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So, Chris... what is it?

I'm assuming you (or "we") signed this. It is voluntary, though.


20440. At the time an individual is issued his or her declaration of candidacy, nomination papers, or any other paper evidencing an intention to be a candidate for public office, the elections official shall give the individual a blank form of the code and a copy of this chapter. The elections official shall inform each candidate for public office that subscription to the code is voluntary.

In the case of a committee making an independent expenditure, as defined in Section 82031 of the Government Code, the Secretary of State shall provide a blank form and a copy of this chapter to the individual filing, in accordance with Title 9 (commencing with Section 81000) of the Government Code, an initial campaign statement on behalf of the committee.

The text of the code shall read, as follows:

There are basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play which every candidate for public office in the State of California has a moral obligation to observe and uphold in order that, after vigorously contested but fairly conducted campaigns, our citizens may exercise their constitutional right to a free and untrammeled choice and the will of the people may be fully and clearly expressed on the issues.


(1) I SHALL CONDUCT my campaign openly and publicly, discussing the issues as I see them, presenting my record and policies with sincerity and frankness, and criticizing without fear or favor the record and policies of my opponents or political parties that merit this criticism.

(2) I SHALL NOT USE OR PERMIT the use of character defamation, whispering campaigns, libel, slander, or scurrilous attacks on any candidate or his or her personal or family life.

(3) I SHALL NOT USE OR PERMIT any appeal to negative prejudice based on a candidate's actual or perceived race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sexual orientation, sex, including gender identity, or any other characteristic set forth in Section 12940 of the Government Code, or association with another person who has any of the actual or perceived characteristics set forth in Section 12940 of the Government Code.

(4) I SHALL NOT USE OR PERMIT any dishonest or unethical practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our American system of free elections, or that hampers or prevents the full and free expression of the will of the voters including acts intended to hinder or prevent any eligible person from registering to vote, enrolling to vote, or voting.

(5) I SHALL NOT coerce election help or campaign contributions for myself or for any other candidate from my employees.

(6) I SHALL IMMEDIATELY AND PUBLICLY REPUDIATE support deriving from any individual or group that resorts, on behalf of my candidacy or in opposition to that of my opponent, to the methods and tactics that I condemn. I shall accept responsibility to take firm action against any subordinate who violates any provision of this code or the laws governing elections.

(7) I SHALL DEFEND AND UPHOLD the right of every qualified American voter to full and equal participation in the electoral process.

I, the undersigned, candidate for election to public office in the State of California or treasurer or chairperson of a committee making any independent expenditures, hereby voluntarily endorse, subscribe to, and solemnly pledge myself to conduct my campaign in accordance with the above principles and practices."

_____________ __________________________________
Date Signature

20441. The Secretary of State shall print, or cause to be printed, blank forms of the code. The Secretary of State shall supply the forms to the elections officials in quantities and at times requested by the elections officials.

20442. The elections official shall accept, at all times prior to the election, all completed forms that are properly subscribed to by a candidate for public office and shall retain them for public inspection until 30 days after the election.

20443. Every code subscribed to by a candidate for public office pursuant to this chapter is a public record open for public inspection.

20444. In no event shall a candidate for public office be require to subscribe to or endorse the code.

Of course you know it is meaningless. There are no teeth to it. You have a chance here. You can do the right thing. Or you can stay on your current path, with the current person who is causing you to have to answer this question. It's going to be interesting to see if you're made of the right stuff.

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Keeping up with the questions at LoCo Elections

I have to admit, I can't. But here's an update:

LoCOElections has questions, contact info and most recent press releases...

Most recent responses:

Sharon Latour on ◼ Dispensaries and growing regulations
Sharon Latour on ◼ Electricity tax
Sharon Latour on ◼ Do you think it's important to label GMO's?
Allan Dollison on ◼ Recidivism

Most recent questions:

Eureka Waterfront Cafe Proposals (for Chris Kerrigan, Virginia Bass)
215 (for Chris Kerrigan)
Death Penalty (for Allan Dollison, Arnie Klein, Elan Firpo, Maggie Fleming)
McKinleyville expansion (for Ryan Sundberg, Sharon Latour)

Click on the candidate's name to go to LoCoElections and see all the questions each candidate has answered:
Allan Dollison
7 questions answered.
12 questions asked.

Arnie Klein
6 questions answered.
13 questions asked.

Elan Firpo
5 questions answered.
15 questions asked.

Maggie Fleming
7 questions answered.
16 questions asked.
Fourth District Supervisor

Chris Kerrigan
2 questions answered.
11+1 questions asked.
◼ Yes. I tried it out: Claims in your fundraising letter

Virginia Bass
0 questions answered.
9 questions asked.
Fifth District Supervisor

Ryan Sundberg
0 questions answered.
9 questions asked.

Sharon Latour
7 questions answered.
9 questions asked.
State Senate

Mike McGuire
0 questions answered.
1 questions asked.
State Assembly

Jim Wood
0 questions answered.
1 questions asked.
U.S. Congress

Jared Huffman
0 questions answered.
2 questions asked.

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There was an interesting little tidbit, CHRIS KERRIGAN'S email/press release on ◼ Eric's post.
(see, he starts out on a positive note)
The Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign will open its new office headquarters to the public for a Grand Opening Party this Friday(March 28th) at 6:00 PM!

This will be an opportunity for supporters to hear from the Kerrigan for Supervisor campaign, and learn about volunteer opportunities. Chris will be there to speak with guests about how we can move Humboldt County forward together!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet Chris and your fellow supporters! Refreshments will be provided.

Please RSVP to Mitra at or by calling 707-442-2220.

DATE: Friday, March 28
TIME: 6:00 – 9:00 PM
LOCATION: 427 F Street, Suite 213, above the Sewell Gallery in Old Town Eureka.
(Then the tone changes...)
Today’s Times-Standard explains the huge difference in the Board of Supervisors candidates’ fundraising. Incumbent Virginia Bass’s official disclosure brags about her war chest: (BIG LIE #2.)

“…Bass has raised a total of $17.926 since Jan. 1, but she already had a beginning cash balance of $59.035.”

It’s going to take a LOT of effort to match Bass and the big-moneyed interests who want to keep her in power. (Same tired old hate-filled mantra)

That’s where YOU come in. We need supporters like you to help Chris Kerrigan get elected and move Humboldt County forward.
(Forward? We're back to 2004 here)

But we're not done yet:
From Chris Kerrigan:

Thanks to so many of you we have a great start to this campaign. We are moving forward
(did he steal that from MSNBC or Obama?)
at a rapid rate. Last week we officially announced our candidacy
(WE? Is this gollum-speak?)
We had a great crowd of enthusiastic supporters, too. All around town I am constantly getting offers of support and offers to volunteer. I believe it is going to help us build the best grassroots campaign Humboldt County has ever seen!

This election is so important for the future of Humboldt County. Special interests groups (sic) like HUM CPR have taken control (sic) our local politics and have drastically reversed our General Plan.
(That's not true either)
In case you missed it you can read about it in this weeks (sic) North Coast Journal cover story
(as opposed to THIS cover story.)
I have two asks for you this week. First we (there's that "WE" again) are entering this race with ideas, momentum and vision, but we are up against a tremendous amount of big money.
(That's rich given that it was SALZMAN who has made it so expensive to run in this county)
The incumbent has raised over $60,000 prior to use even entering the race!
(Uh, gee weren't you planning to run for Mayor of Eureka, and changed your mind at the last minute, Chris?)
That war chest doesn't scare me however (sic). I know we (there's that WE again) can win because we have beat the big money before - remember when Rex Bohn spent upwards of $150,000 to unseat me on the city council (BIG LIE #1.) and failed!
(Good times, Richard, good times! That was before "I", Chris Kerrigan, not "WE," left my council seat to head off on my quixotic quest to become a big-wig in John Edwards' Presidency)
I need your help to close the gap. Our first campaign financial reporting deadline is tomorrow evening. I am asking you to make a contribution in the next 24 hours. Help us get our POSITIVE message and vision out to the voters!
(POSITIVE VISION? IT'S ALL ANTI, ANTI, ANTI, where's the positive?)
Please make a donation now: redacted

This weekend we moved into our campaign headquarters at 427 street, suite 212 (above the Sewell Gallery). This centrally located office will allow us to gather volunteers, host events, and effectively manage our growing campaign operations. We need help furnishing our office! Tables, desks, computers and phones are all items that would be very much appreciated. If you can help us please contact Mitra Abidi.... Feel free to stop in and visit us, or volunteer to help too. (after hours and weekends the buildings (sic) front door may be locked so call up to Mitra... and she'll come down and open the door.)

I know we can win this race. I need your help to do so. The time has come for a new era in Humboldt County politics. (Utter BS) One where ideas and innovation trump pessimism, and it's not who you are, but what you can contribute to our community that matters
(unless you're Rex Bohn and have helped actually BUILD Ballparks and stuff)
I (oh, it's back to "I") look forward to representing all of you
(well, ok, not ALL of you)
(as Eureka Mayor ooops, I mean...) on the Board of Supervisors. Together, we can move Humboldt County forward! (What fundraising email did he carp that off?)

Chris Kerrigan

What could have been a positive press release from the Kerrigan campaign touting the opening of his Campaign HQ is just more of the WEB OF LIES

Just call it Salzman's 2014 "WEB OF LIES" - THE SEQUEL

Apparently Chris hasn't learned anything in the last 10 years. You'd think he'd have had enough of lying, having been burned last time by one of Salzman's little missives, and then from his experience with failed Presidential candidate John Edwards, who had his own Web Of Lies.


The campaign emails were sent from one of Salzman’s email lists “Redwood Progressive.” Signed by Kerrigan. Who wrote them? They reek of Salzman. And of cut-and-paste mixed with Salzman's own bug-a-boos.

BIG LIE #1.) Rex Bohn DID NOT “spend upwards of $150,000” in his 2004 Eureka City Council campaign against Chris Kerrigan. Maybe Chris/Richard can produce the 460s to back up his vastly overstated claim. The 10-17-04 through 12-31-04 460s show Rex with just over $1,000 more than Chris - REX: $84,863.94 vs. CHRIS: $83,198.90. A very close match.

BIG LIE #2.) Chris'/Richard's second email claims, “Incumbent Virginia Bass official disclosure brags about her war chest” when Virginia was never interviewed by the Times-Standard reporter, nor did she brag. The Times-Standard article merely what was reported on the 460s.
Fourth District
Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass has raised a total of $17,926 since Jan. 1, but she already had a beginning cash balance of $59,035.

The incumbent's monetary contributions totaled $11,596, and her nonmonetary contributions came to $6,330.

Eureka resident Shirley Bass was the top monetary contributor with a $1,000 donation. Virginia Bass received just over 40 monetary contributions this period.

Justin Zabel of Mercer-Fraser Company was the largest nonmonetary contributor with a $900 donation for a load of concrete.

Virginia Bass spent $14,590 in cash, which left her with an ending cash balance of $60,670.
Fourth District supervisor candidate Chris Kerrigan has raised a total of $9,613. He began with a cash balance of zero dollars.

Kerrigan's monetary contributions totaled $7,029 with 29 contributors, and he raised $2,584 in nonmonetary contributions.

Eureka resident Roy Grieshaber, Scotia resident Melvin Kreb, McKinleyville resident Ken Miller and L & A Enterprises President Anne Pierson all tie as Kerrigan's top monetary contributors with $500 donations.

Christina Anastasia, a jewelry designer and creator, was Kerrigan's top nonmonetary contributor with a $1,109 donation for hand-crafted jewelry.

Kerrigan has spent $6,222 of the available cash, and has an overall balance of $1,883.

THERE'S MORE TO IT THAN THESE TWO LIES, HOWEVER. There was no HumCPR back in 2004. The HATE Salzman has predates HumCPR. And he always has to stir up the cauldrons of hate with his emails. He's a one-trick pony with the same tired old hate-filled mantra. No matter what race he's involved in.

CHRIS KERRIGAN SHOULD RUN ON HIS MERITS, IF HE HAS ANY. NOT ON THIS TIRED OLD CAMPAIGN OF LIES AND HATE. He's had 10 years since that 2004 election. During that time his former opponent served his community tirelessly and selflessly as he had done for many years prior. When he finally ran for Supervisor, he was elected on his merit.

Again. Kerrigan sent out what should have been a positive email announcing the opening of his Campaign Headquarters (which is likely to cost a pretty penny, btw)

Why he either chose to - or allowed Salzman to - turn it into a dishonest attack email is something Chris should explain. Is this how it is going to go for the next 68 days? What else is in the pipeline, Chris? What is Salzman - or you - going to make up in the smear game?

BACK IN 2004, THE EUREKA REPORTER SAID: "We, as a community, cannot tolerate a campaign based upon smear, vitriol and name-calling." THE TIMES-STANDARD SAID: "It's about how we choose our elected leaders, and if we're willing to support the politics of personal attack as the nasty new standard in local elections." - THE EUREKA REPORTER called on Kerrigan to 'disavow the outrageous e-mail and dump Salzman as a campaign adviser for writing such scurrilous allegations.'.

That was then. This is NOW.


The Web Of Lies - The Journal 05
MATTHEW IN THE MIDDLE: Campaign Season 2014 - Matthew Owen//Lost Coast Outpost
Chris Kerrigan Targets Bass In Campaign Launch Speech - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
Chris Kerrigan to Make Run for Supervisor Officially Official Tomorrow - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost
Chris Kerrigan Finally Makes Run for Supervisor More or Less Official - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost
(AUDIO UPDATE) What Would You Ask Eureka Mayoral Hopeful Chris Kerrigan? - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost

Chris Kerrigan and Virginia Bass will be Kevin Hoover’s guests on KHSU’s Thursday Night Talk April 3rd from 7-8 PM. Tune it to KHSU/ and call in with your questions and comments.

I suggest someone ask Chris about this.

FLASHBACK: 2004 Salzman's/Kerrigan letter(s) and the reaction

More of Salzman's Web of Lies, not part of the original expose, but a significant example nonetheless...

THE AFTERMATH: Times-Standard Editorial
THE AFTERMATH: Eureka Reporter Editorial

Some of you are new to this county. You don't know past history. Once upon a time, Chris Kerrigan was a bright, shiny, rising star, a bright young elected Eureka City Councilman.... He had broad support. Then, when it came time to get re-elected, he got scared. And when he got scared, he sold his soul to the devil. And with that came all manner of negativity.

Richard Salzman sent out one of his nasty campaign emails, filled with lies and innuendo. When caught, Chris Kerrigan offered a weak semi-apology. The Times-Standard and The Eureka Reporter denounced the 'scurrilous' tactics. Salzman offered up a snarky semi-apology.

Since Kerrigan and Salzman are back to the same dirty tricks, it's worth reviewing what went before...

Dear Friend,

I am writing because we need your help to protect Humboldt County's natural beauty and our way of life.

Renner Petroleum oil executive Rex Bohn is going to spend big bucks in an attempt to defeat Eureka Councilman Chris Kerrigan. Why? Because last March Kerrigan stood up to Calpine, which wanted to build a massive, job-killing liquid natural gas plant on Humboldt Bay.

Rex Bohn is trying to pass himself off as a regular working man. The reality is this: Rex Bohn is a reactionary oilman out for revenge. He is trying to convince voters that we should undermine environmental protections and seduce out-of-town corporations to move to Humboldt.

Make no mistake. Rex Bohn has an extreme agenda. No matter where you live, we have to stand up for Humboldt County by standing up for Councilman Kerrigan. Please take moment now to make a contribution by clicking the
link below: paypal link

Here's a few facts on Rex Bohn:

- Rex Bohn is out for himself. Humboldt gasoline prices are some of the highest in the county. Yet Rex Bohn refuses to say what the role of his company, Renner Petroleum, is playing to keep gas prices so high. Rex Bohn lobbied for the Calpine liquid gas plant on Humboldt Bay but refuses to say what sort of deal his company, Renner Petroleum, cut with Calpine.

- Like PL, Rex is running a mean and sleazy campaign. This week his surrogates started going door-to-door to lie about Chris Kerrigan personal life - just like PL did to Paul Gallegos.

- Rex wants to create tax loopholes for big out of town corporations rather than helping existing Humboldt business to grow. Rex is part of the old boys'˙ network that wants to get rich quick by bringing in companies like Calpine and by allowing developers to convert farm and timberland into five acre monster home sites in a way that would destroy Humboldt's scenic beauty and way of life.

Rex Bohn must be stopped. We can stop him, but not without you. We need your help to get the word out through TV and newspaper ads. Please make a contribution: paypal link

Few politicians in Humboldt County better represent the best of both old and new Humboldt County than Chris Kerrigan. Consider the following:

- Kerrigan has guts. Like Paul Gallegos, who stood up to Pacific Lumber, Chris Kerrigan stood up to Calpine and its allies, PL and Rex Bohn.

- A Humboldt native, Chris Kerrigan is a honest and intelligent young man - „ and a hard worker. He is working his way through school at the College of the Redwoods.

- As chairman of the Redwood Economic Commission Kerrigan was instrumental in creating over 700 good local jobs and directing $6 million of investments to local businesses. Kerrigan has created a smart plan for a kind of economic development that creates good local jobs while protecting Humboldtâ•˙s scenic beauty and quality of life.

On March 2 the citizens of Humboldt County said no to PL's attack on District Attorney Paul Gallegos, 62% to 38%. Just a few weeks later we said no to Calpine's attempt to install a liquid natural gas plant on Humboldt Bay â•„ a project that would have killed fishing, crabbing and tourism jobs.

Now it's time we started saying something yes to our vision for the future. Yes to protecting the majesty of Humboldt's natural
environment. Yes to smart growth that creates good jobs. Yes to making Eureka a model of development for the whole county.

And yes to Councilman Kerrigan.

We need your help to protect Humboldt County and our way of life. This is a key race for ALL of Humboldt County -„ not just residents of Eureka. People are volunteering for the campaign and making contributions because they know that this is a crucial moment.

Click here to make a contribution: or mail your check to the address below.

For our families and for our future-

Richard Salzman
Friends of Chris Kerrigan
P.O. Box 6341
Eureka Ca 95502


Then the apology - of sorts:
Fri, 8 Oct 2004 14:45:03 -0400 (EDT)

"Friends of Chris Kerrigan"   Add to Address Book
To: ______________
Subject: Friends of Chris Kerrigan Message
Dear Friends,

Welcome to the all new, friendly, factual, fundraising, format.

Thanks to you all who have given so generously to support Chris Kerrigan's re-election to Eureka City Council. If you would like to contribute now online, please go the web site, and click on the donation button.

Even Tom Cookman, said it best on KINS community Comment, ”The Eureka City Council race between Chris Kerrigan and Rex Bohn is going to shape the course of local politics in Humboldt County for years to come. There is a lot more at stake than the council seat.”

I agree, there is a lot at stake. And I admit, in my passionate support of Chris Kerrigan, I may have erred in judgment and perhaps the use of hyperbole in my private email, intended to bring the issues to your attention. I stand by the essence of my previous observations. I do, however, regret the fact, that in attacking me over the pilfered fund raising letter in the press, the Rex Bohn camp has been somewhat successful in keeping the important issues out of the public eye. I ask each and everyone one of you to focus on these issues, because this election will deeply impact the heart of the place we call home.

Chris has worked four hard years to put Eureka on the forward  path. It is our job to keep him on the council. He must continue his work for the future of this community. Make no mistake, Rex’s supporters wish to return to the thrilling days of yesteryear. They won't take “NO” for an answer! If you doubt it, read the guest editorial in the Eureka Reporter. An out of town energy industry player tries to reintroduce LNG into our town.

Since we're sticking to the facts about Rex, He did personally, send that letter of support to the voters, endorsing Calpine’s LNG processing

I pulled a few quotes from the Lumberjack to illustrate my points, but please, don't take my word for it, go to the Lumberjack online and read Rex's! It's worth the effort

"...The city should be open to any and all prospective businesses. You need to embrace everything that comes to town,”

“Taking inventory of land does not mean that more surveys and tests should be conducted, as he sees both as a waste of time and money.”

“Studies drive me nuts,” Bohn said. “Just build it and show me if it works.”

“I could be a liaison for outside business,” Bohn said.

According to the Jack, “Bohn had been thinking about running for the council position in the past and felt that now was the right time because incumbent Chris Kerrigan had not made any contribution to the community that Bohn could see.”

Rex and his friends have ponied up over $70K for Rex to get out their message.

We have a great TV spot ready for air. It is positive, and on target, speaking to the Kerrigan record in creating good local jobs. There is no mention of Rex and the gang. Chris gets to put his vision of Eureka's future to the people. We need your help to buy air time for this vital message. Please give what you can.

Donate now on line at or send a check to Friends of Chris Kerrigan po box 6341 Eureka Ca 95570.

Tell everyone you know to support Chris...then tell everyone you don't know.

Yours for a brighter future,

To unsubscribe from: Friends of Chris Kerrigan, just follow this link:
Click this link, or copy and paste the address into your browser.


The aftermath:

Times-Standard Editorial:
Article Last Updated: Wednesday, September 22, 2004 - 6:11:52 AM PST

A vote against the politics of personal attack

Sometimes, in covering or observing a local community, you have to step back from what's happening and just take a deep breath.

The 4th Ward Eureka City Council race is one of those times.

Rex Bohn, community volunteer and a Renner Petroleum manager, is challenging incumbent Chris Kerrigan, who is experienced and personable, for the seat. They should debate the issues, campaign for what they believe in, and let the best man win.

But a recent e-mail, on behalf of the Kerrigan campaign, has left many shaking their heads in our community.

Last week, Richard Salzman, a Trinidad resident representing himself as part of Friends of Chris Kerrigan, sent an e-mail to hundreds of people asking for financial and other support for the Kerrigan campaign.

There's nothing wrong with that. As campaign manager for District Attorney Paul Gallegos during the recent DA recall election, Salzman -- who also opposed the recent proposed Calpine project -- proved himself to be articulate, tenacious and effective in political matters.

But the e-mail went a step beyond what we usually find in Eureka council contests, and indeed seemed more in line with the overtly and overly emotional appeals seen in the DA recall and Calpine battles.

Consider these examples, and we quote:

"Rex Bohn is a reactionary oilman out for revenge."

"Like PL, Rex is running a mean and sleazy campaign."

"Rex Bohn is out for himself."


We've seen no evidence of revenge, meanness or self-centeredness about Bohn. The only real sleaze we've seen so far is the aforementioned e-mail sent out on behalf of Kerrigan -- which he has said he knew nothing about ahead of time, and which certainly seems out of character for the councilman.

But this editorial is not about supporting Rex Bohn or Chris Kerrigan, or even about Richard Salzman, who appears to have gotten a little carried away in his campaign enthusiasm.

It's about how we choose our elected leaders, and if we're willing to support the politics of personal attack as the nasty new standard in local elections.

We don't believe Eurekans want that kind of politicking in their town, whether they support Bohn or Kerrigan.

After all, it's a council race, not the final battle for Middle Earth.

The DA recall was, we hoped, an anomaly. But whether a one-time phenomenon or not, the conquer-or-die, win-at-all-costs hysteria seen in the recall -- and in the national presidential campaign -- can only serve to hurt us in the long run.

If we devote most of our energies to fighting among ourselves on the North Coast, to squabbling, insulting and tearing each other down, there won't be the energy, the vision, the strength found in unity and reasoned compromise, to lift this region into a better future.

As Salzman said, correctly, in kicking off his e-mail:

"I am writing because we need your help to protect Humboldt County's natural beauty and our way of life."

Who would disagree?

We need everybody's help, to overcome the real challenges facing us over transportation, employment, intelligent development and other issues.

But we won't get there by bashing the other guy over the head.

Let's hope for a reasoned, productive and civil debate over the 4th Ward seat and all the other campaigns facing us this political season.

That's what many of us say we want. Now's the time to prove it.
Eureka Reporter Editorial
Kerrigan Should Dump Salzman, Apologize To Bohn

The e-mail recently sent out by Chris Kerrigan campaign adviser Richard Salzman is despicable.

At the least, Kerrigan should have disavowed the outrageous e-mail and dumped Salzman as a campaign adviser for writing such scurrilous allegations.

What is really needed is for Kerrigan and Salzman to apologize to Rex Bohn, who is challenging Kerrigan for the Fourth Ward City Council post.

We urge Eureka residents to read in this issue the appalling e-mail sent by Salzman. He makes scandalous accusations. If the City Council election weren’t so serious to the future of this city, Salzman’s contemptible claims would be hilarious.

For example, Salzman says a vote against Bohn is a vote against Pacific Lumber. How did PL get brought into a Eureka City Council election? What childishness.

Salzman disgracefully says that Bohn is running a mean and sleazy campaign, but we have not found that to be true. Salzman should look in the mirror.

Salzman shamefully claims that Bohn is out for himself. He says this about a man who has dedicated his life to serving the community. Bohn’s charitable works are many. He is a community-spirited man who has helped many organizations over the years. One of his biggest accomplishments was helping to spearhead the drive to establish Redwood Fields in Cutten. That’s hardly out for himself.

Kerrigan has four years with which to run his campaign on. He should stick to that and avoid campaign advisers like Salzman, because it is not worthy of a councilman to have an adviser wage such a sleazy, mudslinging effort at Bohn.

We, as a community, cannot tolerate a campaign based upon smear, vitriol and name-calling.


But the damage was done.

And now, it's 2014, and they're back to the same dirty tricks.

Pony up, Chris.

Bring out your 460's Chris. How much money did you and Rex Bohn each raise in the 2004 election?

Does your recent fundraising letter contain a mistake? Or a deliberate lie?

Is this how you are going to be conducting yourself throughout this election?

Chris Kerrigan, answer the question: Did Rex Bohn raise "upwards of $150,000" in your race in 2004?

The answer is NO. And the 460's prove it.

The 10-17-04 through 12-31-04 460s show Rex with just over $1,000 more than Chris - REX: $84,863.94 vs. CHRIS: $83,198.90. A very close match.

Will Salzman/Chris issue a correction?

Friday, March 28, 2014

"A vote against the politics of personal attack"

That was the TIMES-STANDARD headline the LAST TIME Chris Kerrigan used Richard Salzman's sleazy dirty tricks and lies in his campaign.

Chris was called upon to denounce Salzman at the time. He refused.

Who remembers?

And why does it matter?

Because Kerrigan is back to the same old sleazy shit.

"But this editorial is not about supporting Rex Bohn or Chris Kerrigan, or even about Richard Salzman, who appears to have gotten a little carried away in his campaign enthusiasm.

It's about how we choose our elected leaders, and if we're willing to support the politics of personal attack as the nasty new standard in local elections.

We don't believe Eurekans want that kind of politicking in their town, whether they support Bohn or Kerrigan."

Said the Times-Standard then. What say ye today?

There was an interesting little tidbit, selectively edited, in ◼ Eric's post this morning.

What could have been a positive press release from the Kerrigan campaign touting the opening of his Campaign HQ is just more of the WEB OF LIES


I'm giving Chris Kerrigan until tomorrow morning to retract the lies in Salzman's latest.

The question for the Times-Standard is this - do you stand by your words? Every editorial in recent memory - the ones relating to campaigns - has called for being nice. Are you still going to say "Richard Salzman, who appears to have gotten a little carried away in his campaign enthusiasm."? Or are you finally going to admit there is a serious problem here?

I remind you that in 2004, Hum CPR did not exist. The hate and lies... you support this? or you don't.

"Still, if you don’t run candidates, you’re certain to lose." Eric Kirk

Kerrigan HQ Opening - SoHum Parlance

There it is again.

It's not someone just deciding to run for office. It's two candidates who have been 'put up.' Somebody 'running' them, like it's a stable. Kept candidates. "Salzman's stables?"

Because. Developers.

And what's Kerrigan been doing since his quixotic John Edwards quest? To move America Eureka FORWARD!?

Out of the hot tub and into the race. Good little pony!



Warren case written ruling on 995 motion to dismiss decision on April 9
I feel bad for the families of the victims who have come to court twice to hear the decision on this motion.
In Warren case oral arguments, Robinson goes off on wierd analogy of Malaysian aircraft
Day 2 Bryson goes to bat for Crossland again
EPD says it is not worth it....
(Not worth it) to text and drive during April. Does not matter if you are easy on the eyes or think you are funny and can talk your way out of a ticket, April will be zero tolerance month for you smart phone addicts!
Assault on victim in Willow Creek aggravating victim's medical condition
Vincent Sanchez arrested in double murder homicide on Harris
- John Chiv/Words Worth

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Keith Taylor endorses Allan Dollison - (retracted) (And UPDATED)

The Dollison for District Attorney Campaign is pleased to announce the endorsement of former Hoopa Valley Tribal Police Chief Keith Taylor. “I have known Allan for almost his entire time in Humboldt and am nothing less than thoroughly impressed with his skills, professionalism, commitment for justice and compassion in cases” Taylor said.

Taylor had a long and storied career in law enforcement, where he was a State Parole Agent in Southern California. One of his cases was turned into a book that is still available on

Keith also was the Chief of Police for the Hoopa Valley Tribal police department, after he retired here as a parole agent.

“I got to work very carefully with Allan on the habeas case involving the Murder conviction of John Thompson. Allan’s hard work and dedication paid off when the court denied Mr. Thompson’s petition. Allan spent hours with me discussing the case and preparing me. The case was almost two decades old, but Allan thoroughly engrossed himself in it, and but for his dedication a murderer would be out free today.”

Dollison stated, “I have always valued my personal friendship with Keith. We have not always seen eye to eye on every case, but he always knew that I had a commitment to justice, doing the right thing and firmness in my approach.”

Finally Taylor said, “I have been involved in several DA races here in Humboldt County. This election Allan is the obvious choice. He is hard-working and dedicated, but also independent. He will be independent in dealing with both law enforcement and the defense bar. We need that independence in a District Attorney.”

From the comments:

Keith Taylor said...

Several days ago Allan Dollison ask for my support and I told him yes. When my name came out in public I received telephone calls asking if I knew about his history, documented on the California State Bar and I said no, I was not aware of it. I received a 38 page legal document listing many items too numerous to mention here, but one can google the California State Bar with his name and read it yourself.

I was disappointed to read the information contained in the state bar history. I thought when he was hired by the local District Attorney there would be nothing like what was listed in the state bar History. I regret my endorsement of Allan Dollison, he was a personal friend.

Keith Taylor

Allan Dollison's response to the alleged Keith Taylor endorsement withdrawal - John Chiv/Words Worth

I have known Keith Taylor for almost my entire time in Humboldt County. I have socialized with him. I gave his family a dog, and we have had lunch and dinner together. His extended family has been over to my house on numerous occasions.

About 4 days after agreeing to endorse me, I received a call late at night at about 9:30 pm. I did not recognize the number. I have Keith's numbers recorded in my telephone. The caller sounded like Keith, but the call was short. He said that he had been contacted by David Prendergast. I also consider David a friend to include helping my efforts with veteran's causes, and I was responsible for getting him appointed to a non-profit board to help veterans. He served for a short period of time, and then stepped down due to personal reasons. I have never done anything to Mr. Prendergast, but he seems to have made it his mission to conduct a vendetta against me in this campaign. He has repeatedly contacted people in opposition to me.

The caller said they wanted to withdraw their endorsement. I did see Keith Taylor several days later but was unable to speak with him.

I saw the e-mail address that had been identified by Fred Mangels with some sleuth work, and I have never seen that E-Mail before and it is definitely not Keith's E-Mail, that I have known.

As I have said before, I am not proud of a very sad chapter in my life, from 17 years ago. Mr. Prendergast goes out of his way to smear me with every detail possible, but always fails to mention that this happened 17 years ago. I have risen above this, accepted responsibility, and have tried to practice law the best way I know how. I do believe in redemption and forgiveness, as christian ideals that I aspire to. This election is about the future of Humboldt County, and whether or not we can feel safe in our communities again, and what type of justice system we will have. I am proud to have that discussion about the future. Some just want to have a discussion about the past. In the past negative personal attack campaigns have been the staple in Humboldt County. I will not conduct such a campaign.

Allan Dollison

It's not like Dollison's record is NEW news. It was reported here way back when he was hired. And I was his worst critic.

Question(s) for DA Candidates

By now you've/they've been through a couple of formal Debate/Forums, plus a few forums, neighborhood meet and greets, and discussions/interviews with reporters.

What do you think of the questions that've been asked so far?

What's the most important question? Your favorite question? The worst question? The most important questions that HASN'T been asked?

The questions - and the answers help the people understand the issues and make a decision when it comes time to vote.

Answer here, or feel free to answer privately.

And BTW: ◼ Allan Dollison's on KHSU Tonight with Eric Kirk
The third in the series of four interviews with the DA candidates on KHSU – 7:00 p.m. tonight. Will be a call-in format as usual. ◼ LISTEN LIVE ONLINE

(Eric's) already interviewed Elan Firpo and Arnie Klein. You can listen to those interviews and last week’s candidate forum at the Arcata Community Center on the ◼ KHSU archives. (He'll) be interviewing Maggie Fleming on April 24.
Eric's also "What are your questions? Post them here, and if you can’t call in tonight (Eric)’ll ask them for you."

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eureka police: Homicide investigation launched; 2 dead ID'd

UPDATED: Homicide in Eureka Home; Caller Tells Police of ‘Large Amount of Blood’ - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost
The deceased have been identified but their names are being withheld until family members have been notified.
Anyone with information about this investigation should call the Eureka Police at 707-441-4044. - Times-Standard - Breaking News
Harris Street double murder confirmed as a homicide - John Chiv/Words Worth
LOCO commenters raise good questions in the Harris Street murder - John Chiv/Words Worth


Times-Standard - The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has identified one of the Eureka double homicide victims as Richard Charles Storre. Storre, 60, ran Freshwater Farms, a native plant nursery in Myrtletown. The name of the second victim has not been released.

Updated: Arrest made in Eureka double homicide, 1 victim ID'd by coroner - Times-Standard 3/27/2014
Eureka Police have made an arrest in the murder of two Eureka men.

On Thursday at 5:57 p.m., Eureka Police officers were dispatched to 2109 Harris Street in Eureka on a citizen's report of an injured person in the house at that location. Officers entered the house to render first aid and found a man deceased with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head. Officers checked the rest of the house for other persons who may need help and found a second person deceased as well. He too suffered from a gunshot wound to the head.

Based on evidence collected at the scene investigators believe the crime was a double homicide.
EPD: Suspect in Last Night’s Double Homicide in Custody - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost

Vincent Sanchez arrested in double murder homicide on Harris - John Chiv/Words Worth

2nd Update: Police Investigating Eureka Double Homicide; - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal
The suspect arrested after a double homicide in Eureka on Wednesday evening has a criminal history that includes one case that captured local headlines a few years back.

According to court records, Vincent Earnest Sanchez, 29, was arrested for separate DUI offenses in 2007 and 2008 and later convicted of both. In 2009, he broke into the Ingomar Club armed with a long sword and a hatchet and was alleged to have caused more than $10,000 in damage before officers arrested him with the help of a police dog. The Times-Standard covered the arrest at the time.

Sanchez was charged with second-degree burglary, resisting arrest and vandalism in the case, though the latter two charges were later dismissed as a part of a plea deal that saw him sentenced to serve 288 days in county jail and three years probation. Last year, Sanchez was again arrested for felony vandalism, but the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor in a plea agreement that saw him sentenced to three years probation.
Suspect arrested in double homicide investigation in Eureka - KIEM
The Humboldt County Coroner confirms Sanchez is the half-brother of one of the victims, 25-year-old Lance Delbert Henry.

"They've known each other for a long time, so this wasn't a stranger on stranger kind of deal," Chief Mills said....

EPD officials confirm they responded to the 2100 block of Harris Street on Wednesday at about 6 p.m. after a friend of Richard Charles Storre went to check on him and found him severely injured inside the home. Police responded to the report and found Storre and Henry dead inside the home.

"It's pretty apparent to us that it looks like a gunshot wound," said Chief Mills.

According to police, the two victims and the suspect had been living together. A neighbor who did not want to go on camera told News Channel 3 that he had not heard any gun shots in the home, and that he would often see Richard Storre walking his dog outside. However, this week, he last saw Storre walking his dog on Sunday. Police say the murders could have taken place as early as Monday afternoon. Authorities also say that they believe the murders were a thought out process.

"I don't want to say premeditated at this point, but this was not a random act of violence," Chief Mills said.

A motive is still under investigation, and Vincent Earnest Sanchez has been charged with two counts of homicide and is currently booked in the Humboldt County Jail. There are no other suspects at this time.
Victims in Eureka double murder knew suspect; arrested man was half-brother of one, lived in other man's home - Times-Standard Staff Report: Will Houston, Lorna Rodriguez, Melissa Simon and Kimberly Wear contributed to this report.
The victims of a double homicide in Eureka were a well-known Myrtletown native plant nursery owner and the half-brother of suspect Vincent Earnest Sanchez, who was arrested and booked into Humboldt County jail on two counts of homicide, officials said Thursday.

Freshwater Farms owner Richard “Rick” Charles Storre, 60, and Lance Delbert Henry, 25, were each found dead with a gunshot wound to the head after Eureka Police Department officers responded to a report of an injured person at a house on the 2100 block of Harris Street just before 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Henry is the half-brother of Sanchez, 28, who was detained at the scene and has a criminal record that included time in a state psychiatric hospital. The brothers had been staying with Storre, according to Humboldt County Deputy Coroner Roy Horton.

Horton said the victims had been dead for “a couple of days.”
Autopsy: Double homicide victims killed by one gunshot each; police disclose additional information about crime scene - Will Houston/The Times-Standard 4/01/2014
(Eureka Police Detective Sgt. Bill) Nova said that autopsy estimates the murders occurred anywhere from “24 to 48 hours” before the bodies were found.

The autopsy report showed that there were no signs of struggle or additional injuries other than the gunshot wounds, Nova said.

The suspected killer, 28-year-old Vincent Sanchez, of Eureka, was detained at the scene and later booked in the county jail on March 26 where he was denied bail. Sanchez pleaded not guilty to the two counts of murder at the Humboldt County Superior Courthouse on March 28.

Nova said Sanchez and Henry -- who were half-brothers -- had been living at Storre's residence for an extended period of time. Storre was the owner of Freshwater Farms, a native plant nursery in Myrtletown. As to whether Sanchez had remained at the residence after the murders were committed, Nova said he was unable to comment.

Suspected burglar found with sword, hatchet - Sean Garmire/The Times-Standard 1/14/2009
Eureka Car-Kicking Spree Ends When Suspect Kicks Police Car - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost 2/11/2013

Chiv's Court Beat: A lighter note

Bryson win 1 and Brownfield win 1 and Judge Feeney adding humor to a packed day - John Chiv/Words Worth

◼ But it's not all light: Arriaga case dismissed, Miller gets a bit of reprieve, Miller's hubby tries to physically block me in effort to intimidate - John Chiv/Words Worth

◼ Related: Attempted burglary arrest results in mental health evaluation - John Chiv/Words Worth
On 03-12-2014 at about 2350 hours the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence located in the 1700 block of Quaker Street, Eureka, regarding a residential burglary alarm. When deputies arrived on scene they saw a male and female suspect inside of the residence through a bedroom window. Deputies then detained both of those suspects as they exited the residence. Both of the suspects were carrying items in their hands.

The two suspects were identified as Misty Dawn Miller age 29 and Brian Anthony Arriaga age 33. Deputies were able to contact the owner of the residence, who confirmed that they did not know both of the suspects and they did not have their permission to be in the residence....
Burglary Suspect Held for Mental Health Evaluation - Lost Coast Outpost
When Deputies spoke to Miller about entering the residence she admitted that she had, because she was looking for her daughter and heard her daughter’s voice coming from inside the residence. After speaking to Miller further, deputies determined that Miller was having mental health issues.
Eureka burglary suspects arrested - Times-Standard (h/t: anon :))

You know you are in Humboldt when you table in the rain

I was at HSU today talking with young voters (plus one future voter) and listening to their concerns. It's good to see so many students who want to talk about the election and who are interested in the future of the ‪#‎Humboldt‬ community.

◼ WEB: votearnieklein.comABOUTDONATEFACEBOOK


THURSDAY: Meet with Maggie Fleming
This Thursday (March 27) at the Eureka Inn:
5pm to 7pm in the lobby
The public is invited!

◼ FRIDAY, Humboldt County DA candidate Arnie Klein is inviting local business owners and employees to a meet and greet:
Friday, March 28, at 6 p.m.
second floor of the Arcata Technology Center, 1385 8th St. (behind the creamery).
Arnie plans to address a few of the concerns he’s heard from local business owners, listen to potential solutions, and answer questions. How do you think the DA’s Office can help Arcata businesses? He wants to know! Come share your thoughts.

If you require special accommodations or for more information, please contact us ahead of time via Facebook message or here ◼

If I've missed yours - let me know in comments.


Campaign finance disclosure forms filed for Humboldt County supervisor races; experts say cost of local elections on the rise - Lorna Rodriguez/The Times-Standard
...In the county supervisor races for the 4th and 5th district, the four candidates have raised a total of $31,930 since the start of 2014, according to the most recently filed campaign finance forms....

Yep. BIG Money, that.

Does anyone in this County have a clue?

"With four candidates seeking the position, (College of the Redwoods political science professor Ryan) Emenaker said this will most likely be an expensive election."

What a stooooopid thing to say. At least in relation to THIS race. This one is going to be a cakewalk, and it is going to be far cheaper than recent elections, where any candidate even THINKING about running had to be prepared to TRY to raise $300,000 to compete with the Salzman machine.

Humboldt district attorney candidates raise $109K; race wide open with Gallegos not seeking reelection - Lorna Rodriguez/The Times-Standard

Nothing that hasn't already been covered ◼ HERE.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lack of manpower. "The office has had to establish priorities and standards that determine which crimes to prosecute."

Suspect in Mendo deputy's killing released from Oregon jail; lack of evidence, manpower resulted in no charges - AP via Times-Standard

Chaney, 32, had been arrested March 6 by Eugene police, who suspected he had a stolen cellphone and stopped his car for traffic violations. They found several guns in the vehicle, including a rifle that appeared to be illegally modified. They also found body armor and methamphetamine. Chaney was released the same day.

”The March 6 charges against Chaney were not filed because they fell below the current triage standards and involved no violence or threat of violence,” Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner said in a statement....

Officials in the district attorney's office repeated last week that they do not have funding to employ enough prosecutors to pursue the simplest drug possession cases, The Register-Guard reported. The office has had to establish priorities and standards that determine which crimes to prosecute.

Details of events in deputy's death released by Mendocino Sheriff's Office - Times-Standard
Slain deputy's memorial service on Wednesday; suspect found dead with 2 gunshot wounds - Ukiah Daily Journal staff report

You're hearing a lot about the lack of manpower in our DA's Office during this election. It is a problem and has been a problem for a long time. This is why it matters.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fleming endorsed by state district attorney investigators' association

The Times-Standard

Daniel Mintz Report on DA Forum

A district attorney candidates debate last week was mostly non-confrontational but the topic of plea bargains triggered spirited back and forth exchanges. - Daniel Mintz/Mad River Union

District attorney candidates Allan Dollison, Elan Firpo, Maggie Fleming and Arnie Klein advanced their views – sometimes strongly – in a March 20 debate event held at the Arcata Community Center and sponsored by the Arcata Police Association, the Mad River Union, radio station KHSU and Arcata High School’s Pepperbox newspaper.

The debate included a variety of questions submitted by residents and forwarded by the event’s moderator, Kevin Hoover, editor-at-large of the Mad River Union....

You really have to listen to this one. The report does not do it justice.


With bated breath...

Advice to candidates - the media will have a feeding frenzy. Don't waste your time worrying about who donated to your opponent. What matter is what YOU do, and keeping your own campaign on track. Unless it's your best friend donating to your opponent, it's irrelevant to you.

Some 460s in some not yet - John Chiv/Words Worth

With $61287 in contributions and Carson Park Design being paid $10, 769 - John Chiv/Words Worth

Sunday, March 23, 2014

You're gonna spend EIGHTY GRAND. Carpet? Or Prosecutor?

The first debate aired on Access Humboldt a few hours ago. Arnie Klein pointed out that Gallegos was getting ready to spend eighty grand on re-carpeting his severely under-staffed office.

Arnie says if you're gonna buy the carpet, you might as well get a few vacuum cleaners while you're at it.

What would you spend it on?

One from Garberville, One from Redway

June 3rd Qualified Candidate List - County Elections Office


Of course, JARED HUFFMAN (the incumbent) from San Rafael
But also DALE MENSING from Redway
and ANDY CAFFREY from Garberville

Dude! If you're running for office, you don't put ◼ stuff like THIS in your feed:
Victory! Austin and Megan are vacating the office. They should be out in an hour or two. My calling him out here at fb shut down his designs on me, but that didn't stop him from trying to mess up my wifi router today. It doesn't work anymore. He probably logged in to cisco and changed the password on me. But I just disconnected the ethernet cable from the router and bypassed the router, so voila! my internet connection is back.


Smart Voter, not updated yet

State Propositions: Also on the Ballot

Proposition 41: Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014
Should California sell $600 million in new general obligation bonds to fund affordable multifamily housing for low-income veterans?

Proposition 42: Public Records. Open Meetings. State Reimbursement to Local Agencies
Should the state Constitution be amended to require local governments to comply with state public-access laws, and to eliminate the requirement that the state reimburse local governments for the costs of such compliance?

The McKMAC meets Wednesday.

These meetings are open to the public and there is always time for public input.

McKMAC To Discuss Sales Tax/Campaign Finance Reform - Mad River Union ◼ LIKE Mad River Union on FACEBOOK (Formerly McKinleyville Press & Arcata Eye)

The town’s county advisory committee will discuss increasing local law enforcement and campaign finance reform at its meeting Wednesday, March 26.

The McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC) meets at 5 p.m. at the Azalea Conference Center, located at the rear of McKinleyville Middle School at 2275 Central Ave.

The McKMAC has previously discussed the idea of having a sales tax increase, with proceeds to fund additional deputies and other public safety positions benefiting unincorporated McKinleyville,...

So, if we have a McKMAC, advisory to the Board Of Sups, what's this MOC? McKinleyville Organizing Committee "Congregation-based Community Organizing" funded by grant money - to do what, exactly?

Anderson-Jordet's family ask Klein to challenge district attorney's plea deal

DA, local expert weigh in on case -Will Houston/The Times-Standard

...Anderson-Jordet, a 50-year old chef and Arcata resident, was killed in the early morning hours of Nov. 25 after an altercation with Ferrer and two other Arcata residents. He was stabbed once in the heart....

After receiving a narrative from the autopsy report -- stating that the victim also received a puncture wound on his upper-left chest and a “'defense' injury” on his left index finger during the altercation -- Anderson-Jordet's sister Donna Johnson said her family felt an involuntary manslaughter charge did not represent the scope of the crime....

District Attorney Paul Gallegos recently reassigned Firpo from the case at her request. She said she did not want it to become “conflated with a political campaign.”

Gallegos -- who has since taken over the case -- said he will not be challenging the plea deal as requested by the family. He said claims that the case was not thoroughly investigated are “inaccurate,” and the courts will decide the next course of action.

”I am very familiar with the facts in the autopsy report,” Gallegos said. “The next course is what conclusion does one want to draw from the physical evidence? I am very familiar with deaths and injuries.”

Letters To The Editor

Mendocino DA backs Fleming

I had the pleasure of meeting with Maggie Fleming recently at my office here in Ukiah. She outlined for me her vision for positive changes for the Humboldt County district attorney's office, and, in turn, I explained for her some of my policies and programs here in Mendocino County. As the incumbent district attorney of the neighboring county to the south, please accept this letter as my endorsement of Maggie Fleming's candidacy to be Humboldt County's next elected prosecutor.
Beyond just meeting with Ms. Fleming, my due diligence has included reviewing the respecting backgrounds, professional experience, and campaign “promises” of each of the candidates seeking to follow your outgoing DA's tenure. Taking all things into consideration, it was not difficult for me to conclude that the voters of Humboldt County are fortunate to have a woman of Ms. Fleming's integrity and diverse legal experience willing to serve as their elected district attorney. Her prior experience as a successful prosecutor handling violent and difficult cases is simply unmatched by the other candidates. Ms. Fleming's “Guiding Principles,” as posted on her election page, are also on point, and indicative that she is ready to hit the ground running once elected.

I look forward to working collaboratively in the future with Maggie Fleming to promote public safety on both sides of our county line.

C. David Eyster
District Attorney
Mendocino County

Only Fleming will make us proud

I have voted in every election since I moved to Eureka in 1966 with my husband Max. I read about the candidates who are running for office. I learn as much about their plans for public office and the professional philosophies that guide those plans as I can. And I pay close attention to their resumes and experience.
Maggie Fleming has over 25 years of experience as deputy district attorney and as deputy county counsel. She has tried over 120 cases, made hard decisions, successfully prosecuted all types of felonies. She is an outstanding candidate and will make an outstanding district attorney.

In all my voting years, I have seen no other candidate as well prepared for the office. I hope that all voters take the time to examine the resumes of all the candidates for district attorney. There is only one who has the experience, the ability, the nonpartisan temperament to do what must be done -- Maggie Fleming. She will be a district attorney we can all be proud of.

Marge Custis


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Morrow pleads guilty to Trinidad fatal stabbing

The man accused of fatally stabbing a 24-year-old at a Trinidad RV Park, Larry Morrow, has plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter. - Lashay WesleyKIEM-TV News

On Thursday in court, Morrow plead guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter. He is accused of stabbing and killing Jessie Ruiz multiple times after a fight between both men. The incident happened at Hidden Creek RV park in Trinidad in January.

Morrow will appear in court for his sentencing on May 1st.

Easter Eggs** in the General Plan

For those (cough "liberaljon"***) who do not understand why the General Plan is being re-examined with a fine-toothed comb... consider the following:

As the General Plan was being wrapped up, the following passage was discovered, tucked into the County of Humboldt Climate Action Plan (CAPE) which is an Appendix U to the Draft EIR for our local General Plan Update, and may be included as a background document for the Energy Element of the General Plan:
"B. Family Planning

(Big Brother*) The County should support the notion that every woman and every couple should have the resources and the power to control their own reproductive lives. By ensuring that every child in the County is planned, the County will make significant progress toward solving unnecessary increases in local contributions to global warming impacts. The County Public Health Department should implement a program to address the potential of unplanned pregnancies which unnecessarily add to future population increases, which in turn add to further greenhouse gas emissions due to addition(al?) consumption.."

General Plan appendix draws fire; planning department error causes some to question process - Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard 5/22/2012
”This language is inappropriate in a planning document,” (Martha) Spencer wrote. “Planning staff used a template borrowed from another jurisdiction that contained this section. This section should have been deleted during the editing of the document prior to release.”

...In an e-mail sent to Eureka City Manager David Tyson and Community Development Director Rob Wall as an “FYI,” North Coast Home Builders Advocate Julie Williams hinted the paragraph's discovery implies other problems.

”What else is in the plan or the (draft environmental impact report) hidden somewhere in a section that was not discussed during a public hearing because no one found it prior to the commission's vote?”

* Yeah, I added the "Big Brother" title. Because that is what we're dealing with here.

** Definition of Easter Eggs, for Jon:
Wikipedia,Online Slang Dictionary,Urban Dictionary

*** I told Jon to do his homework before blathering on about something he knows nothing about, but I know he'll never find this on his own, thus it is posted here. Peace Be With You, Jon.

NOW - You can ask ◼ Ms. LaTour what she thinks about this. (Ask Chris Kerrigan, too)

I submit that the people who are pissed off about the re-examination of the General Plan are either ignorant of this fact, or are worried that their other Easter Eggs will be discovered.

I, for one, applaud the current Board of Supervisors (four of them anyway) and the Planning Commissioners who have recognized the problem and are conducting the tedious search to ensure that this BS does not fly.

And, then we have the Eco-News, they're obviously one of the supporters of the fascistic Orwellian Easter Eggs, and they don't like those pesky Supervisors who won't go along with the Eco-Eugenics Program:

h/t: Eric @ Sohum Parlance

Friday, March 21, 2014

On reporting, and, NOT reporting.

What is the value of a human life? It is not just Paul that irks me - John Chiv/Words Worth

...I do not cover cases off press releases. The Cook case has been going on for a year, no one covered it, not even after I posted the first report. The Workman case, same thing. We do have a shortage of reporters but we seem to have article after article on the same polarizing issues and people show up at BOS and City Council meetings for the GPU or ridiculous stuff like raw milk yet cases like the Cook case that affect lives and generations go unnoticed.... Read the rest at the link.

Meet Élan Firpo: Angelo's Pizza today

Stop by Angelo's Pizza today and say "Hi". We're in the party room. Grab a slice of pizza and check in with us. We have signs to take as well. Pizza and soda provided by a campaign donor. All or welcome. Kids too. Elan would like to hear from you. ◼ Elan Firpo for DA

Gallegos IS seeking the death penalty against Jason Anthony Warren

A Capital Question: A May trial could bring the death penalty debate to the foreground in the DA race - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal

...With little attention or fanfare, Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos is seeking the death penalty against Jason Anthony Warren in a case scheduled to go to trial in May. If a jury ultimately convicts and condemns Warren, it would be the first time Humboldt has sent someone to death row in nearly 25 years....

The 29-year-old, who has a violent history, stands accused of torturing and killing a Hoopa woman, Dorothy Ulrich, on the morning of Sept. 26, 2012 before taking a car from her residence and driving to Eureka, where he allegedly intentionally hit three runners, killing Suzanne Seemann and seriously injuring Jessica Hunt and Terri Vroman-Little. A gag order was issued in the case shortly after Warren was charged, preventing officials from speaking publicly about the case. Consequently, Gallegos has been unable to explain his rationale for pursuing the death penalty for the first time in his tenure as DA....

During the first debate in the race to replace Gallegos next year, the four candidates — Allan Dollison, Elan Firpo, Maggie Fleming and Arnie Klein — were asked for their thoughts on the death penalty.

Dollison, a former deputy district attorney and a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, said he supports capital punishment in limited cases. "It should be on the table," he said. Fleming, also a former deputy district attorney now working in County Counsel's office, generally agreed, saying it's a "most-extraordinary punishment" that should be reserved for certain cases. Fleming noted that, in her decades as a prosecutor, she never once felt it was appropriate for a case she was handling.

On the other end of the spectrum, Firpo said plainly she's against capital punishment. "I don't think civilized societies kill people for killing people," she said. "It just doesn't make sense." Klein, who has a 40-year history in criminal law including 20 years as a prosecutor, offered a scattershot answer. First, he said he used to believe in the punishment, noting he was a young prosecutor who felt he had God on his side and believed cops never lied. But, Klein said, he's "evolved" and now prefers pursuing a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. He also noted that in California, "we don't really have a death penalty, so seeking one doesn't make sense."
Death Penalty in Warren case that may be dismissed but Tree gets a pass, what is Paul's thought process? - John Chiv/Words Worth
...Thad explained that the decision to seek the death penalty against Warren was not a recent one and that Paul made that call a while ago, Thad thinks possibly even before the preliminary hearing. There is a gag order in the case and Thad mentioned since not all reporters can show up for every hearing, not all of us may know about the gag order. This is true, I have seen that myself. One of the reasons I chose to go to every hearing in a case I cover.

Thad wanted to stress Paul did not release this information to him....

There is a death penalty policy that the Humboldt County District Attorney's office has and due to space, Thad could not include it in the story. While he shared it with me, I did not get it from Paul nor does it have a date so Paul how do you come to these decisions involving a person's life?
What is the Death Penalty Policy?

So much time has gone by, and only now this comes out. Do we have the manpower or the resources for this case? Does he have time to try this between now and December? Remember, he leaves in January. This case will end up dropped in the lap of the incoming DA - another f-up for them to deal with. IMO

Takeaway from last night's DA Candidate's Forum

DA candidates square off at Arcata forum; public inquires on cannabis, plea bargains, future changes - Will Houston/The Times-Standard

That's a decent recounting of some of the discussion. Not complete, by any means.

The debate/forum last night might be one of the best this county has seen in decades.

There were no softball questions. No 'boxers or briefs' BS.

It was at times guttural and very REAL. It wasn't pabulum and soundbites. The answers were genuine and heartfelt, passionate, and really pretty unguarded.

What came through, from all four candidates, was a passion for their job, a commitment to the office, and the, at long last, voicing of the frustrations of working in the collapsing Gallegos office.

They are all committed to solving the problem, fixing what has gone wrong. That path is clear, and no matter who wins, the same basic solutions will be employed.

You no longer have a candidate who hates law enforcement. All four treasure their working relationship with the various entities, and are committed to doing an even better job. All recognize that holding each other to high standards is good for the entire process.

There were tough questions answered last night. It wasn't sanitized. I highly recommend you take the time to listen to it. You will get a real feel for all these candidates. It is very much a race, there is no cake walk.

The podcast is not up yet. You can look for it here ◼ I'll update with a link when I can.


The tone and tenor of the forum - outstanding! From the early emails from Kevin Hoover to the participants to the actual event.

That's what I see. What did you see/hear?

Meet Maggie Fleming at the Eureka Inn:

Thursday, March 27
5pm to 7pm in the lobby
The public is invited! ◼ Maggie Fleming for District Attorney

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another busy court calendar...

From Chiv's COURT BEAT:

Local realtor Randy Cook sentenced to 270 days in County jail and led away in cuffs - John Chiv/Words Worth
It should have been a slam dunk and he could have gotten away but some justice did prevail today for Randall Miles Cook's present victim, his own 7 year old grandaughter. And perhaps some closure for the victims that never got their day in court. There have been allegations before and whispers in the community and many reasons other victims did not get to tell their story....

This case is being prosecuted by DDA Kelly Neel. The defendant is being represented by Michael Robinson and Judge Marilyn Miles presiding in Courtroom 2.
Elmy Workman sentencing postponed again. - John Chiv/Words Worth
Judge Feeney presiding in Courtroom1. Jason Sheets (instead of Luke Brownfield just today) for the People. Neal Sanders for the defendant, Elmy Workman. Allison Jackson, for the victim, Angela Pitts who she is representing pro-bono in this case.

DA Candidates At Arcata Community Center, On KHSU For Thursday Night Talk


ARCATA COMMUNITY CENTER – District Attorney candidates Allan Dollison, Elan Firpo, Maggie Fleming and Arnie Klein will appear at a Candidate Forum tonight, Thursday, March 20 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Arcata Community Center Senior Room.

The forum is sponsored by the Mad River Union, Arcata Police Association, KHSU 90.5 FM and the Arcata High School Pepperbox. The forum will be broadcast live on KHSU 90.5 FM.

Phone in your questions for the candidates at (707) 822-2020.

Really excellent job, Kevin Hoover, and all of the candidates.


Takeaway from last night's (March 20) DA Candidate's Forum
Candidates Clash At DA Forum


That's the question asked when this topic comes up.

Sharon Latour Launches Campaign to Unseat Sundberg - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

McKinleyville pastor and CR assistant professor ◼ Sharon Latour today launched her campaign to unseat Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor Ryan Sundberg. Speaking to a crowd of roughly two dozen spectators from the steps of the county courthouse, Latour focused largely on the ongoing update of the county’s general plan, saying the current board has disregarded years of public input....

Your LoCO correspondent pointed out that the general plan update could theoretically be complete by next January, when new supervisors (should there be any) get seated, and asked Latour what other priorities she has for the county. She again returned to the importance of the general plan, calling it a “living document,” before lauding the county’s natural beauty and its niche business endeavors, including Humboldt Made.

With GPU as focus, Sharon LaTour announces candidacy for the 5th district in front of the courthouse - John Chiv/Words Worth

About 30 supporters which included Eureka Councilmember Linda Atkins, 4th District Supervisorial candidate Chris Kerrigan, HDCC member Pam Service, and former State Assembly candidate Hezekiah Allen gathered in front of the Humboldt County Courthouse to hear Sharon LaTour announce her candidacy.

Ryan Burns and John Chiv have a temporary body switch - John Chiv/Words Worth
Sharon LaTour, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me - John Chiv/Words Worth

Based on her remarks, reported at these two links, I'm going to assume she is against going through the General Plan to make sure all the Easter Eggs are found. You know, things like govt. discouraging women from bearing children. Because. Developers!


I think it is worth noting the contrast between this and ◼ Ryan Sundberg's KickOff. His was held at Azalea Hall in McKinleyville. Like all of his events, it is kid-friendly, with a bouncy house and face-painters extraordinaire. It was packed with families, friends, and supporters from all across the spectrum. Parking lots were filled, and people parked, and walked from blocks away (a rare occurrence in this town.) It wasn't about money. It was about a tone, and a very real commitment to the community.

Note: 'liberaljon' has taken to opining about this post on Lost Coast Outpost. His extrapolations are entirely the figments of his imagination, and represent his fundamental lack of respect for property owners, and his own rigid ideologue persona.

FPPC Filing Schedule for Candidates

The next phase: - FPPC

Deadline: Jan 31, 2014, Period: thru – 12/31/13, Form 460, 470
◼ An individual who filed candidacy papers in 2013 must file Form 460 or Form 470 to disclose activity for that year.

Deadline: Within 24 Hours, 3/5/14 – 6/2/14, Form 497
◼ File if a contribution of $1,000 or more in the aggregate is received from a single source.
◼ File if a contribution of $1,000 or more is made in the aggregate to another candidate or
measure being voted upon June 3, 2014, or to a political party committee.
◼ The recipient of a non-monetary contribution of $1,000 or more must file a Form 497 report
within 48 hours from the time the contribution is received.
◼ File personal delivery, guaranteed overnight service, fax or online.

Deadline: Mar 24, 2014, Period: 1/1/14 – 3/17/14 Form 460, 470
◼ Each candidate listed on the ballot must file Form 460 or Form 470 (see below).
◼ The March 22 deadline falls on Saturday, so the deadline is extended to the next business day.

Deadline: May 22, 2014, (Pre-Election) Period: 3/18/14 – 5/17/14, Form 460
◼ All committees must file Form 460.
◼ File by personal delivery, guaranteed overnight service or online.

Deadline: Jul 31, 2014, (Semi-Annual) Period: 5/18/14 – 6/30/14, Form 460
◼ All committees must file Form 460 unless the committee filed termination Forms 410 and 460 before June 30, 2014.

Filing Deadlines: Deadlines are extended when they fall on a Saturday, Sunday, or an official state holiday. This extension does not apply to 24-hour independent expenditure reports (Form 496) and the deadline for the Form 497 that is due the weekend before the election. Such reports must be filed within 24 hours regardless of the day of the week. Statements filed after the deadline are subject to a $10 per day late fine.