Thursday, February 27, 2014

Élan Firpo makes her formal announcement at the Vance

Ben Shepherd, Patty Clary, John Woolley, Mike Newman, Neal Ewald, Marian Brady, Julie Fulkerson, Michael Evenson. Fred Sundquist

...The District Attorney’s office and law enforcement must be Justice Partners. When the system works well, there are effective checks and balances between prosecution and law enforcement.
I pledge to vigorously prosecute Marijuana grows that are damaging the environment by diverting water sources, polluting the ground, killing wild animals, or negligently using firearms. This includes indoor grows that are endangering neighborhoods.... Read more at Words Worth

Elan Firpo announces candidacy for District Attorney VIDEO KIEM-TV

One thing catches my eye- Channel 3 reported that Firpo intends to end polarization WITHIN the DA's Office - what? Within the 9 who are left?

No - I think, after reading John Chiv's update, that the correct wording is polarization OF the DA's Office. I'm assuming that refers to the division with law enforcement, since that seems to be the context... But I'm guessing.

Why we care: Open Letter to the Humboldt Community from Arnie Klein

...What has gone terribly wrong is that the victim’s character has been assassinated and HE has been put on trial.

Why we care.

An open letter to the people of Humboldt County,

Recent events occurring at the courthouse have caused great alarm and upheaval throughout our community. Until yesterday, I have stayed out of the fray because I don’t believe that prosecutions, or lack thereof, should be dictated by politics.

I am gripped by a letter I read from a friend of Douglas Anderson-Jordet who was killed in Arcata. One could not help but feel that this heartfelt plea was from someone who cares about another person who tragically died.

I felt compelled to speak out so that the community did not lose it’s voice in this unmitigated disaster and fiasco. There is paucity of confidence that exists now due to the actions of the current administration and their policies.

What has gone terribly wrong is that the victim’s character has been assassinated and HE has been put on trial.

This is a reflection of the current District Attorney’s administration and his subordinates. Based on my 40 years in law enforcement, 20 years on each side of the fence, I have never seen anyone or anything do something this dastardly. This amounts to evil and it robs our community of “our” voice in the courtroom. To paraphrase an often used quote “All it takes for evil to win out, is for good men to do nothing”.

I call upon all those who care about justice to attend the sentencing hearing, which is set for April 3rd. at 2 pm, and demand justice for Douglas Anderson-Jordet.


Arnie Klein.... (

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Élan Firpo's Formal Campaign Announcement

Wolf Dawg will have some additional staff on hand at lunchtime today if you'd like to come a little early and patronize the cafe that is graciously sharing their space. Good hot dogs!

Élan Firpo's Formal Campaign Announcement
Today at 12:20pm
The Vance Hotel in Eureka

Meeting on Jail Release Policies

John Chiv kicked off the coverage:

Chinn, Damiano, Crandall also panelists on Public Safety Forum
Community versus public safety? Basic gist of public safety forum
The title summed up in 1 sentence the dilemma presented by most panelists, mainly law enforcement, court and DHHS. Betty Chinn provided her unique perspective and I was really glad to see her as a part of the panel.

The audience was wonderful and diverse. There were community members, people from various faith organizations, business owners and elected officials. My 3 favorite comments of the night were from the audience were from Kathleen Bryson, Estelle Fenell and Sylvia Scott....
Highlights of public safety forum panelists
Sheriff Downey, the first panelist to speak gave some statistics, kinds of crimes people were booked for in 2013. Average hold time for a person 51/2 hours. He explained the current policy and spoke about night-time releases. 647 (f) is the code he referred to and mentioned, "subject is placed in detention state to protect the public and because they are unable care of themselves." He elaborated on what that meant....

This procedure was countered by some audience members who spoke and they also addressed the practical difficulties of family members or friends coming to pick people up, money being one issue, mental illness for some.

I applaud the Interfaith group that put this forum together. I thank all who came. Many took notes and did not speak.
Our loved ones should not be a statistic
The most poignant moment for me was to look around the room. I had friends there, some who are family. There is a bond we share because we have lost loved ones, some very recently. It was hard to sit there and remember the events of this New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and listen to statistics....

This forum was educational but the healing we seek as a community is to be listened to without excuses being offered and to see some action being taken that make us feel safe in our homes and on our streets again.
Virginia Bass
Great turnout at the Public Safety forum today. Thank you to all who spoke and the panelists. This was a wonderful idea and I applaud the organizers for their hard work on this event.
Arnie Klein
I attended the public meeting in #Eureka yesterday regarding jail release policies. The community came together to try and identify and solve problems of early release. It becomes apparent that it's a question of resources and working together to solve the myriad of issues facing us.

Law Enforcement Responds to Jail Policy Concerns - Grant Scott-Goforth/North Coast Journal
In a meeting organized by local interfaith church leaders, a panel of Humboldt County’s top law enforcement officers addressed concerns this afternoon about the Humboldt County jail’s release policy. Marketed as a general community safety discussion, the meeting arose out of criticism of the jail’s policy to release inmates detained for being drunk in public during late-night hours — but passions were clearly still high over the killing of Father Eric Freed, who was named by multiple community members and remembered in a moment of silence following the meeting.
Grant Scott-Goforth on Twitter

Public calls for change to jail release policies: Local law enforcement and Humboldt County officials address growing safety concerns - Will Houston/Times Standard

link - Lashay Wesley/KIEM News Channel 3

Photos From Yesterday’s Public Meeting on Jail Release Policies - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Confirmed: Chris Kerrigan files intent to run for 4th District Supervisor and Dollison completes paperwork

Chiv has the story...

Join the sheriff, DA, EPD chief and others to talk about the jail's release and mental health policies

Today at 3 to 5 p.m. at the Wharfinger Building. - Grant Scott-Goforth

Here’s the press release:

Local clergy and law enforcement will hold a Public Safety Forum on the issue of night-time releases of inmates from the county jail. The forum will be held Wednesday, February 26, 2014, from 3 pm to 5 pm at the Wharfinger Building in Eureka. A panel of public safety representatives will discuss and answer questions from the public.

“The forum was initiated at a meeting of the Eureka Interfaith Fellowship following the death of Father Eric Freed,” said Rabbi Naomi Steinberg. “We feel there is a need for community education regarding current regulations on night-time release, and how to improve procedures,” she said.

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills will be joined on the panel by Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos, Sheriff Mike Downey, Undersheriff Bill Honsal, county jail commander Captain Ed Wilkinson, Supervising State Probation Agent Alexander Purvis, and representatives from the county Probation Department and county Mental Health Services.

The forum will also address related issues such as mental and medical re-evaluation of inmates prior to release, and returning of released prisoners to the area where they live or were arrested.

The event also will include a very brief memorial for Father Eric Freed and other victims of violent crime.

The Wharfinger Building is located at 1 Marina Way in Eureka. The Public Safety Forum is free and open to the public until the seating capacity is reached.

The Interfaith Fellowship is an informal group of local clergy who present an Interfaith Thanksgiving Sing, and award the Humboldt County Peace Prize biannually.

Chief Andy Mills may be contacted for further information at 441-4060.

Arnie Speaking to Fortuna Rotary

Thank you to the Fortuna Rotary for inviting me to speak at their meeting tomorrow. I look forward to sharing my views and answering any pertinent questions they may have.

When: Thursday, February 27
Where: Hunan Restaurant, 1468 Main St., Fortuna

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An interesting exchange

It wasn't intended by either of the candidates as campaign fodder, nor am I presenting it as such - I just thought it was an interesting exchange, precisely because it IS about real world work. See what you think. (Note: I abbreviated the names to initials, except for those related to the DA topic)

The conversation relates to this bit of information from Allan Dollison: ◼ Ok, thanks to the excellent investigative work by Elizabeth Fletcher and Lindsey Jones Ziegler I followed up on the DEC program here in California. DEC stands for Drug Endangered Children. Much of the discussion on HMAAP has focused on individuals with Meth Addiction, the law, and health policy concerns such as treatment, but the DEC is extremely important because it recognizes that there are truly innocent victims out there of this terrible affliction with Methamphetamine t... (snippet, click for the full comment)

LJZ: Thanks so much Allan. I am super excited about this. Does the state cover all of the costs for the training? Or would some funding need to be secured for the venue and other ancillary costs?

JG: Thanks for following up on this, Allan. I sent you a message, it may be in your "Other" inbox.

SS: I'm all for it and interested!!

EF: Thanks so much Allan! This is so exciting. As for who should attend, I think that docs, nurses, EMT's, anyone who goes in to families' homes to work with them - HCOE, Regional Center, Changing Tides, Northcoast Children's Services, I know there's more, but I haven't had any coffee yet. You get the idea. I am excited to hear about this and would be willing to help in any way I could. Thanks again!

PM: Nice job Allan. Good info!!

VGR: Good work Allan. CWS front line workers need to attend. WHen you get a date, contact Keri Schrock, (phone number redacted, available on the Facebook thread)

LV: Allan Dollison Thank you so much !!! For me personally this is the best thing I have seen come out of the group yet !! Not to discount anyone's' contributions but something like this is what I have been looking for. No one is accountable for these conditions that these kids are exposed to and left in. I was reading on here the other day that meth positive mothers often get discharged with their newborns I thought that was just crazy.

LV: To have people given options and accountability across service lines is a very good thing for the kids.
February 19 at 5:56pm · Like · 1

Allan Dollison: I appreciate all of the comments. I do think the right suggestion of folks have come in, and I will compose the E-Mail to Mr. Brown. Interestingly, I was contacted by a former colleague of mine who informed me that a couple of lawyers, a CPS interviewer, and Drug Task Force did some training in Red Bluff about 3 years ago, but there was no one else from Humboldt that participated. I will insure that ALL law enforcement, and these added folks get the training, because it is not a small universe of people who can impact the problem. It needs to be a WIDE net. As it was explained to me this training would be free for the County. They pay for the trainers and the location even if there is a cost. that will be finalized with my discussions with Mitch of DECAlliance, CA Chapter. I will compose the E-Mail tomorrow and hopefully they can come soon. Yes Linda Villano that is tragic if that is happening. Perhaps that can be discussed, all of the more reason why we need to get Medically-trained personnel in the training. There is no more drug-endangered child than a baby born to a Mother addicted to Meth.

EF: Allan Dollison, the more I think about this, the more excited I get. I just want to thank you for jumping on this! Clearly, it is such an important issue and I have been hoping someone would come along and see that importance. Someone that has the tools to actually help this community move on it. This group is amazing and your input and involvement is just awesome! I will be voting for you and will be happy to have your sign on my lawn when the time comes. This isn't the place to talk campaigns, but you have certainly earned my vote. Thanks again, really.

Kelly Neel: Allan, There was a DEC training in Red Bluff roughly three years ago and the Child Abuse Services Team went in whole - as well as DTF and at least one detective from the HCSO. It was a large group participating from Humboldt and it was a great training.

Allan Dollison: Kelly; Melinda mentioned that after she saw this post. When I spoke to Mitch Brown statewide coordinator for DEC he said that they had not been to Humboldt in a very long time. The advantage of doing the training here is a much larger audience to include CPS/CWS workers, educators and health personnel as well as substantially more cops on the beat will be able to attend. I am glad to hear the training was good, and now I want to help bring it here for a much larger audience of Humboldt personnel.

Arnie Klein: Thanks for bringing up this important topic Allan. I wanted to add that I will throw our own and invite all the counties to participate when elected DA. This would be the most beneficial to Humboldt.

Allan Dollison:Yep. We need urgent action now. This can't wait for the election!

Read more at the Facebook page. This is a dedicated group of people who are trying to address a huge problem in our community. Stephen Smith, one of those people, urges you to "Take Action: Please visit our website to learn about how to participate in our Working Groups."Join the conversation.

We're FOLLOWing the candidates on FACEBOOK

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From Arnie: We had a great turnout at the Meet and Greet last night! Thank you to the Bar Fly Pub & Grub for letting us fill up their spot with supporters -- and I hear the deep fried Oreos didn't disappoint. Plus a BIG thank you to KSLG DJ and my friend Sherae O'Shaughnessy for introducing me. I really appreciate the time everyone took to be there last night to show their support.
In what would seem to be a uniquely Humboldt event, Arnie Klein and his staff gave away lighters and rolling papers (see photo below). Allison Edrington, Klein’s media consultant, explained:
We gave away lighters and papers as a way to start conversations with folks who attended the event, along with flyers about his stance on cannabis and other issues. The lighters and papers were pretty popular — we completely ran out by 10 pm and Arnie got to talk with a lot of people about their concerns as a result.

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Élan Firpo's Formal Campaign Announcement will be Thursday, 12:20pm at The Vance Hotel. Élan will be joined by her campaign co-chairs, Neal Ewald, John Woolley, Michael Evenson, Fred Sundquist Jr., and Patty Clary along with other elected officials, family and supporters.


Allan Dollison: I will be stopping by tonight at 6:30 at Ramones for the Children's Wellness Training subgroup of the ◼ Humboldt Meth Abuse Awareness Project. I am trying to land statewide Drug Endangered Children program training here in Humboldt, which has not occurred here locally in quite some time....

A comment on the HMAAP page notes that: The awesome thing is that Allan Dollison has already gotten the ball rolling on educating the community on Drug Endangered children, that is a huge strength!

And, ◼ Allan posted info.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Élan Firpo formally announces her candidacy this Thursday at the Vance

Élan Firpo, candidate for the Humboldt District Attorney's office, will formally announce her candidacy on February 27 at 12:20 p.m. in the lobby of the Vance hotel, located at 525 2nd Street, in Eureka. She will be joined by all 5 co-chairs, Neal Ewald, Fred Sundquist Jr., John Woolley, Michael Evenson and Patty Clary.

This event will be held rain or shine. For more info, check out ◼ or call 707-273-1430

Hey, candidates! Got someone on your team who can write, sort of?

Then you too should be allowed a "Guest column" at Lost Coast Outpost.

Yes, while "R Trent" Salzman is skulking around the DA campaign, and soliciting donations, and setting up to run Chris Kerrigan, he gets a free platform.

Yes, the man who brought EXPENSIVE campaigns to Humboldt County, the man who set up his own special "PAC" (remember the so-called Alliance For Ethical Business?) now gets to proselytize about campaign finance limits and reform.

Maybe he can explain how one comes up with money to offer a journalist a $1,000 to write a hit piece.

To get YOUR free hit piece column, call up Hank at Lost Coast Outpost.

Get 'em while they're hot!

Mielke soliciting supporters on LOCO; Salzman needs to do this county a favor and move on - John Chiv/Words Worth

John mentions "Redwood Progressive." That is one of Salzman's groups/listserves. AEB (Alliance For Ethical Business)., Redwood Progressive, Citizens for Real Economic Growth,, Behind the Redwood Curtain, and more. Like boiler room scammers. Orwellian names, really, for example, do you really think Citizens For REAL Economic Growth was ever about economic growth? No. It's always about destroying his target.
Two new aliases for Richard "R Trent" Salzman
One has to wonder...

In the comments thread at LoCo, Mitch tries deflecting criticism of Salzman with THIS gem: "And you know what they've found? That he signed his cat's name to a letter to the editor."

Not so fast little Mitchie.

In fact, he used the names of people who were indigent, and unable and unlikely to be aware that their names were being used. He used the names of supporters (after asking if it was ok that he signed their name to his letter, then using it again and again for his own purposes...caught because he wrote a letter attacking a FRIEND of said supporter, who did NOT approve being given author credit for Richard's hit piece.) And he made up names, and yes, he used the name of his dog, not his cat.

He did it over and over and over again.

And that's not all.

Sure, you can pretend it doesn't matter. But, Mitch, you profess to care about honesty. You're all about honesty in elections, right?

Apparently not.

KINS and other media outlets around here have always put 'columnists' on hiatus during the political season if they are involved in a campaign. I am sure Hank will do the same with BOTH Matthew and "R. Trent"/Sara the dog.

Case dismissed. Another spectacular failure of the Gallegos DAs Office

Former DeputyDA Ben McLaughlin (now defense attorney) scores a win against former co-worker - John Chiv/Words Worth

...kidnapping, rape by force, forcible copulation of a minor victim, sexual battery, unlawful sexual intercourse, threats to commit crime resulting in death and false imprisonment... (VERY SERIOUS STUFF!) The defense had filed a motion that there was failure to provide adequate discovery. (SUCH A BASIC THING!)

Prosecutor Luke Brownfield. Defense: Ben McLaughlin Judge: Feeney

- - developing - -


This may be a 'win' for Ben Mclaughlin, whose partner is the on-again-off-again Assistant District Attorney (who, of course, must recuse herself from any action on this and any other case involving Ben and the firm he now works for) - but it is NOT a win for the people of this community.

Innocent til proven guilty - but a case like that falls through the cracks? That is a terrible thing.

Allan Dollison will be at Ramones for the Children's Wellness Training subgroup of the Humboldt Meth Abuse Awareness Project

From Allan: I will be stopping by tonight at 6:30 at Ramones for the Children's Wellness Training subgroup of the Humboldt Meth Abuse Awareness Project. I am trying to land statewide Drug Endangered Children program training here in Humboldt, which has not occurred here locally in quite some time.

Monday, February 24, 2014

DA Candidates At Los Marijuanos Benefit

One DA Candidate Addresses Growers’ Concerns at Weekend Event - Kym Kemp/Lost Coast Outpost Update: Audio from KHUM interview with Arnie Klein at the link.

As the June 3 primary appears on the horizon, candidates for district attorney are beginning to speak publicly about their vision for the future. On Saturday, three of the four campaigns were represented at an event in Southern Humboldt. The occasion, a fundraiser for an anti-rodenticide crusade, featured the pro-pot bands Los Marijuanos and the Camo Cowboys. This allowed a glimpse of what at least one candidate, Arnie Klein, feels about the marijuana growing community and its issues.

Two candidates, Arnie Klein and Allan Dollison, were present, and Kathleen Bryson attended, representing a third candidate, Maggie Fleming. Elan Firpo did not attend. In what would seem to be a uniquely Humboldt event, Arnie Klein and his staff gave away lighters and rolling papers (see photo below). Allison Edrington, Klein’s media consultant, explained:
We gave away lighters and papers as a way to start conversations with folks who attended the event, along with flyers about his stance on cannabis and other issues. The lighters and papers were pretty popular — we completely ran out by 10 pm and Arnie got to talk with a lot of people about their concerns as a result.
While Dollison spoke first at the event, (LoCo has) been unable to access a copy of what he said.

No matter what you think about POT, must admit the lighters and rolling papers were a stroke of genius.

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David Dues, Eddie Lee in court today

...Dues jumped up as soon as he heard his name, and addressed the Judge, "I want this resolved." Judge Hinrichs very calmly told him to wait and talk to his attorney first and then she would be glad to hear from him. Robinson then spoke to Dues privately.... - John Chiv/Words Worth

...In other cases against Dues, bail was set at $25,000 and $5,000. Dues in exasperation cried out, "I am never getting out of jail."

Eddie Lee is a co-defendant with Limmie Greg Curry in a retrial of a murder case. Representing Lee is Darryl Stallworth from the Bay Area, with special appearances by local attorney Kathleen Bryson. Curry is being represented by Fletcher. Case is being prosecuted by the people, again, by District Attorney Paul Gallegos. Judge John Feeney presiding.(Read the whole report at the link)

UPDATED: Sex Offender Arrested for Harassing Teenage Girls - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

One liners defense attorneys wish their client wouldn't have said - - John Chiv/Words Worth

A welcome change: Élan Firpo for DA

The race for district attorney is shaping up to be a rare event in Humboldt County politics. It just might be that we can elect the best candidate without first deciding which side of the polarized political environment they reside. Perhaps in this race the candidate's name will be more important than the names arrayed below them in support.
That candidate is Élan Firpo.

Ms. Firpo is a tough prosecutor, with an impressive track record of putting violent criminals behind bars. She is passionate about stopping the constant plea bargaining that creates a revolving door for Humboldt's most chronic offenders.

But she brings much more than passion and vision. Ms. Firpo has a background as a successful project engineer, having managed teams as large as 50 engineers and production facilities that employed over 3,000 workers. Élan Firpo will bring her private sector organizational talent to bear on improving the beleaguered district attorney's office.

But more than any other trait that sets her apart is her passion for making Humboldt County a safer place to live. She moved here 30 years ago when her father took a job as a local CHP officer. She worked her way through College of the Redwoods before graduating with a BS in engineering. Her engineering career took her around the world. But now she is home. And she intends to stay.

Élan Firpo is the right woman for this job. And we are lucky someone of her caliber is willing to step up.

Neal Ewald/Letter-To-The-Editor/Times-Standard

20-year-old man accused of killing a 44-year-old man with a crossbow in the Samoa dunes last Sept. will stand trial Monday. scheduled to be back in court on Feb. 27.

Video/news report at the link - News Channel 3 via Robyn Ridpath
Trial in crossbow killing case pushed back - Kimberly Wear/Times-Standard

Phoenix Triton King, 21, has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder. His February trial date was also pushed back....When Miles asked if he was willing to waive time, King answered, “Yes, I am.”

King is scheduled to be back in court on Feb. 27.

◼ John verifies: Phoenix King, the alleged crossbow killer was supposed to have a jury trial on 2/10/14. A request to delay trial was requested by the defendant. Disposition reset is on 2/27/14 at 2 PM in Courtroom 2. - JOhn Chiv/Words Worth

Suspected Crossbow Killers Sought - Arcata Eye Sep 9, 2013

Lake County man, teen girl wanted for Humboldt County crossbow murder - Lake County News Sep 9, 2013
Crossbow Murder Suspects Captured - Arcata Eye Sep 9, 2013

Suspect Named in Weekend Crossbow Murder - Ryan Burns/The Journal Sep 9, 2013
A 29 20-year-old transient man named Phoenix Triton King and an unidentified 16-year-old girl are wanted on charges of murder and attempted murder after yesterday's brutal crossbow attack near Manila, which left one man dead and another injured.

A 44-year-old man was fatally shot in the face with a crossbow arrow yesterday afternoon while a second unidentified victim, a 41-year-old man, was hit with arrows to the hip, shin and head, according to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office. The attack occurred near the southbound shoulder of State Route 255 and New Navy Base Road.

Sheriff's deputies believe the attack was motivated by an alleged theft at a nearby transient camp....
Clearlake man enters not guilty pleas in crossbow killing case - Thadeus Greenson/Record Bee Sep 26, 2013
Alleged crossbow killer in Humboldt County court: Stolen gun may have led to fatal confrontation - Thadeus Greenson/The Times-Standard Oct 18/2013
A Humboldt County Superior Court judge is continuing the process of determining whether a 16-year-old girl accused of murder should be tried as an adult.

Lake County resident Rosalie Adams, who has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder, appeared in court Thursday, where Judge Joyce Hinrichs gave the Humboldt County Probation Department additional time to prepare a report recommending whether it feels Adams is fit for the juvenile justice system. Court documents shed new light on the case against Adams and her alleged accomplice, 20-year-old Phoenix Triton King, indicating a stolen gun may have triggered the dispute that led to the shootings....

King faces a potential sentence of 40 years to life in prison if convicted in the case, as does Adams if she's tried as an adult. If convicted as a juvenile, she faces a maximum sentence of eight years in a juvenile detention center.
link - Thadeus Greenson/Humboldt Beacon/Times-Standard Dec. 4, 2013

...prosecuting Deputy District Attorney Luke Brownfield...

Man faces murder trial for crossbow killing in Humboldt County - LA Times Dec 5, 2013

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Watchpaul is following the candidates on Facebook

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Today, from Maggie Fleming: Join Maggie and supporters in canvassing door-to-door in your neighborhood. You can sign up on the volunteer page:

From Arnie Klein: Arnie spoke at the Los Marijuanos benefit concert in #SoHum last night and talked with several folks about their concerns about the #Humboldt DA Office.

Élan Firpo's answer to questions about the Ferrer disposition was picked up by John Chiv, the Mad River Union, and The Journal.

Allan Dollison at River Lodge Conference Center & Gift Shop
Having great tea and goodies at the Annual Sips for Soropotomist in Fortuna. Helping to raise awareness about the North Coast Veterans Stand Down. Look at our beautifully decorated table by the fabulous Mona Daly

Élan and Patty Clary visit Weitchpec and Hoopa to listen to Yurok tribe concerns ◼ John Chiv/Words Worth

”In the end it was not only Hurwitz and the enviros who got what they wanted from the demise of PALCO,...It was our county government as well.”

The Headwaters Fund -- a story of desertion and betrayal - Tim Martin/Here's a Thought/Times-Standard

The bankruptcy of PALCO and the sale of Headwaters cost (Bert Silva of Rio Dell) and many other timber workers their jobs. As part of the settlement and purchase agreement the state and federal governments awarded Humboldt County $18 million as compensation. In March of 2007 then-Rep. Virginia Strom-Martin and then-Gov. Gray Davis posed for a photo on the steps of the Humboldt County Courthouse, holding a giant check for $12 million. On the memo line it read: “For jobs and job retraining for displaced workers.”

That check offered ex-PALCO workers and their families a glimmer of hope, at least for a short time. Then it became a nightmare.

At the recommendation of Supervisors Bonnie Neely and John Woolley, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors adopted a Headwaters Fund Charter to outline its purpose and structure and to justify the emptiness of their impending actions. The money would be used to “support the growth of industry clusters; to increase the number of sustainable jobs that pay at or above the median income; and to enhance the quality of life for residents of Humboldt County through projects that promote healthy communities and protect and enhance the natural environment.”

In other words it was going into a private slush fund. This seemed to be a good all-purpose way for local representatives and moneyed nobility to tell PALCO workers and gyppo loggers, “We're taking your money. Deal with it or don't.”

...Headwaters funds have since been spent on an upgrade at Buckhorn Summit on State Route 299, an expansion of air service from the Arcata-Eureka Airport to Los Angeles, and loans to various local businesses. $750,000 went to a Forestry Products Initiative aimed at convincing California residents to choose redwood over wood-plastic composite lumber when building decks. What about job retraining for displaced PALCO employees? Why, that money was being used to “offset job losses.”

...Humboldt County Economic Development Coordinator Jacqueline Debets also told Silva that Headwaters money had never been reserved for jobs and job retraining. Evidently, there were more important places for it, like the Orick rodeo grounds restroom facility ($50,000), Internet access for the Hoopa Valley Tribe ($35,000), and septic improvement for Willow Creek ($35,000)....

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Élan Firpo: Response Regarding the Ferrer Stabbing Disposition:

Response Regarding the Ferrer Stabbing Disposition:

I understand the community concern about the disposition in the Ferrer case. On its face, a man is killed, and the man that did the killing is sentenced to 4 years in jail, of which he will serve 2 years.

But the facts not previously made available to the public paint a different picture. After reviewing hours of video, talking with independent witnesses and reviewing the autopsy results, discussing the evidence with law enforcement and the family of the victim, it became clear that this was a case of manslaughter – not murder.

The facts would have shown that:

• Mr. Anderson-Jordet, the victim, was inflamed in his demeanor that evening. A bartender would have testified that the Victim was making homophobic statements to other patrons that evening before the incident.

• An independent witness would have testified that she overheard the argument between the parties and that the victim was yelling homophobic, sexist, hateful statements at the defendants.

• Video surveillance showed that the victim was behind the defendants walking down the street, and the victim was overheard to yell at the defendants “I am still behind you”.

• The defendant’s would have testified that the victim approached them in an angry manner and took a swing at them. And that he was a stranger to them, with whom they had no prior quarrel.

• The defense would have brought testimony that the victim was an angry person when he had been drinking, and occasionally used street drugs. The People would have brought testimony that the victim was a hard working man with a good job.

• The autopsy results show that the victim died of one knife wound, at a severe angle, that unfortunately pierced the victim’s heart.

A jury trial in this case would have become a trial of the victim’s character, for the determination of whether this was voluntary or involuntary manslaughter. The People would have had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendants were NOT defending themselves in a hate crime.

In a best case jury trial scenario, Mr. Ferrer would have been found guilty of voluntary manslaughter. He would have been sentenced to a term of three years in prison (because he has no prior record), of which he would have served 85%, or approximately 2 years and 6 months. A plea agreement was reached to ensure that Mr. Ferrer would serve the maximum term for involuntary manslaughter allowed by law: 4 years, which, owing to the Governor’s Realignment Program, he will serve 2 years in county jail.

In other words, a best-case-scenario result at jury trial would have resulted in an additional 6 months of custody time for Mr. Ferrer.

The family and involved law enforcement officers were consulted before a plea was made. We agreed, after careful consideration of the evidence and the law, that this was the best disposition for the case. It doesn’t bring back Mr. Anderson-Jordet, and nobody is “happy” about this disposition.

Some decisions are not universally popular. It is the job of the District Attorney’s office to make tough decisions based entirely on the facts that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to all twelve jurors. That is what I did here. I’m not proud of this disposition, and it doesn’t feel like justice to the victim’s family or myself. Unfortunately, it is the reality of the situation under the law.

The family of Mr. Anderson-Jordet have reviewed this letter, and are disappointed that it had to be written. They had hoped to avoid exactly this public forum discussion. Unfortunately, my opponents, who are long on rhetoric and short on facts, have attempted to take advantage of this unfortunate case to their political advantage.

Firpo Responds To Concerns About Ferrer Disposition - Mad River Union
Elan Firpo responds to concerns about Ferrer disposition - John Chiv/Words Worth
Firpo Responds to Plea Deal Critics - Thadeus Greenson/the Journal

Fleming Ferndale Fundraiser

Join the Facebook event.

Local jazz band • Silent Auction and Dutch Raffle • appetizers, beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks • free soda

WHEN: Sunday, March 16, 2014: 5:00pm until 8:00pm
WHERE: Ferndale Veterans Memorial Building, 1100 Main Street, Ferndale
PRICE: $25 per person • $3 for additional drink tickets


Friday, February 21, 2014

Arnie Klein and Allan Dollison will be speaking at the Los Marijuanos benefit concert

Saturday in #Redway. It's a benefit for an ad campaign to stop the use of rodenticide in pot grows.

“Did your pot kill a hawk?”

That is the theme of a benefit concert featuring ◼ Los Marijuanos, The Camo Cowboys and Blue Sky Pie at the Mateel Community Center this Saturday. The event is co-sponsored by EPIC, Environmentally Sound Promotions, The Mateel, and KHUM Radio.

All are asking the community to come together to stop the use of rodenticide, which has increased at an alarming rate, killing off animals including hawks, eagles, owls, endangered Pacific fishers, household cats and dogs and according to Scientific American, sickening over 10,000 children a year.

Arnie will speak about the damage that irresponsible grows cause Humboldt County at the event and the effect of outside interests in the area.

Allan Dollison for Humboldt County District Attorney
I am pleased to announce I will be appearing tomorrow at this Concert fundraiser in Southern Humboldt. It is trying to raise awareness and opposition to the use of "Rat Poison" in Marijuana grows. I will talk for about 10 minutes at around 8 pm. Thanks for the invite. Come and join us for this good cause.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Maggie Fleming endorsed by Operating Engineers Local 3

Maggie Fleming was told today she has the endorsement of Operating Engineers Local 3. - John Chiv/Words Worth


What Lovelace Hath Wrought: Continued

Lovelace Says General Plan Update Process Now ‘Completely Corrupt’ - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

Humboldt County Supervisor Mark Lovelace is outraged over the latest turns in the tortuous saga of the county’s general plan update. Specifically, as he wrote in a Facebook post yesterday, he feels the process has devolved into
“… a stacked Planning Commission with its own agenda holding endless meetings with no clear process or direction and little public notice. Their meetings have been marked by numerous Brown Act violations and significant cost over-runs, and the process keeps changing from one meeting to the next. We finally have the completely corrupt General Plan Update process we’ve been accused of having all along.”

There's more, lot more, at the link, but the shorter version is, "I didn't get my way, my guys aren't winning, and this isn't any fun anymore."

Remember, It was Mark Lovelace, and his cavalcade of trained seals, who pushed for the Board of Supervisors to act - to, in one day, with virtually NO NOTICE, strip every property owner in the county of their property rights.

In his zeal to destroy Palco, Lovelace did the impossible. It wasn't what he intended. He awakened the mythical, proverbial sleeping giant.

Property owners of all sizes, stripes and ideologies woke up and came together. The Southern Humboldt homesteader to the builders and 'developers,' little old couples and up and coming 20-somethings - in a wave that hadn't been seen since Tom Conlon's attempt to criminalize homebuilders.

They realized they had been asleep, and they vowed, no more. They were going to stand up for their rights, and they were going to use the very same tactics Lovelace & Co. employed so successfully.

And given that Mark Lovelace's latest appointment to the Planning Commission is an EPIC guy, you better be darn glad they did.

Planning Commission's trail vote raises hackles; commissioners, supervisors speak out on General Plan changes - Will Houston/The Times-Standard

Mark's hissy fit over the General Plan short on facts, big on spin - John Chiv/Words Worth

(Mark claims) that the Planning Commission deleted trails from the plan when they combined it into another section. He further claims being outraged by how the Commission reduced setbacks from creeks and wetlands when they actually recommended that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife determine the appropriate determination of setbacks, which is their role and responsibility.

Trail Champs Rally: Video Highlights from a Wild Planning Commission Meeting - Ryan Burns/Lost Coast Outpost

GPU actual changes ton draft, not my personal interpretation

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Put it out in the open.

From: "Redwood Progressive"
Date: February 18, 2014 6:41:55 PM PST
Subject: DA's race - TOWN HALLS -- Trinidad 3/9 - Arcata 3/16 - Garberville 4/4 -

As most of you know by now, Paul Gallegos is not running for a fourth term as our District Attorney. You are likely well aware that prior to Paul's tenure it was "business as usual" when it came to the M.O. of the Old Guard that controlled that office. Gallegos stopped the demonization of marijuana, instituting an orderly process for discerning Mom and Pop growers from industrial grows. Gallegos was also firm that he "worked with law enforcement, not for law enforcement" and he stopped the vendetta against activists. In this year's election, the choice may come down to taking the county backwards by re-installing the Old Guard versus honoring the progress of the last twelve years and taking us forward.

Current Deputy District Attorney Élan Firpo is the candidate who will best honor the reforms the office has made under Gallegos, pursuing Justice, not Vengeance, and tackle the problems we face with justice and fairness as the goal. She is the only working prosecutor in the race and the only truly Independent candidate. Firpo is also the only candidate with a background in management. In her former career in the private sector Élan Firpo managed teams of engineers designing computer components and production facilities with over 2000 employees. Not content with working simply for monetary gain, she earned a law degree with the specific intent of becoming a prosecutor and giving back to the community.

These are the first in a series of Town Hall meetings where you can hear the candidate's vision for the future of the District Attorney's office and for her to hear your questions and concerns. Each Town Hall is scheduled to run from one to two hours and they are open to the public and the media.

If you can not make any of these public events listed below, reply to this email as there may be open seats at one of the numerous private house parties being held continually through out the county until election day, including the ones currently on the calendar being hosted by: Julie Fulkerson, Chuck Powell, Paul & Joani Gallegos or Jim Lamport. There will also be additional Town Halls scheduled shorty.

For more information, to volunteer, or to host a house party of your own, please contact Elan's campaign manager: Jaison Chand 707.496-5368 Donations may be made online (she's going to need your financial support as her primary opponent is backed by The Deputy Sheriff's Organization, The EPD Association, as well as Rex Bohn and his well-heeled backers!).

Thank you,
Richard (Salzman, a.k.a. "R Trent" Salzman, a.k.a. Sara (the dog) Salzman

By all means, let's "(honor) the progress of the last twelve years." Do you realize that the "progress of the last twelve years" means losing grant money, losing all of the county's experienced prosecutors to the point that the office is running at half staff or less? Come on, Humboldt County. Pay attention this time!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Press Release Re: Ferrer Case

From Allan Dollison:

Allan Dollison, candidate for Humboldt County District Attorney is opposed to the plea deal of Involuntary Manslaughter given out to Juan Joseph Ferrer, by DA Candidate Elan Firpo. He was charged with Murder of Douglas Allen Anderson-Jordet, after stabbing the victim in the heart.

Firpo was quoted as saying, “In hearing the evidence, it was three strangers that got into a fight that went horribly wrong,” Firpo said. “(Ferrer) didn’t seek to kill Mr. Jordet.” It appears and court records confirmed that the case never even went to preliminary hearing, much less a trial so no evidence was in fact ever “heard.”

According to media reports, the following facts were shown:

1) A verbal argument escalated into a physical fight, wherein the Murder victim was violently punched by Mr. Ferrer’s Co-Defendant, which led to his teeth splitting his upper lip.

2) At some point, Mr. Ferrer then took a knife out and stabbed Mr. Anderson-Jordet.

3) Mr. Ferrer with his two friends then fled the scene, to leave Mr. Anderson-Jordet to die in the street, which he did.

4) The knife was never recovered

This by no means was self-defense. Involuntary Manslaughter is typically called an accidental killing. There was no accident, when Mr. Ferrer used a knife to stab the victim. That was Murder. Intent to kill or cause great bodily injury is obviously malice, the legal standard for Murder, not Involuntary Manslaughter. Fleeing the scene shows consciousness of guilt, a factor for the Jury.

If it is true that the victim consumed Alcohol, that is not relevant, it is not a defense to murder. You can’t just kill people just because they’ve consumed Alcohol. A pre-trial motion would have kept that from the jury as well as the basis of the verbal argument. This was Murder and should NOT have been plead down to Involuntary Manslaughter. Due to changes in sentencing laws, Defendant Ferrer cannot go to Prison. Any time must be served in County Jail.

In short, “Given these facts I would never have allowed such a plea deal. Although I have pointed out the dangerously low staffing levels are a huge problem, this plea deal rests on a misconception of Murder and the law. I have taken Murder cases to trial. Ms. Firpo has not.” Dollison stated. The DA’s Press release left out the Judge and the Defense Counsel. Mr. Ferrer was represented by Deputy Conflict Counsel Marek Reavis. The Judge is the Hon. Joyce Hinrichs.

Added (From Allan Dollison): This is a case of local public importance. The owner of the restaurant (Abruzzi Ristorante') where the murder victim worked will be my guest at my MOAA meeting, this Saturday. He did not agree with the plea bargain in this case, and he is a former Marine.


DA Candidate Dollison Speaks Out Against Ferrer Plea Deal - Mad River Union

Ferrer Gets Two Years Jail For Killing A Man: UPDATED 2.18.14 with edits & additional information - Kevin Hoover/Mad River Union

The aftermath

While two years jail may strike some as a light sentence for killing someone, Firpo said Anderson-Jordet’s family are satisifed with the outcome, as is she.

According to Firpo, the family wasn’t interested in the matter going to trial, where the victim’s behavioral excesses would be publicized and scrutinized in detail. While normally a reserved individual, she said, “there was evidence from several sources that when he was intoxicated, his personality shifted,” Firpo said. “The family wanted disposition so as not to go through a trial.”

However, a message left at the Mad River Union by a caller identifying herself as Anderson-Jordet’s older sister disputed that claim, saying it was “totally inappropriate.” She asserted that none of the family was satisfied with the verdict. The caller could not be contacted for further comment.

...Stoiber and Rocheleau are free on personal recognizance. Sentencing is set for April 3.

Ferrer is represented by Deputy Conflict Counsel Marek Reavis.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet and Greet with Arnie Klein

Humboldt residents can come meet District Attorney candidate Arnie Klein at an informal event February 24 at 7:30 pm. at Bar Fly Pub & Grub on Monday, in ‪#‎Eureka‬. ◼ Join the Facebook event.

◼ Listed on LoCo Lowdown
WHEN: Monday, February 24: 7:30-8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Bar Fly Pub and Grub
Ages: 21+

Phone: 267-5592
◼ Web site:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

If you saw the local political cartoon in the Times-Standard today

It's about Virginia Bass's appointment to the Planning Commission...

Did you see a corresponding cartoon about Mark Lovelace's appointment of the EPIC guy to the Planning Commission? Maybe I missed it?

And on the topic of Planning Commissioners - if you aren't going to show up for meetings - resign. And if your appointee isn't going to show up - replace them.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ferrer, Warren, Bodhi Tree, Bullock, King & Adams, Morrow

All but one are pending murder cases. Normally tried by seasoned prosecutors. Where are they? Who's handling these cases? Where's Max? The only senior Deputy DA left.

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into prepping a case for trial. Or should be. Who's doing the work?

General note to reporters

It's good practice to include the name of the prosecutor, the defense attorney and the judge in addition to the name of the defendant.

It's also helpful to know what the original charges were, along with what they are convicted of, or plead to.

For example, in the case of Ferrer, who was his defense attorney, assuming he had one?

2 Glaring Issues Holding Back the Humboldt DA’s Office

Arnie Klein's statement: I have 20 years experience as a deputy district attorney and 20 years experience as a defense attorney. Unfortunately, many of the deputy DAs in ‪#‎Humboldt‬ right now don't have enough of either type of experience. High priority cases should be handled by those with long and reliable track records. Read more about this and another glaring issue in the DA's Office here:

2 Glaring Issues Holding Back the Humboldt DA’s Office

Friday, February 14, 2014

A very interesting Matthew in the Middle regarding campaign finance

To paraphrase Mark Twain, there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and anonymous blog comments. - Matthew Owen/Lost Coast Outpost

A couple of local urban blog legends are “developer controlled money buys our local elections” and “whoever spends the most wins elections.” Neither could be further from the truth.

Here’s a partial list of the $10,000+ aggregate donors from 2004-2013:

Paul Gallegos
Joan Gallegos, attorney (and his wife) – Eureka, CA: $43,700 (campaign loan)
Ester Saunoras & Richard Cogswell, Lost Coast Winery – Petrolia, CA: $32,620
Blue Lake Casino: $30,000
David Gallegos: $25,000
Jennifer Keller, attorney – Irvine, CA: $18,500
Rob and Cherie Arkley, Security National – Eureka, CA: $17,000
Jaime O’Donnell – developer, Trinidad, CA: $14,228
Bear River Casino: $10,000
Orlando Gallegos – New Mexico: $10,000
Bonnie Neely is a close second with:
Blue Lake Casino: $61,000
Bill Pierson, Pierson Building Center & Sedgefield (Bill’s middle name) Properties: $52,590
Master Plan Development, Inc. of Dana Point, CA: $10,000
And in third place is Patrick Cleary with:
Blue Lake Casino: $25,000
Bill Pierson: $15,000
Considering that Blue Lake Casino spent $94,475 in the 2010 elections alone, where was our local mainstream media writing about the “influence of money” in our local elections? If you think the Times-Standard and the North Coast Journal are in the news business, you’re wrong. From their perspective, which do they think is more important: in-depth investigative journalism or selling advertising? That’s an easy answer.

He mentions the cost of the DA's races. It's worth noting. With Gallegos out of the race, does a prospective DA candidate have to raise $300,00 just to compete?

No, this will be a less expensive race (except for the fact that the price of everything the candidates have to buy has gone up).

Or - it should be. Won't be if Salzman and Co. are involved. Something for all who are running to keep in mind.

So, which one is the sacrificial lamb? UPDATED

Rumor has it 2 names being circulated to run against Virginia - John Chiv/Words Worth

Larry Glass? Or Chris Kerrigan?

No money in running for mayor. Board of Sups is where it's at. It's Larry who'll have to swallow the sword.

◼ UPDATE 2/18/14: Larry Glass cannot run for 4th District Supervisor according to Election office rules - John Chiv/Words Worth

The HCDCC thread

Marian Brady resigns from HCDCC - John Chiv/Words Worth

Elan Firpo invited but not exactly welcomed at HCDCC meeting - John Chiv/Words Worth

Humboldt Democrats violate their own Bylaws to remove Lifelong Democrat Ciarabellini! - Samoa Softball
"Lifelong Democrat and current Eureka 4th Ward Councilmember Melinda Ciarabellini was removed tonight from the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (HCDCC) as an “Associate” member in violation of their own bylaws that state, “2.11 Resignation and Removal: This Committee also may remove a regular MEMBER (Regular and not Associate), except an Ex Officio Member, for the following grounds: • (d) Publicly advocating that voters should not vote for the Democratic endorsee for any office, or giving support or avowing preference for a candidate of another party or unaffiliated candidate who is opposing a candidate endorsed by the Democratic Party...."
Melinda's crime? She had endorsed PERSONALLY her longtime friend John Fullerton - a Republican - over the HCDCC's choice.

'Liberal Jon's' take - Liberal Humboldt
Okay, We’ll Talk HCDCC Politics (but just this once). - RCB
Will Julie Timmons now be removed as associate HCDCC member? - John Chiv/Words Worth


....redacted....self-sensored....mmmmmmphhhhhhh lol

Seven pending felony cases for similar crimes. SEVEN.

Fortuna Woman Arrested for Auto Theft, Forgery, More - Kym Kemp/Lost Coast Outpost

“Multiple pending matters. She continues to victimize people and businesses….Victims are wanting to see some justice….She is obviously manipulating the system because she is on release and continuing to commit crimes while out on release.”

Auto theft investigation leads to search warrant and arrest - Times-Standard

Rinse and repeat. But, hey. He WON.

You lose.

No contest pleas in fatal Arcata stabbing; Ferrer faces up to 4 years in prison

Three Arcata residents entered no contest pleas Thursday to charges associated with the fatal stabbing of a popular Abruzzi chef and musician late last year. - Will Houston/The Times-Standard

Juan Joseph Ferrer, 35, pleaded no contest to a single charge of involuntary manslaughter for the Nov. 25 fatal stabbing of Douglas Allen Anderson-Jordet, 50, after an early morning altercation near the intersection of 12th and H streets in Arcata. The two others -- 24-year-old Sophie Buttercup Rocheleau and 28-year-old Nicholas Benjamin Stoiber -- pleaded no contest to lesser charges.

Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo said that Ferrer's charge was reduced from murder after review of the evidence.

”In hearing the evidence, it was three strangers that got into a fight that went horribly wrong,” Firpo said. “(Ferrer) didn't seek to kill Mr. Jordet.”

Anderson-Jordet died from a single stab wound to the heart.

Juan Ferrer Faces Four Years in Prison For the Stabbing Death of Douglas Anderson-Jordet (UPDATED) - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost

(Long comments thread, click load more comments, at the link)

Ferrer to serve 4 years in jail; Trio enters no contest plea for fatal Arcata stabbing - KIEM-TV (image source)

...The trio were originally charged for murder when they were arrested in December, but the Humboldt County District Attorney's office reduced those charges. Deputy District Attorney Elan Firpo said the autopsy (revealed) that the fatal blow to the heart could have been a defensive move or that Anderson-Jordet could have fallen on the knife. Firpo said the three were eager to enter into a plea deal before going further in court.

"It's a tragic situation and a good reason not to carry knives," said Firpo. "If Ferrer had not had a knife, probably, there would have been an argument, some blows and nobody would have been killed."

The three will be sentenced on April 3rd.

Ferrer Gets Two Years Jail For Killing A Man - Kevin Hoover/Mad River Union

...While two years jail may strike some as a light sentence for killing someone, Firpo said Anderson-Jordet’s family are satisifed with the outcome, as is she.

The family wasn’t interested in the matter going to trial, where the victim’s behavioral excesses would be publicized and scrutinized in detail. While normally a reserved individual, she said, “there was evidence from several sources that when he was intoxicated, his personality shifted,” Firpo said. “The family wanted disposition so as not to go through a trial.”

She agrees with their judgment. “I think this is the right resolution in this case,” she said.

“It was very unfortunate that Mr. Ferrer was carrying a knife,” Firpo said. “This should have been no more than a verbal kerfuffle that everyone walked away from.”....

(UPDATED) Three Arrested by APD for Homicide - Lost Coast Outpost
Man Stabbed to Death in Downtown Arcata - Lost Coast Outpost
Officials ID one of three charged in Arcata homicide case as main assailant - TIMES-STANDARD

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HCSO Seeks Lance Andrew Borgner and Christina Ann Higgins IN CUSTODY

HCSO Seek Suspects in Pepper Spray-Fueled K-Mart Parking Lot Confrontation - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office press release:

On 02/10/14 at approximately 1:20 p.m. a male victim and his girlfriend were in their vehicle in the parking lot of the Kmart store in Mckinleyville. They were approached by a male subject who they recognized as Lance Andrew Borgner, who pointed a can of bear pepper spray at the male victim through the car window and demanded money. The victim told the suspect he did not have any money. Fearing she was going to be pepper sprayed, the female victim exited the car and saw a female who she recognized as Christina Ann Higgins approaching. The female victim quickly got back into the car, located the keys and placed them into the ignition. The male victim continued to tell Borgner that he had no money, but stated that if Borgner followed them to the bank he would withdraw some and give it to him. Borgner then directed Higgins to get into the car with the victims. As Higgins opened the passenger door to get inside, the male victim accelerated and sped away.

...Borgner and Higgins got into their vehicle and chased the victims to the area of Giuntoli Lane in Arcata, where Borgner rammed the victim’s vehicle causing it to leave the roadway. The victim vehicle then re-entered the roadway and drove to the Arcata Police Department with Borgner and Higgins still following. Borgner’s vehicle was last seen pulling into the parking lot of Spotlight Video in Arcata.

Suspect and Vehicle information is as follows:

Lance Andrew Borgner, DOB 10/31/89. White male, 6’ tall, 190 lbs., brown hair, hazel eyes. He has tattoos on his neck chest and shoulder.

Christina Ann Higgins, DOB 09/01/89. White female, 5‘7” tall, 140 lbs., brown hair, hazel eyes.
The suspect vehicle is a white late 1980’s Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, unknown license plate.

Anyone with information regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Authorities release attempted robbery suspects' photos - Times-Standard

Lance Borgner now sought by EPD and Sheriff - John Chiv/Words Worth

EPD requests public's help in locating Humboldt's most wanted - Times-Standard

Borgner is on active CDC parole for burglary as well as on local summary probation for vandalism and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is presently wanted on two felony warrants for parole violation and 20001(a) VC (hit and run with injury), as well as two misdemeanor warrants for driving with a suspended license and vandalism. Additionally, Borgner is now wanted by EPD on fresh charges of felony reckless evading of a peace officer and felony hit and run with injury among other offenses.

Higgins is not wanted by EPD at this time in connection with this particular pursuit.

More on ‘Humboldt’s Most Wanted’ Couple - Andrew Goff/Lost Coast Outpost

UPDATE: ◼ Lance Borgner and Christina Higgins in custody - John Chiv/Words Worth

They were staying in a motel on South Broadway.

Humboldt's "Most Wanted" couple "his and hers" bail set: $260,000/$110,000. - Times-Standard

Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Cruz Waiver?

Rhett August, Tree's alleged victim, released on cruz waiver on his own court case - John Chiv/Words Worth

Rhett August, who was allegedly shot by Bodhi Tree, has a court case of his own. EPD was responding to a domestic violence call and found meth. August changed his plea today to guilty. His case has been referred to probation for a pre-sentencing report.

August was released to his mother on a cruz waiver and is expected to enter a dual diagnosis treatment progtam. His defense attorney is Ben McLaughlin and prosecuting for the people is Elan Firpo.

Paul Gallegos answers my questions on Cruz waivers - John Chiv/Words Worth

I (John) asked Paul the following question: A post I did generated some interest in what the current policy is on Cruz waivers? When did it change because in Nov 2012, the office was opposing Cruz waivers? And who makes the decision to oppose or not to oppose? You or the Deputy DA prosecuting the case.

Despite the courthouse being closed today, Paul responded very promptly.

(Read) his response in its entirety (at the link)

A Cruz waiver is a plea agreement., in which a defendant agrees that should she or he fail to appear at sentencing, a greater term can be imposed by the sentencing court. Defendant must be fully advised of, and waive, right to withdraw plea under Penal Code section 1192.7.

This is solely a DA thing.


◼ FLASHBACK: Another plea deal, more death
◼ FLASHBACK: District attorney's office opposing Cruz waivers following hit-and-run, homicide case; Experts: Move could harm ability to get pleas

District Attorney Paul Gallegos has asked his prosecutors to oppose all Cruz waivers after a man released on one in August became a person of interest in an Old Arcata Road hit-and-run and a Hoopa homicide in September.

Legal experts said the move could harm the office's ability to secure plea deals and limit the option for people in custody who have legitimate reasons to request one.

A Cruz waiver is part of a plea deal, usually requested by a defendant in custody or a defense attorney, that releases the defendant prior to sentencing. A prosecutor can oppose the waiver, but the decision to release a defendant is ultimately up to a judge....

Gallegos said the policy is temporary while his office prepares a permanent stance on the waivers.

”All I told my staff is we will oppose all releases until we have had a chance to assess and develop a policy,” Gallegos wrote in an email.

Following the incident, Gallegos said he didn't question Deputy District Attorney Zachary Curtis' decision not to oppose Warren's Cruz waiver.

”It was the right decision for that time,” Gallegos told the Times-Standard last month. “With the benefit of hindsight, I wish to God we had opposed it, and I wish the judge hadn't released him.”

...Golden Gate University law professor Peter Keane said the blanket policy is fairly typical when negative attention comes to a prosecutor's office.

”I think it's not a surprising political response on the prosecutor's office where they feel they got burned by having released him,” Keane said.

He said “hard and fast” rules typically make way for more flexibility over time.

”No absolute policy lasts very long,” Keane said.


Wonder if he ever did 'assess and develop a policy.'

Now - this time - the guy being let out is a victim. But this is no innocent victim. Most likely nothing bad will come of this, this time. just like it wasn't very likely that anything bad would come of letting Warren go. Just another routine plea deal. Right.

Maggie's event at Azalea Hall



Saturday, February 08, 2014

Virginia's in

Virginia Bass re-election announcement - John Chiv/Words Worth (image source)
Virgina Bass for 4th District Supervisor Kick Off! - Samoa Softball (Richard)
link - SoHum Parlance (Eric)


I'll be posting notices for all candidates' events, press coverage, etc. can't guarantee I catch them all, so if I miss something, let me know. Pics are welcome too.

Meet Arnie Klein at the 8th annual Reigning Cats and Dogs Gala Affair

I'll be going to the ◼ 8th annual Reigning Cats and Dogs Gala Affair on Saturday in #Eureka to support the Sequoia Humane Society. How about you?

Arnie Klein for Humboldt County District Attorney 2014

Fleming Fundraiser in McKinleyville

Sunday, February 9, 2014. 6:00pm until 8:00pm
Azalea Hall in McKinleyville
Silent Auction and spaghetti dinner including salad, bread, desserts non-alcoholic drinks, beer, wine - $25 per person, $40 per couple, kids under 12 are free. - Please RSVP to Judy Bennett, or 707.986.8518
Maggie Fleming for District Attorney

Tree's double murder trial set for March 24; defense withdrew time waiver Friday

The trial for a man accused of murdering a teenage girl and the man who was apparently trying to defend her was set Friday for March 24. - Lorna Rodriguez/The Times-Standard

Bodhi Tree is accused in the shooting deaths of Alan “Sunshine” Marcet and Christina Schwarz at an Eye Street house in Arcata last May 18, and for reportedly shooting Rhett August in Eureka last May 15. August survived. Tree faces 50 years to life in prison if convicted....

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said the timeline of proceeding to trial is set by the defendant.

”It's always tough on victims, it's always tough on the community, when these things get protracted,” Gallegos said. “But the defendant does have the right ... although we all have differing opinions on how much time it takes to be prepared, it's important to understand we're all invested. Everyone who is prosecuted gets all the protections of the law.”

...Judge Dale Reinholtsen presiding. Elan Firpo, prosecutor. Attorney for Tree, Heidi Holmquist.... - John Chiv/Words Worth

Monday, February 03, 2014

Opening salvo

Prees Release from Firpo campaign - John Chiv/Words Worth

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Jaison Chand

Elan Firpo welcomes Maggie Fleming to the race for the office of District Attorney for Humboldt County. Maggie was a part-time employee of the District Attorney when Elan came to the office five years ago, and there was a two year overlap before Maggie left. Elan knows Maggie to be a competent trial attorney and looks forward to debating Maggie on the complex issues a District Attorney faces, especially about the management of the office.

Elan Firpo, the one candidate running for Humboldt County District Attorney who is currently a prosecutor, is currently handling 4 murder cases and over 200 felonies. Elan is familiar with a heavy workload and time pressure. She spent 10 years as a design engineer (Graduate, Cal Poly), when she was responsible for teams of 15 to 50 employees, and she has overseen manufacturing facilities with more than 3000 workers. Elan Firpo is experienced hiring and firing, setting and meeting budgets, and assuring quality control.

In fact, Elan Firpo is the only candidate in the race with significant management accomplishments. Some have none at all. No wonder Elan Firpo is heavily supported by a business community that understands Elan will bring private sector innovation and efficiency to an office sorely in need.

◼ Then there's this: Deputy Sheriff's endorsement for Maggie - confirmed - John Chiv/Words Worth
Humboldt Deputies Back Flemming - Fred's Humboldt Blog