie outspends her opponents and raises almost twice as much as her opponents - John Chiv/Words Worth
◼ Nothing new here: LoCo's Humboldt Campaign Finances

◼ Ahh, there it is: Election Money, Down to the Wire: Kerrigan Outraises Bass Over Last Two Months; Fleming Dominates DA Contributions - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost
Maggie Fleming PDF
Elan Firpo PDF
Allan Dollison PDF
◼ Arnie Klein
Chris Kerrigan PDF
Virginia Bass PDF
Ryan Sundberg PDF
Sharon LaTour PDF
United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 5 gave Kerrigan $500 yet he shops at WINCO for a fundraiser? - John Chiv/Words Worth
Kerrigan campaign collects union dollars and spends at Winco? WOW! Union conundrum! - Samoa Softball

Sharon LaTour does not file Schedule E, and has no expenses? Are she and Hezekiah Allen roomies now with same address? - John Chiv/Words Worth

Candidates show us the money - Jillian Singh/Times-Standard

Fleming Addresses Campaign Donation Snafu, Law Enforcement Support

The district attorney candidate was responding to questions about a recent $2,500 campaign donation from the Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization, a group that has endorsed her and that includes deputy sheriffs, probation officers, DA investigators and other members of law enforcement. - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

Blogger John Chiv, who actively supports Deputy DA Élan Firpo in the race, pointed out last month that the Fleming campaign had apparently not reported the group’s $2,500 donation within 24 hours as required by law.

As of last year, the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission requires campaigns to report within 24 hours all donations of $1,000 or more made during the last 90 days before an election. Before last year the window was just 16 days.

Fleming said yesterday that her campaign treasurer, Rick Grimm, was unaware of that regulation until someone read Chiv’s blog and questioned him about it. “Rick has not served as a campaign treasurer before and although he spent a lot of time going over the rules he didn’t catch that one,” Fleming said.

The donation was made on either April 1 or 2, she explained, and the required 497 form was submitted on April 8. What’s the penalty for that lapse? A $10-per-day late fee, according to the FPPC.

Some blog commenters have, perhaps predictably, interpreted this late reporting as a deliberate attempt at obfuscation, and they say she’s tried to hide the endorsement of the HDSO.

“I never tried to hide it and shared that information with others,” Fleming said, adding that all four DA candidates sought the group’s endorsement. “At the first forum we had on March 13 I listed the agencies that had endorsed me including the HDSO,” Fleming said. “That was televised.”

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Out Here In The Redwoods

Allan Dollison:

Arnie Klein:

Élan Firpo:

13 days to go

Vote June 3rd.

Name That Bully

And, no, I'm not saying Ryan Burns is the bully - quite the opposite. Kudos.


Not very nice to rub it in after she covered your boy Paul's ass for all that time, Richard. You gave up calling in and asking 'what she admires most about Paul Gallegos' I guess. This is pathetic. Of course she didn't vote for him. She finally left because she couldn't take it any more, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


All salaries for Humboldt County (2012)

Shame on Hank Sims.

You're allowing campaign operatives to run hit pieces disguised as opinion? Richard Salzman, no less.

Kerrigan campaign piece disguised as a column


Unbelievable. I thought you were better than that.

The last time you pulled something like this you thought better of it - after the piece ran - and ripped up the check.

Once again, even if you take this down, as you should - it's too late, and the damage is done.

A hit piece. Nothing less.

No excuses.

Updates on the Bodhi Tree Double Murder trial...

And btw: Word is, in addition to the responsibility of a double murder trial, Élan Firpo still has a full bucket load, meaning rather than being allowed to focus on this serious case, she has to go to court on any number of lesser cases. All of the remaining Deputy DAs have full buckets, with little to no time to focus as it is.

Boom Boom Boom Boom, I saw muzzle flash - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/21/14

"He would not let me get past me...he put his hand between my legs" - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/20/14

Taraya, the witness who claims Bodhi Tree groped her at Rhett August's house on May 13 is testifying...said Rhett August and his girlfriend did not participate but three other guests beat Bodhi Tree over being inappropriate with her and then because he would not leave.... more at the link...

Witness: Tree made unwanted sexual advances, Details continue to emerge in Arcata double murder case - Lorna Rodriguez/Times-Standard 5/20/14


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Off topic, but check out this amazing little technological device

SCiO, The first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand. -

SCiO reads the chemical make-up of materials....Much more expensive versions exist, but this device takes a $10k machine that takes a scientist to run, and makes it cost a couple hundred bucks... want one?

A little pot never hurt anybody, but the bodies sure are piling up

And this is just the ones that have been found.

Decomposed Bodies Found Near Laytonville Identified

Two decomposing bodies found in a greenhouse near Laytonville earlier this week have been identified by the Mendocino County Sheriff Detectives. The two are Felipe Cortez Guzman (26-years-old) and Abraham Gregorio Castillo (27-years-old.) The two men were residents of Avenal, California.... officers were not able to note any obvious cause of the men’s death due to the advanced state of decomposition....Yesterday, tattoos on the bodies were matched with descriptions provided by the families of the deceased to identify the two young men.

Earlier: Another body

[UPDATED w/Information About Arrest—Found at Residence of Former SoHum Woman] Homicide Suspect Ben Carter Arrested in Arizona - Kym Kemp/Lost Coast Outpost
Body Reportedly Found West of Garberville - Kym Kemp/Lost Coast Outpost (April 19)

And another:

Burnt Human Remains Discovered in Cabin Near Bridgeville - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost (April)

Friday, May 16, 2014

For God's Sake, How Many More Of These Guys Are Out There?

From the early days of Gallegos' tenure (2003 to now), the complaint has been, they're out before the ink is dry. We've chronicled a never-ending parade of bizarre plea bargains, the endless saga of letting seriously bad guys go. Charges reduced to nothing. Out on probation, picked up again, let out again, increasingly violent, let out again, and again, and again til someone ends up shot, or dead.

The Escalation of 'Wild Bill' - Documents raise questions about an officer's shooting - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal
It was about 2:45 p.m. on May 6, when a Humboldt County Sheriff's deputy and a sergeant arrived at a residence on Shelter Cove's Kelly Road, where 55-year-old William Lloyd Nelson was living. Several weeks earlier, Nelson's girlfriend of 15 years, and the mother of his son, filed a request for a domestic violence restraining order from the Humboldt County Superior Court, alleging that Nelson had threatened her life, coming to her door with a loaded Glock pistol in one hand and an ax in the other. She alleged that Nelson knocked holes in her walls with the ax and "waved the gun around" while threatening her. The court set the matter for a hearing and granted the temporary restraining order, as well as an accompanying "move-out" order that required Nelson to immediately vacate the residence, which was owned by his girlfriend and her father.

Court records indicate deputies initially attempted to serve Nelson with the order on April 27 but were unable to find him. They returned on May 6 and, according to Sheriff Mike Downey, spoke with Nelson. Downey declined to discuss the exchange in detail, but said the situation escalated and culminated with Nelson opening fire on the officers with a handgun, shooting one in the chest before retreating into the home. Downey said the officers returned fire as they attempted to flee to safety. A bullet-proof vest likely saved the injured deputy's life, Downey said, adding that he was shot at "close proximity."

...Probation reports from Nelson's prior convictions, unsealed after he was charged May 9 with the attempted murder of a police officer, show a string of contacts between Nelson and local law enforcement dating back to 2006. They paint a picture of a man with a propensity for stock piling weapons and disregarding the terms of his probation, and they raise a host of questions....

August of 2006... pulled over for speeding on U.S. Highway 101 and found to be drunk...handcuffed and placed in a patrol car, at which point he "proceeded to smash the window of the vehicle." A search of Nelson's car found a pair of semi-automatic pistols, a shotgun, a number of loaded magazines and night vision binoculars. Charged with drunk driving, felony vandalism and resisting arrest, Nelson ultimately pleaded guilty to a single count of misdemeanor drunk driving, commonly known as a "wet and reckless," and was placed on three year's summary probation.

(June 2007) assaulted a man with a firearm.... The case went to trial but the jury hung, after which Nelson pleaded no contest to a single count of negligently discharging a firearm. He was sentenced to time served and three year's summary probation.

(July 2008/2009?) prosecutors filed a complaint alleging Nelson had used an assault rifle to shoot up a cell phone tower neighboring his Shelter Cove home....

"Some Shelter Cove residents referred to him as 'Wild Bill' and it was known when the defendant became angry with people he would show up at their residences and shoot 'stuff,'"...
Read the whole piece, there's more, and more and more - and were it not for a bulletproof vest, we'd have another murder on the docket.

January of next year cannot come soon enough.

How many more? How many increasingly violent repeat offenders that Gallegos has failed to do anything about? How many more people will get hurt? How many more will die?

UPDATE: Deputy Shot in Shelter Cove, Suspect in Custody - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal
In May 2011, Nelson was sentenced to serve 336 days in county jail, three years in prison and three years probation after being convicted of felony vandalism, shooting at an unoccupied vehicle, discharging a firearm in a negligent manner and possessing a firearm within 10 years of a felony conviction.
(UPDATING) Reports of Shooting in Shelter Cove - ANDREW GOFF/Lost Coast Outpost 5/6/14
(UPDATED) Nelson Arrested: Shelter Cove Shooting Suspect Taken Into Custody Early This Morning - Kym Kemp/Lost Coast Outpost 5/7/14
Update: Deputy shot in chest during Shelter Cove eviction - Times-Standard 5/7/14
Suspect arrested in shooting of California deputy - SF EXAMINER 5/7/14

Another murder: Prosecutors Weighing Death Penalty in Murder Case (UPDATED 10/25/15)

The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office is still in the process of deciding whether to pursue the death penalty against a 22-year-old man accused of brutally stabbing a man to death in a wooded area outside of McKinleyville last year. - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal

Police arrested Michael Raymond Youravish June 19, 2013, hours after finding the body of Forrest Croft Lovejoy, 33, dead of multiple stab wounds to the neck, chest and abdomen on a foot trail north of C Avenue in McKinleyville. Youravish has pleaded not guilty to a single charge of murder and denied a special allegation that he laid in wait.

A superior court judge ruled Wednesday that there is sufficient evidence to hold Youravish to stand trial on the murder charge, and prosecuting Deputy District Attorney Zachary Curtis said today that his office is still deciding whether to pursue capital punishment in the case.

During a two-day preliminary hearing this week, new details about the case emerged, including that Youravish allegedly had someone take a video recording of the attack with his cell phone and bragged about the killing....

As is often the case these days, there's an immediate check of the perp's Facebook page, and their list of friends. ◼ Michael Youravish

◼UPDATE: The murder trial everyone forgot (June 19, 2013 TO NOW)

Jury trial starts for Eureka man charged with "willful, deliberate, premeditated" murder of Mckinleyville man in 2013 - John Chiv/Words Worth

A NINE MONTH Delay In Sentencing, Then A Sudden Mistrial

Gallegos may actually be doing something right this time. Early reports showed him rolling over and olaying dead, but maybe not. The declaration of Mistrial raised serious alarm bells, and multiple people are looking into it - here's the first

New trial date set for child molestation case after 2 mistrials - Will Houston/Times-Standard

District Attorney's Office to appeal judge's decision with state

...In the first trial in 2011, Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson declared a mistrial after the jury hung 11-1 in favor of convicting Littlefield. During the second trial in September 2013, the jury found Littlefield guilty of all charges. The sentencing hearing was delayed until last week, during which Superior Court Judge John Feeney declared a mistrial for jury misconduct after a juror indicated in a declaration that the defense did not prove that Littlefield was not guilty, according to District Attorney Paul Gallegos. As the burden of proof is the responsibility of the prosecution and not the defense, Gallegos said Feeney believed there was misconduct on the part of the juror and the mistrial was granted.

"I don't believe the evidence supports that conclusion," Gallegos said. "The juror told the judge, 'I had mispoken,' and knew the burden of proof was on us. The court chose not to believe the juror."

Gallegos said his office will be appealing the decision to the state Attorney General's Office.

Timothy Littlefield posted bail and is out of custody - John Chiv/Words Worth

The Timothy Littlefield story the mainstream media did not cover; another juror gives perspective - John Chiv/Words Worth

...According to the sworn affadavit on May 5, this juror received a phone call in September 2013 from a private investigator, Kevin Stonebarger, who asked him if he was willing to talk about his time spent as a juror. Fair enough. Attorneys for both sides do that. The timing was shortly after the verdict was reached in the 2nd trial....

A. Sentencing is supposed to happen within 20 Court days. No?Sept...Oct...Nov...Dec...Jan...Feb...Mar...Apr...May... what the hell happened?

B. Where'd this sudden discovery of 'juror misconduct' come from?

C. Did Gallegos cross-examine this juror regarding this sudden revelation? It appears so.... how and when?


District attorney candidate profile: Allan Dollison reflects on past, looks to the future - Will Houston/Times-Standard

Recognizing both the mistakes and successes he has experienced during his nearly 18-year law career, Humboldt County district attorney candidate Allan Dollison said he is now looking to the future....


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Introduction by Paul Gallegos. Out in the open.

Gallegos will be introducing Élan Firpo at an event in Southern Humboldt.

And from "R. Trent" Salzman: (with bonus job-killer voter guide)

From: "Redwood Progressive"
Date: May 13, 2014 1:21:57 PM PDT
To: "Redwood Progressive Subscriber"
Subject: CA Voter Guide + SoHum event for Elan Firpo

(California Voter Guide below)

I support Elan Firpo for D.A. She is the only candidate currently working as Deputy District Attorney, she is endorsed by the Humboldt Civil Liberties Defense Fund and simply stated, she's brilliant and offers the best choice for Humboldt County's future. She has extensive experience managing personnel and has articulated fresh ideas for moving the office forward. Her primary opponent, Maggie Fleming, is backed by Sheriff Downy, the Deputy Sheriff's Association and the EPD and Fortuna police officers' associations. Given our troubled past with law enforcement in Humboldt County, from the use of pepper spray on non-violent protesters to the killing of Cherie Moore, I do not want them to be choosing our next D.A.. Simply put, I believe Fleming would be a return to power for the old guard, which would be most unfortunate for Humboldt County's future.



District Attorney Paul Gallegos and Deputy DA Elan Firpo at the Beginnings Octogon, Sunday May 18 from 4-7PM.
DA Candidate Elan Firpo will be there to listen to the community and present her plans for the office.
Also on the program are KMUD Morning Magazine’s Dennis Huber
with music by Peter Childs and Chris McCurdy as well as George Mooney.
Light meal and alcohol will be served. Potluck is welcome and donations are encouraged.
If you can not attend, please donate here:


JUNE 3RD 2014 VOTER GUIDE by Richard Salzman

Governor: Jerry Brown (or Peace and Freedom party candidate Cindy Sheehan)
Lt Governor: Gavin Newsom
Sec of State: Alex Padilla
Controller: John Perez
Insur. Commissioner: Dave Jones
Treasurer: John Chiang
Attorney Gen: Kamala Harris
Board of Eq: Fiona Ma
Congress: Andy Caffrey (Huffman is great and will win by a landslide so I'm voting for Andy who lives here in Humboldt.)
State Senate: Mike McGuire
Assembly: Jim Wood
Sup of Pub Instr: Tom Torlarkson
District Attorney: Elan Firpo
Prop 41: YES
Prop 42: YES

4th Dist Supervisor (Eureka area): Chris Kerrigan
5th Dist Supervisor (Mckinleyville north): Sharon Latour


District attorney candidate profile: Elan Firpo addresses public safety, plea deals - Will Houston/Times-Standard



District attorney candidate profiles: Arnie Klein speaks on experience, plea deals, funding - Will Houston/Times-Standard

After retiring from a 40-year law career that spanned across both sides of the aisle in courtrooms across California, Humboldt County district attorney candidate Arnie Klein said this year's wide-open election was something he could not pass up.

"This is the most important election Humboldt County is going to be facing for the next 10 years," Klein said....

◼ WEB: votearnieklein.comABOUTDONATEFACEBOOK


DA candidate profile: Maggie Fleming pledges to bring experience to office, focus on serious crime - Will Houston/Times-Standard

Using her nearly 25 years of prosecutorial experience as leverage, Humboldt County district attorney candidate Maggie Fleming said she will bring much needed experience and focus to the district attorney's office if elected....


Bodhi Tree Trial Day 2

While people's photo being entered into evidence, first time Bodhi Tree was a bit louder than a whisper communicating with Ms. Holmquist. Most emotion or animation he has shown at any court proceeding so far. - John Chiv/Words Worth

Keeping up with the Bodhi Tree proceedings... Jury selection complete - Opening arguments

Have we moved on? No.

Are builders and developers calling the plays? - North Coast Journal May 1997 Cover Story

Can we move on now? Please.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Keeping up with the Bodhi Tree proceedings... Jury selection complete - Opening arguments

Rhett August, who was allegedly shot by Bodhi Tree, has a court case of his own. EPD was responding to a domestic violence call and found meth..... ◼ (In February, he was released on a Cruz Waiver.) Now his own case is being delayed again, AND he is testifying about the events leading to the shooting...

Keeping vigil at Tree trial: 'She was one of my best friends' - Lorna Rodriguez/Times-Standard 5/31/14

Tenuous Witness Cred Erodes State’s Case Against Tree - Paul Mann/Mad River Union 5/30/14
"Russo seems very frustrated; Firpo defeating him at every turn"; general consensus among media covering case - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/30/14
In my experience, in Humboldt County, a pound of marijuana would not get prosecuted in this era - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/30/14

Cress cross by Russo concludes in Bodhi Tree, Firpo still doing redirect - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/29/14

3 year supervised probation for Rhett August, alleged first victim in the Bodhi Tree case - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/28/14
Brief Bodhi Tree update from today - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/28/14
Cress still testifying: explains how Bodhi Tree connection with Eureka and Arcata happened - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/28/14 10:05

EPD Detective Peter Cress starts off testimony today in Bodhi Tree trial - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/27/14
Former police detective testifies about motive in Eureka shooting - Lorna Rodriguez/Times-Standard 5/27/14

Discrepancies: Covering the courts; an unexpected advantage. mistakes in the questioning of Rhett August - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/24/14

Eureka shooting victim testifies in Tree trial - Lorna Rodriguez/Times-Standard 5/23/14
Russo cross of Rhett August results in Russo smackdown - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/23/14
Someone rang the doorbell, I remember it clear as day - 5/23/14
Tree Trial Pivots On Motive, Police Work - Paul Mann/Mad River Union 5/23/14

Bodhi Tree's attempted murder victim Rhett August's sentencing postponed for a week  - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/22/14
My friends laughed, women said he deserved it, Rhett August testifies today - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/22/14
I wasn't lying, I remember better now, my mind is clear - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/22/14

Boom Boom Boom Boom, I saw muzzle flash - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/21/14

"He would not let me get past me...he put his hand between my legs" - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/20/14
Witness: Tree made unwanted sexual advances, Details continue to emerge in Arcata double murder case - Lorna Rodriguez/Times-Standard 5/20/14

Highlights of defense opening arguments in the Bodhi Tree trial - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/14/14
Highlights of prosecution opening arguments in the Bodhi Tree trial - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/14/14
Bodhi Tree Jury Trial first day; opening arguments compelling - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/14/14

Opening statements start for Arcata double murder trial, Jury seated after answering 21-page questionnaire - Lorna Rodriguez/Times-Standard 5/13/14
Today, opening statements will begin in the double murder trial for Bodhi Tree, who is accused of killing Christina Schwarz, 18, and Alan "Sunshine" Marcet, 27, in a home on Eye Street on May 18, 2013. Tree also allegedly shot Rhett August in Eureka on May 15, 2013. August survived.

Tree pleaded not guilty to the murder and attempted murder charges. He faces 50 years to life in prison, if convicted. The district attorney's office will not seek the death penalty even though the case is eligible because more than one person died.

Jury selection for the trial began the second week of April, and concluded Friday, Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo said....

Questions about Firpo, who is a district attorney candidate, are included in the final section. They range from whether potential jurors are considering voting for Firpo and whether her candidacy would influence how jurors view the case....

Bodhi Tree jury selection complete; Trial starts May 14 5/9/14
Bodhi Tree 12 jurors picked; alternates still being selected - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/9/14
Publisher: Court docs unsealed - Judy Hodgson/The Journal 5/9/14

Jury selection in Bodhi Tree case to start tomorrow, expected to take at least two weeks - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/8/14

Jury selection starts for Bodhi Tree trial today - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/5/14

The trial for double murder suspect Bodhi Tree began Monday morning as both the prosecution and defense ironed out the details of how the trial will proceed. - News Channel 3 video at the link.

◼ It's a big day in court today: Bodhi Tree jury selection procedure starts today; Borgner update - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/3/14
Jury selection in Bodhi Tree case to start tomorrow, expected to take at least two weeks - John Chiv/Words Worth 5/3/14

Death penalty not sought in Bodhi Tree case, trial continued to April 7 - John Chiv/Words Worth 3/17/14

Tree's trial date pushed back to April 7 - Kimberly Wear/The Times-Standard
Gallegos: No Death Penalty in Arcata Double Murder Case - Thadeus Greenson/the Journal
Read prior Journal coverage of the case ◼ here. (image(s) source)
KIEM report


Bodhi Tree determination re death penalty case yet to be determined - John Chiv/Words Worth 2/10/14
Rhett August, Tree's alleged victim, released on cruz waiver on his own court case - John Chiv/Words Worth 2/10/14

The trial for a man accused of murdering a teenage girl and the man who was apparently trying to defend her was set Friday for March 24. - Lorna Rodriguez/The Times-Standard 2/8/14

...Judge Dale Reinholtsen presiding. Elan Firpo, prosecutor. Attorney for Tree, Heidi Holmquist.... - John Chiv/Words Worth 2/7/14

Bodhi Tree to be charged with Eureka shooting; details emerge in Arcata double homicide, defendant's mental health history - Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard 8/01/13
...Tree, an ex-convict who court documents indicate has a history of mental illness and had been released from prison just six weeks before he is alleged to have opened fire in a Eureka neighborhood. The court documents also indicate Tree confessed to the Arcata killings, telling a friend he'd “just shot two people.”
Officials: Bodhi Tree is 'person of interest' in last week's Eureka shooting - Times-Standard 5/23/13
Police Looking at Bodhi Tree as a ‘Person of Interest’ in Eureka Shooting Last Week - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost 5/23/13
Arcata double homicide suspect pleads not guilty: Case eligible for the death penalty - Lorna Rodriguez/The Times-Standard 5/23/13

Officials: Looking for gun used in weekend's double homicide - The Times-Standard 5/21

DOUBLE HOMICIDE ON EYE STREET (Update 2) - Kevin Hoover/Arcata Eye 5/18/2013 (image source)
Homicide Suspect in Custody (Updated) - Kevin Hoover/Arcata Eye 5/18/2013
Bodhi Tree, 28, arrested in connection with this morning's double homicide. - Kevin Hoover/Arcata Eye 5/18/13
Bodhi Tree Booked On Two Counts Of Murder - Kevin Hoover/Arcata Eye 5/18/13
FOURTH UPDATE: No bail for double homicide suspect - The Times-Standard 5/18
THIRD FOURTH UPDATE: APD details search, arrest of double homicide suspect - Times Standard 5/18/13
SECOND UPDATE: Police ID suspect arrested in double homicide - Times Standard 5/18/13
Update: Police searching for Arcata double homicide suspect - Times Standard - 5/18/13

Suspected Double Homicide in Arcata This Morning (UPDATING) - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost 5/18/13 (image source)

A footnote to history: Bodhi Tree is used to being arrested, sometimes with the aid of APD K-9 officers. He has a history of petty crime in Arcata and elsewhere.... - Arcata Eye Facebook (LINK EXPIRED)
◼ BODHI TREE'S HISTORY: High Speed Chase Ends with Officers uh…Treeing Suspect (click here for previous arrest information) - Kym Kemp/Lost Coast Outpost 10/5/11

Parents of Murder Victim: ‘Her Light Will Always Shine’ - Ryan Burns/The Journal (image source) 5/20/13

You have to laugh

Poor Chris Kerrigan had a happy life going, now he's immersed in a campaign in which Salzman lives vicariously, fighting his decade old battles through Chris.

And the latest letter defending Kerrigan against charges that he abandoned his City Council post to go out on his quixotic quest to be somebody in the John Edwards campaign...The writer argues that since City Council pays bupkis and Supervisor pays $81,585 a year for four years, that Chris was not so likely to run off given the money at stake.

This from a candidate who isn't supposed to be about the money.

Wonder if Sara the Dog wrote the letter for the guy. Don't laugh.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Something really wrong with this Littlefield case.


Fundraiser: Allan Dollison

When: Saturday, May 17 5:00-8:00
Where: Eureka Vet's Hall, 1018 H St., Eureka

A delicious Santa Maria Tri-Tip Dinner will be served
Live Music
Silent Auction
$35 per person, $50 per couple
For info or to RSVP, contact Allan at

Please join us for this gathering to help support Allan's efforts to become the next Humboldt County District Attorney. We will be honoring Armed Forces day as well as Allan's 48th birthday.


John Chiv: Justice in the Randall Cook case

On March 20, he gets 270 days; Randall Miles Cook out on SWAP already, with no victim notification
On March 20 this year, Randall Miles Cook was sentenced to 270 days in jail by Judge Marilyn Miles for molesting his own 7 year old granddaughter.

Originally the plea had no jail time. Cook, of Cookhouse Realty, who is also a member of Humboldt Association of Realtors plead guilty to a felony on 12/17. The charge is child endangerment. PC 273 (a). This was a change in plea. Two charges of PC 288 (a) were dismissed.

There was no notification to the victim and her mother. The victim's mother just returned from a vacation yesterday to find this out on her own. "My daughter was robbed of justice," said Veronica Cook. "And then I find out Randy has been released last Thursday."

...Ms. Neel told me that Penal Code 4019 which allows good time credit and if the sentence left is a certain amount of days, the inmate can apply for SWAP. That was confirmed by Lt. Marco Luna who supervises SWAP.

Randy Cook served his time in custody, he received good time credit. Lt. Luna said he was SWAP eligible. He was evaluated for risk. Since his felony was reduced to a misdemeanor and since he was not a registered sex offender, he was put on SWAP.
Randy Cook SWAP revoked? Hopefully yes.
2 answers in the affirmative; only jail confirmation pending
Randy Cook told to turn himself in to custody; does not meet SWAP criteria
"After speaking with the SWAP officer, and reviewing the case a little closer Mr. Cooks case does not really fit our SWAP criteria. We decided to have him turn himself back into Custody and serve the rest of his sentence in custody".
You, the public, deserve the credit, thanks to all who called and followed up on the Cook case
You the public who called made the difference. You deserve the credit for standing up for Cook's victims.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Rumor proves true: Littlefield case to be retried

Unconfirmed as of now but Timothy Littlefield case to be retried? - John Chiv/Words Worth

McKinleyville Man Facing 8 Life Sentences Granted Mistrial - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal
Timothy Floyd Littlefield was facing eight life sentences in state prison without the possibility of parole stemming from convictions on 11 child molestation charges when he stood before Humboldt County Superior Court Judge John Feeney last week at a sentencing hearing. Instead of sentencing Littlefield to serve 188 years to life, as he said was his intent, Feeney declared a mistrial in the case, finding juror misconduct in the months-long trial that wrapped in September.

“In all my years as a laywer, I have never seen anything like this,” Littlefield’s attorney, Russell Clanton said. “It was a great day for justice.”

...One of those jurors, Clanton said, told his investigator that he simply felt the defense didn’t prove Littlefield was not guilty during the trial. “I almost fell out of my chair,” Clanton said. Knowing the criminal justice system places the burden of proof on the prosecution in all cases, and that he, Feeney and the prosecutor, District Attorney Paul Gallegos, had all gone to lengths to explain that to the jurors, Clanton said he then had the juror sign a sworn declaration saying he felt the defense didn’t prove its case....

Gallegos said he will, “of course,” be retrying the case and Feeney set a new trial date for June 30. (Unconfirmed rumors that the case was headed for a retrial were first reported on John Chiv's blog Friday).

The alleged victim in the case is now a teenager, and Gallegos said he feels terrible that she will be put through another trial and asked to testify again. She’s been dealing with Littlefield’s criminal case now, Gallegos said, for five years.
Thank you to NCJ's Thad Greenson for following up on the Littlefield post; new trial on June 30 - John Chiv/Words Worth


McKinleyville man convicted of 11 molestation charges - Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard Sep 13, 2013
Timothy Floyd Littlefield doubled over onto the table in front of him and let out an audible sob as a Humboldt County Superior Court clerk read a jury verdict finding him guilty of the first of 11 charges of child molestation Thursday.

”How?” Littlefield asked his attorney, Russell Clanton, as the clerk continued, rattling off guilty verdicts to each of the 11 counts.

Facing a total of eight life sentences without the possibility of parole, the 32-year-old McKinleyville man appeared to be in a state of shock at hearing the verdict a jury arrived at after just three hours of deliberation in the case. After the verdict was read, Littlefield was handcuffed by multiple bailiffs and led from the courtroom as three young women sitting in the front of the courtroom sobbed loudly.

”You just sent an innocent man to prison for life,” one of the women yelled at jurors as they filed out of the courtroom.
Accused molester trial pushed back three years/walks free - CNN/ireport Nov 1, 2011
Mistrial declared in Littlefield case; molestation case headed for retrial after hung jury - Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard Nov 1, 2011
A Humboldt County Superior Court judge declared a mistrial Monday in a child molestation case after a jury said it was deadlocked, having deliberated for more than two days.

The jury deadlocked 11-1 in favor of convicting Timothy Floyd Littlefield, 30, of McKinleyville, on a host of child molestation charges, according to the foreman. Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos immediately requested a new trial and he and Littlefield's attorney, Russell Clanton, are due back in court today to set a date for the new trial.
Molestation trial in jury's hands; McKinleyville man faces eight life sentences if convicted - Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard Oct 27, 2011
During his closing statements, District Attorney Paul Gallegos, who's prosecuting the case, replayed for the jury clips from Jane Doe's interview with the county's Child Abuse Services Team during which she described numerous sexual acts performed on her by Littlefield.

”He said, 'Don't tell anyone or else' ... or else, he would do something really bad to my mom,” Jane Doe said in the videotaped interview.

Arcata fatal stabbing case hearing reset - A preliminary hearing for all three suspects is currently scheduled for May 28.

Courtroom delays, scheduling conflicts lead to decision - Will Houston/Times-Standard

The intervention hearing for Arcata fatal stabbing suspect Juan Joseph Ferrer was rescheduled to May 22 during a Wednesday hearing due to courtroom delays....

District Attorney Paul Gallegos — who took over prosecution of the case from Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo — arrived in Reinholtsen's courtroom nearly a half hour after Ferrer's case was called due to hearing was attending beforehand. Before Gallegos' arrival, the courtroom relaxed from its mechanical routine with Reinholtsen, the defense attorneys and the bailiff striking up conversations. Ferrer and Stoiberg were both in the courtroom, with Ferrer wearing an orange jail jumpsuit and handcuffs.

Rocheleau's defense attorney, Benjamin Okin, had to leave before the hearing took place due to an appointment, but had agreed to having a new intervention hearing date scheduled.

Gallegos informed Reinholtsen that he had not had the opportunity to speak with Anderson-Jordet's family since the plea deal was tossed and agreed to rescheduling.

Hadn't had the opportunity?

For real? Hard to believe.

Comment at the Tines-Standard: Gallegos informed
Reinholtsen that he had not had the opportunity to speak with Anderson-Jordet's family since the plea deal was tossed and agreed to rescheduling....I was there in a room with Gallegos for hours. How can it be true that he has not spoke with us???

Thursday, May 08, 2014

The KHUM DA Debate

Or, the Reporters' "ME ME ME" Forum. (Reporters asked the questions tonight)

Serious issues, like are you going to talk to US? Prosecute US, or support Gag orders.... and what about that art at HSU? Little to no indication that they care or understand the problems in the DA's Office.

The Candidates valiantly answered the questions, of course they care about free speech.

Look, the controversy over some piece of art at HSU may be near and dear to the Lumberjack reporter's heart, but it doesn't have a thing to do with the DA's Office.

As for PRESS RELEASES and press relations - there were some good points made - it's not that the questions are BAD questions, they are just so self-centered it's disappointing. With all the problems in the DA's office, insufficient communication with reporters is way down on the list.

Allan Dollison correctly pointed out the flurry of press releases that went out to support Gallegos' re-election and the dearth since. There were some good points made, but other answers mostly missed the boat when it comes to the press.

The DA is the liaison to the press. NOT the Deputy DA's.

It's the DA's job. the DA is expected to be knowledgeable about the cases, know how to deal with the media, and DO it - not pass it off to prosecutors who have no desire to interact with the media, and no knowledge how to do so. You get people popping off, and you're gonna get yourself sued, and/or lose cases. The Deputy DA's should not be talking to the media bout the cases. I've been pointing this out for years, as Paul abdicated his responsibility.


On the plus side, since it wasn't a call in forum, we didn't get Sara the Dog's standing question "What do you most admire about Paul Gallegos?" Which is too bad really because that was really backfiring, as the poor candidates struggled to come up with something, it became increasingly apparent that Paul's fan club has closed its doors.

Did you listen? Your takeaway?

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

DA Candidate Forum/Humboldt Senior Resource Center

Did you go? What did you think?

Chiv's report:

DA candidate debate at Humboldt Senior Resource Center
...The only light hearted moments in the debate were when the wind blew the name cards off the table for each candidate. While it was an equal opportunity wind; it did pick on the men first. Also the mike sputtered and finally failed. These two technical difficulties brought a smile and exchange from all four candidates where the people overruled the candidates....The debate will be aired on Access Humboldt so you can watch for yourself....
Senior Center DA debate part 2

◼ Or, you can cover the race this way: My Name is _____ and I’m Supporting _____ for District Attorney - Lost Coast Outpost

Sheriff’s Office Changes Midnight Release Policies; Mental Health Screenings, Call to Friends and Family Now Standard Procedure.

From the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office: - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost
You Can Now Stay in Jail Until Dawn - Grant Scott-Goforth/The Journal
Following public meetings and the sheriff’s scrutiny of jail policies, Sheriff Mike Downey announced changes that he thinks will “assist with making the community safer, while still complying with the law and United States Constitution,” according to a press release.
Changes in late nightime releases by Sheriff Downey - John Chiv/Words Worth
New Jail Inmate Release Policy - Mad River Union
New inmate release policy for jail Times-Standard

After attending community forums and speaking with the Humboldt County Chiefs of Police, County Counsel and Humboldt County Mental Health, Humboldt County Sheriff Michael Downey has implemented a Pre-Release Verification Form, along with other changes regarding nighttime releases.

The new Humboldt County Correctional Facility policy became effective on March 17, 2014. Since enacting this new policy, Correctional Officers will now conduct a documented exit interview. The exit interview form requires officers to ask inmates being released a series of questions and to document and observe the inmate for signs of being under the influence or having mental health issues. If the inmate displayed signs of being a danger to others, a danger to themselves or being gravely disabled, a mental health hold could be placed on the inmate per 5150 of the Welfare and Institutions Code. The releasing officer is also required to ask the inmate if they would like to speak with a mental health professional or like a courtesy ride to mental health.

If the inmate is being released between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., the releasing Correctional Officer will offer to contact a friend or relative by phone to see if they can pick up or assist the inmate with going home. They will also offer to call a cab for the inmate (at the inmates expense), or the inmate can voluntarily stay in custody until daylight.

Since implementing this new policy, Correctional Staff estimates three to five inmates a week have chosen to take advantage of staying in custody until daylight.

Other changes that have occurred with the implementation of the new policy are those inmates that are being detained for short periods of time, such as public intoxication, will no longer have any cash in their possession deposited in the jails account. In the past the inmate’s cash would be deposited in a jail account and when the inmate was released, they would be provided a check. If the inmate was released at night, they would have difficulty turning the check into cash to pay for a cab or other transportation. Now the inmate’s cash when they are booked will counted and placed in a sealed envelope. Upon the inmate’s release the cash is returned to the inmate.

Sheriff Downey believes these changes will assist with making the community safer, while still complying with the law and United States Constitution.


Love Sheriff Downey. Good move.

The KMUD Debate

Candidates for District Attorney of Humboldt County will appear in a debate sponsored by the Civil Liberties Monitoring Project,

Monday, May 5 at the Veterans Memorial Hall, Garberville, from 7 to 9 pm. Doors opened at 6:30.

This debate was broadcast live on KMUD!

7:01 PM: CLMP Welcome, Introductions, Overview of Process
7:05 PM: Brief Opening Statements by Candidates - 1 minute each
7:10 PM: Prepared Questions - Facilitators decide how much time for a question. Each question is answered by each candidate with time for any rebuttals.
7:55 - 8:05 - Ten Minute Break
8:05 PM: More Questions asked by Facilitators and from the floor. Each Answered by each candidate with time for rebuttals.
8:55 PM: Brief Closing Statements by Candidates

Did you hear it? What did you think? Will link the podcast if and when it becomes available.

Friday, May 02, 2014

MOST WANTED: Well, they caught Silverio Sanchez, found him hiding in an attic

$5,410,000 Bail Set for Silverio Sanchez - Kym Kemp/LoCo
Sanchez was wanted for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, felony evasion of a police officer and felony hit and run.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office press release:: Attempted Murder Suspect Silverio Sanchez Found Hiding in Attic by K9 Unit - Andrew Goff/LoCo
◼ Earlier: Silverio Sanchez: Wanted for Attempted Murder/Bail over $1,000,000 - Kym Kemp/LoCo April 9

Canine brings attempted murder suspect Sanchez out of hiding and leads to arrest - John Chiv/Words Worth
The agencies involved with the apprehension of Silverio Sanchez.
US Marshals Service
Humboldt County Sheriff Department
US Forest Service
Trinity County Sheriff Department
US Drug Enforcement Administration
Eureka Police Department
California Fish and Wildlife
California Highway Patrol
Northern California Regional Intelligence Center
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Arcata Police Department
Fortuna Police Department
California State Parole
Ronald Sanchez Jr., 26 years old who is Silverio Sanchez’s brother is on active parole, and was arrested for a violation of parole and is being held without bail. Additional charges for being a felon in possession of a firearm, a felon being in possession of ammunition and harboring a fugitive are being sought against Ronald Sanchez Jr.

Silverio Sanchez bail enhanced by 5 million

◼ Then, there's his cousin by the same name, also in court: Silverio Sanchez court hearing this afternoon; the cousin of the fugitive Sanchez - John Chiv/Words Worth
This afternoon Silverio Sanchez was scheduled for a court hearing at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 4. Same name but not the guy undone by the canine. Same family, same name even the middle and they are cousins.

Sanchez #2 has been in jail for 10 days. There is one case with a criminal protective order; it is a felony with the charge being assault with a deadly weapon other than firearm. That case was scheduled for Intervention today and result was from a complaint filed on April 25, 2014.

The other case was on for Pre Trial conference for a misdemeanor traffic case. Charge was showing false ID to a police officer....

When Judge Reinholtsen called the cases, Mr. Lee informed the court that there had been a resolution in the case with the felony charge and protective order. Mr. Lee said the People are amending the felony charge of assault to a misdemeanor, penal Code 242, battery. "Mr. Sanchez will plead guilty," he said. The other case was being dismissed.

"The reason for the reduction is because I spoke to the victim," said Mr. Curtis. "She told me what happened. The police report got garbled somehow. There was no misconduct."

This week in Plea Deals: Trinidad stabbing defendant gets a year in jail and five years probation for the January stabbing death of Jesse Alvin Ruiz

Trinidad stabbing defendant gets 1 year in jail; Larry Clinton Morrow could face up to 11 years in prison if he violates probation - Jillian Singh/The Times-Standard

Judge Marilyn Miles said she was following the recommendation of the plea agreement when she handed down the sentence. Miles ordered Morrow to pay Ruiz's family $4,200 in restitution. He faces up to 11 years in prison if he violates the terms of his probation....

Public defender Gregory Elvine-Kreis said Morrow was defending himself and what happened “will haunt him and Ruiz's family for the rest of their lives.”

”My client would like to apologize for the family's loss,” Elvine-Kreis said. “He's been nothing but forthright with police officers and remorseful, repeating 'I stabbed him, I stabbed him,' as soon as they arrived. This was a story of self-defense. My client was attacked. He was challenged to a fight and there was damage done to his trailer.”

What do you think? No real word here on what he pled to... If it was self defense, that's a harsh sentence. If not, it's awful light.

Meet - And Support - Your Candidate


Golden Harvest Cafe will have a special opening for dinner as a benefit for Elan's campaign. All profits for the evening will go to the campaign. Their regular menu, plus a few dinner specials. Show your support by calling in your reservation and stopping in for dinner. You were going to eat that night anyway. 442-161


MAY 7:

Arnie will be a contestant in the Humboldt Comedy Showdown! Eris & Edrington Writing Company is presenting the showdown at Humbrews on May 7. How will he stack up against three local comedians in this comedy game show? You'll have to come to find out! Profits from the event will be donated to the campaign.

◼ WEB: votearnieklein.comABOUTDONATEFACEBOOK



Saturday, May 17at 5:00pm
Redwood Acres Home Economics Bldg 3750 Harris St, Eureka
Tri-tip Dinner and dancing to the swinging country sounds of Cadillac Ranch. Live and silent auctions. Beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. Tickets $35 ($50 per couple) RSVP to Lesa Christensen, 707-616-5285 or Tickets at Scrapper's Edge 728 4th St, Eureka 707-445-9686



A fundraising dinner and show of community support for Allan Dollison. Saturday, May 17at 5:00pm Eureka Veterans Hall, 1018 H St., Eureka, See more at Santa Maria Tri-Tip and all the trimmings will be served. $30/$50 couple.


Note: I don't catch all the events, if I miss yours, message me on Facebook. Stay up with the candidates on THEIR Facebook and web pages.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Journal DA edition

And, for the record - the decimation of the office is not even in dispute any longer. The ENTIRE discussion now is about what has to be done to fix it. It took this long for this fact to be recognized. It is a crying shame.

It might be the most powerful position in all of Humboldt. The county's next district attorney will oversee a staff of nearly 60 people and wield the authority of the state to pursue criminal charges against local citizens, negotiate punishments and, in extreme cases, even pursue the death penalty. - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal

Each of the candidates took some time in recent weeks to sit down with the Journal to discuss his or her plans for the office and to weigh in on the central issues of the campaign. Here's an overview of the issues and the candidates' plans....

By just about any measure you choose, the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office is underfunded and understaffed, leaving prosecutors overworked with caseloads well beyond those recommended by the American Bar Association. At the debates held in the DA's race in recent months, the candidates have all lamented the situation, each pledging that his or her tenure in office will bring more county funds, more grants and more prosecutors into the office. It has clearly become the central issue of the campaign, with questions of plea bargains, case prioritization and the prosecution of serious violent felonies all coming back to questions of funding and staffing.

So, how bad is the problem really? The short answer is: bad. The office currently has about 13 full-time equivalent attorneys, a number that includes Gallegos and Assistant District Attorney Kelly Neel — both of whom have a host of administrative duties in addition to prosecuting cases — a juvenile prosecutor and an environmental prosecutor. That leaves about nine full-time attorneys to handle almost all the adult felony and misdemeanor prosecutions for the county....


What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite book?

What magazine do you read most regularly?

If your campaign had a theme song, what would it be?

Who is your favorite fictional lawyer?

Who is your favorite real-life lawyer?

Dogs or cats?

What is your favorite hobby?

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?