Tuesday, January 31, 2012


County tells Bayside family to take down beloved treehouse Structure deemed too close to stream on property - Times-Standard

So - they can set up a permanent encampment on the Courthouse lawn, pissing all over the Courthouse steps, but a kid can't build a treehouse.

Bizarro land.

‘Illegal Treehouse’ Family Speaks - LostCoast Outpost

Friday, January 27, 2012

Full circle

Cannabis Grow Damage Like ‘Worst Of Timber Industry’ - Daniel Mintz for The Arcata Eye

A five-county program assessing impacts on salmonids has named unpermitted grading as a major impact and one county supervisor said the effects of illegal grading connected to marijuana grows are as bad as those seen during the dark years of the timber industry.

Supervisor Mark Lovelace, who was one of the county’s most active environmentalists before being elected, made those comments as a result of a new regional study on habitat protection policies presented at the Jan. 10 Board of Supervisors meeting.

Dr. Richard Harris, the researcher who coordinated the study, said unregulated and illegal grading – including the grading that enables marijuana grows – is a problem. And Lovelace described its scale as massive in Humboldt County.

“It’s phenomenal,” he said, referring to photographs of grow-related grading that he’s seen. “And it’s shocking – and it compares with the worst of the worst from some of the bad years of the timber industry....” Read the rest

Actually - some have said - for years - that it has always been worse than the timber industry, and has gotten even worse in recent years since pot growing has become defacto legal in this county.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Research Project

Brown's budget leaves schools with 'unenviable task,' locals dissect governor's proposal, which has schools planning for the worst - Times-Standard

What was the headline last year? The year before that? And that? And that?

Who's been on the budget committee all that time?

Go back - year by year - what do you find?

Then - do a little more research. What was the end result, each year?

Aren't you tired of this same old game every year? The same tired headline? The same threats?

Do you think there's been a real effort to fix it? Or does it get papered over every year?

(Yes, I know the only ones who can do this work AT the Times-Standard. The rest of us have no access to your online archives, unless we have a grand to blow. You can do it, even if it's only a compilation.)

What were the headlines, how far back? What were the threats? Did they materialize? What about the state taking the county's money? Was it ever returned? Have they stopped or curbed that practice? Do you think taking the local money and doling it back in the form of grants is an efficient use of funds? What does Chesbro have to say?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rana murder case may go federal; defense attorney proclaims client's innocence, blames co-defendant for 2008 slaying

Rana murder case may go federal; defense attorney proclaims client's innocence, blames co-defendant for 2008 slaying - TS

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos indicated last week that the U.S. Attorney's Office is interested in taking over the cases of Ryan Christopher Carroll and Robert Lanham Lee, both of whom stand accused of murdering a 35-year-old San Francisco man. On Tuesday, Carroll's attorney Kathleen Bryson told the Times-Standard that Gallegos has broken off plea bargain negotiations in the case.

”I just got an email saying he's been advised the feds are coming in to take the case,” Bryson said. “He will not work toward a resolution because he said the feds are coming.”

...Gallegos indicated he planned on trying Carroll and Lee together once Lee was returned to California, but said Friday he was unsure what the U.S. Attorney's Office would do if it takes on the case.

Bryson -- speaking publicly about the case for the first time -- proclaimed her client's innocence and said Lee killed Rana.

”My guy didn't fight extradition (from Washington) because he's innocent,” she said. “He's eager to clear his name, and the evidence shows it was Robert Lee that did it.”

Bryson said it was Lee who shot Rana twice with a rifle, adding that he then forced her client at gunpoint to take Rana's car and set fire to it near Big Lagoon. Lee ultimately left Carroll in Washington, Bryson said, but threatened to kill him if he told anyone what happened on that dirt road in Southern Humboldt....

Investigators said they never believed Carroll acted alone and kept working the case. According to Humboldt County Sheriff's Sgt. Wayne Hanson, investigators caught a break about one year ago when Carroll's car was found in the Garberville area spray-painted black. Finding the car, Hanson said, led to new witnesses and new evidence that linked Lee to the killing.

Maybe you're just seeing his real face now.

TS letter to editor

Corrupted by a corrupt system

Has the corrupt system co-opted the DA? As I recall, one of the reasons we originally elected our current DA is that he said he was going to sue the lumber company (PL) that was calling Earth Firsters! terrorists. We've been down this road before.
If in fact the DA thinks Occupy Eureka has been co-opted by some of our local professional protesters, then he should know that these people, who do not get a paycheck for their work, would not, under any circumstances, tolerate explosives, guns or other means of violence.

These are non-violent organizers; the basis of organization is non-violence. The DA should know that the DA's paranoia in his own head, noteworthy released emails, is what makes one wonder whether or not he has been corrupted by a corrupt system.

Scott E. Tenney


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paul Gallegos: “I believe the continued presence of tents outside of the courthouse presents a profound public safety risk.”

County emails outrage Occupy Eureka; D.A. says tents posed safety risk - Grant Scott-Goforth/The Times-Standard
Members of the movement used a California Public Records Act request to obtain emails they called “nefarious” that detailed Gallegos' suggestions to Eureka and county officials that tents be taken down from the courthouse lawn. The emails were part of the discussion that led to police action against the Occupy Eureka encampment on the Humboldt County Courthouse lawn.

In a Nov. 2 email to county officials, Gallegos wrote, “I believe the continued presence of tents outside of the courthouse presents a profound public safety risk.”

In the same email Gallegos wrote, “While I do not suspect that any of those tents contain any explosive or otherwise dangerous materials, I cannot confirm that they do or do not and I do not believe that we can allow the risk of such an occurrence to continue....”

In a Nov. 18 email to 3rd District Supervisor Mark Lovelace, Gallegos wrote, “Having tents outside our building pose an immense public safety risk. All you need is 1 McVeigh guy,” wrote Gallegos, referring to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Gallegos said that enclosed structures like tents or trucks wouldn't last three minutes in front of a federal building, due to concern over events like the Oklahoma City bombing. He said city and county ordinances outlaw camping on public property, and that those laws don't affect protesters' right to gather and speak....

In a Nov. 18 email, Gallegos wrote, “Candidly I support the movement. Unfortunately here it has been somewhat co-opted locally by our local protesters.”
Ironic. Given that it is "our local protestors" that got him into office.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Humboldt County Deputy DA Arnold Klein retires after 40 years in law

Humboldt County Deputy DA Arnold Klein retires after 40 years in law - Times Standard

After more than 40 years practicing law, Humboldt County Deputy District Attorney Arnold Klein has hung up his briefcase and his sport coat.

...While Klein only worked on the North Coast for five years, he developed a reputation for his quick wit, dynamic courtroom presence and for winning cases.

”In my opinion, he's the best trial attorney in Humboldt County, hands down,” said Jeffrey Schwartz, who worked alongside Klein in the DA's Office before starting a private defense practice in 2007....

Question, really, is "Who's left?" w/update(s)

Five years. What's significant about five years? It's what it takes to qualify for PERS?

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Job For Mitch

Judge rules for Walker campaign in case against state election officials - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
A judge ruled Thursday that the state Government Accountability Board needs to take more aggressive action to vet recall signatures that are expected to be submitted in two weeks against Gov. Scott Walker and other Republican office holders.

The ruling by Waukesha County Circuit Judge J. Mac Davis came in a case filed Dec. 15 by Walker's campaign committee and Stephan Thompson, executive director of the state Republican Party, asking Davis to order the accountability board to seek out and eliminate duplicate and fictitious signatures and illegible addresses in recall petitions.

Davis, who refused to enter injunctions in the case, based his decision on his interpretation of state law, more than on equal protection arguments brought up by the Republicans. He also said that the board must take "reasonable" efforts to eliminate such signatures.

Kevin Kennedy, director and general counsel of the board, said after the hearing that his organization would have to discuss the decision to see what it needed to change in procedures already in place.

In court, Kennedy testified that entering signatures into a database to look for duplicates could take eight extra weeks for his staff, and could cost $94,000 for software and outside help.
One man claimed he'd signed recall petitions 80 times, there are reports of Bugs Bunny and Hitler signatures. Many residents would like to know if their names were used...

Scan 'em and put them on online? Mitch? Are you a bi-partisan dude?