Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photos and Video from Pedreros Child-Murder Case

includes a statement from Pedreros attorney Russ Clanton and Sophia's father at
In this week’s issue of the Journal — on streets today, online tomorrow — interns Travis Turner and Preston Drake-Hillyard report on the tragic case of Claudia Pedreros, the McKinleyville woman accused of drowning her 2 1/2-year-old daughter Sophia in the Trinity River last weekend.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The end of CAST

Proposed Humboldt County cuts squeeze departments: DA, DHHS, public defender all warn cuts will carry consequences
The Humboldt County District Attorney's Office is contemplating a drastic scale-back of its Child Abuse Services Team, or CAST. The 8 percent across-the-board cut will mean the Department of Health and Human Services will be unable to leverage millions of dollars in matching state and federal programs and will have to scale back its focus to mandated programs.

The proposed cuts would also force the Public Defender's Office to lay off two senior attorneys, which would likely lead to the court appointing private attorneys to pick up some of the office's case load. That could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in added expenses for the county.

”We're looking at some major, major impacts,” said Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos. “I'm not trying to sound bleak but, candidly, I don't see a silver lining....”

Gallegos said his department is potentially looking at taking hits from all sides.

In addition to the proposed county cuts, he said his office will also potentially lose some $160,000 in state funding if a portion of the Vehicle Licensing Fee is not extended. Cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services will also impact the DA's CAST program, Gallegos said.

For some 15 years, DHHS has contributed about $280,000 to the ongoing operation of CAST, which comprises specially trained individuals from Child Welfare Services, the DA's Office, the DA's Victim Witness Assistance Program, local law enforcement agencies, Probation and other agencies. The idea is that the team is better able to investigate and prosecute child abuse allegations.

But this year, DHHS is taking a 17.4 percent reduction in state funding in addition to the proposed county cuts, which is strongly impacting its ability to leverage matching state and federal funds. Consequently, Director Phillip Crandall said, it has had to pull its funding of CAST, though it has pledged to keep allocating staff positions to the team.

”While we have historically provided that support for CAST because it's a valuable service and good for our children, we don't have sufficient funds to carry that,” Crandall said.

Gallegos said he's currently looking to supplant the money that traditionally came from DHHS. As things stand, Gallegos said, he will be able to keep CAST going, but he worries further cuts could put it in jeopardy.

As an example, Gallegos said that senior Deputy District Attorney Max Cardoza and Assistant Deputy District Attorney Wes Keat are planning on retiring this year. He said their salaries are in his proposed budget -- which comes in with an 8 percent cut -- but the county has a hiring freeze in place, and he's concerned the county may not approve refilling the positions.

If those positions were to wind up frozen, Gallegos said it would severely impact his office.
Both Crandall and Gallegos said CAST is a priority, but both stated it is not a state-mandated program, meaning at some point, it could be dropped due to cuts.

”We're going to look at every feasible option to keep CAST functioning,” Gallegos said.

Gallegos said he thinks it's important to remember that public safety is a joint effort that cuts across multiple departments. He said there's no question deputies are needed to enforce laws, but said prosecutors are also needed to bring offenders to justice, probation officers are needed to help ensure ex-convicts don't re-offend and DHHS officials are necessary to provide mental health services, investigate health code violations and protect children and vulnerable adults.

”It's a system that requires balance,” Gallegos said.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Terribly, horribly sad. Missing 2-year-old found dead in Trinity River; mother charged with murder, UPDATE: Pedreros admits to killing her

Missing 2-year-old found dead in Trinity River; mother charged with murder - Times-Standard
A McKinleyville toddler who was the subject of a major search effort in Humboldt and Trinity counties was found dead in the Trinity River north of Coffee Creek on Saturday afternoon, according to law enforcement.

Her mother is now being charged with murder.
Missing child's mom says she doesn't know how she got to Trinity; official says woman 'doesn't have any recollection of having a daughter' - Times-Standard
Pedreros, 30, was found at 9 a.m. walking naked on Highway 3 near Coffee Creek Road and Trinity Lake. Deputies suspected that Pedreros has mental health issues or was under the influence of a narcotic, according to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office.
UPDATE: ◼ McKinleyville woman admits to drowning her 2-year-old daughter - Times-Standard
UPDATED: Sheriff says mother confessed to drowning daughter in Trinity River Record Searchlight

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Salzman in the news, suing the City. Hasn't he cost us enough?

1 - Lost Coast Outpost
Plaintiff Richard Salzman is, and at all times mentioned ..... Please take notice that Mr. Richard Salzman, a resident of, and taxpayer within, the City ...

Salzman Sues Arcata Over Panhandling Law | Blogthing | North Coast ...
Political activist/consultant/sign maker Richard Salzman (above right) filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court yesterday against the City of Arcata, ...

Arcata Resident Sues City Over Panhandling Ordinance | News Channel 3
Richard Salzman filed what his lawyer is calling a "tax payers suit," alleging the city's panhandling ordinance is unconstitutional. ...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Man arrested in connection with 2002 murder; officials say DNA 'cold hit' reopened stabbing death case

Man arrested in connection with 2002 murder; officials say DNA 'cold hit' reopened stabbing death case
A man accused of fatally stabbing a 46-year-old woman who was discovered dead in her Eureka apartment nine years ago pleaded not guilty to murder charges Thursday.

Joseph Eugene Miller, 42, is accused of murdering Beverly Jean Jacob, whose body was discovered in April 2002 after a maintenance man notified police there was a foul smell coming from her E Street apartment. Officials suspected she had been dead for up to three weeks. The coroner's office said Jacob died as a result of numerous stab wounds to the neck and chest.

A preliminary hearing date is set for June 2 to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial. Miller's bail is set at $1 million....

For five years, the identity of Jacob's murderer remained a mystery. Her file grew cold in the Eureka Police Department, but in 2007 a DNA “cold hit” warmed the case up. The hit, obtained by a criminalist from the Department of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services, revealed Miller's DNA on an item of clothing worn by Jacob at the time of her death, officials said....

Former Willits teacher, soccer coach sentenced to 6 years, 8 months for molestation

Former Willits teacher, soccer coach sentenced to 6 years, 8 months for molestation
Meghan Allison Stewart, 28, of Willits, pleaded guilty in April to the continuous sexual abuse of a child under the age of 14 and one count of oral copulation of a person under the age of 16. Stewart will have to serve 85 percent of the sentence imposed Wednesday by Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson and will have to register as a sex offender for life after her release....

Deputy District Attorney Kelly Neel, who prosecuted the case, said after the hearing that the disposition was reached in accordance with Jane Doe and her family's wishes. Neel also said there is no evidence to indicate other victims in the case....
'Secrets kill people': Jane Doe shares her story

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Samantha Machado, also known as Samantha Smoker arrested in Willow Creek killing

Third suspect arrested in Willow Creek killing Times Standard
Samantha Machado, also known as Samantha Smoker, who was wanted on a homicide warrant, was taken into custody without incident near a residence in the 600 block of West Del Norte Street in Eureka at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.
The POP team, investigators from the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office and EPD detectives continued the investigation and served a search warrant at the residence, which Machado had been seen leaving. A fourth outstanding suspect, Bruce “Jason” Hunsucker, was not located during the search and is still outstanding. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Bail is a million bucks, and they're still looking for Bruce “Jason” Hunsucker - know where he is? Call Detective R. Schlesiger or S. Quenell at 445-7251.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MORE: Harry Reid's entire state, Nevada secures partial waiver from federal health care law

The Health and Human Services Department announced late Friday that Nevada had secured a statewide waiver from certain implementation requirements of the Obama administration’s health care law, because forcing them through, the department found, “may lead to the destabilization of the individual market.” - Las Vegas Sun

Hypocrisy: Nearly 20 percent of NEW Obamacare waivers are gourmet restaurants, nightclubs, fancy hotels in Nancy Pelosi’s district

Nearly 20 percent of new Obamacare waivers are gourmet restaurants, nightclubs, fancy hotels in Nancy Pelosi’s district - The Daily Caller
Of the 204 new Obamacare waivers President Barack Obama’s administration approved in April, 38 are for fancy eateries, hip nightclubs and decadent hotels in House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s Northern California district....

Before hanging up on TheDC, Tru Spa’s owner said new government health care regulations, both the federal-level Obamacare and new local laws in Northern California, have “devastated” the business. “It’s been bad for us,” he said, without divulging his name, referring to the new health care restrictions.

Update: Eric considers this to have been "debunked" at the Huffington Post Nancy Pelosi Is Being 'Thrown Under The Bus,' Says Company That Requested Health Care Waivers - The gist of the "debunking" seems to be to justify the waivers and assert that Pelosi had nothing to do with them - it does not debunk the large numbers in her district (or Reid's entire state), or that the large numbers of waivers are a good indicator that there are serious flaws in this law that no-one-knew-what-was-in-it-because-they-hadn't-read-it-and-you-had-to-pass-it-to-know-what-was-in-it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Today is a special Friday the 13th…do you know why?

Dave has the answers.

From The Mailbox:

I don't really know why this person didn't just post their comment, choosing instead to send an email. But since she says, "I do hope that someone posts this up there and the community reads it and reflects upon the words," I figure why not post it.

If I can believe my eyes, for years now I’ve been reading the words of the NARROW MINDED folks up there in Humboldt County & they are still the same. More interestingly, you consistently harbor resentful words against an elderly couple, with nasty mean spirits – often I am positive, very unfounded. Mostly what you want to conjure up to make your own selves important. And in multiple blogs or newspapers! Wow!

I never lived in McKinleyville, but did in Humboldt County, and do remember well how narrow minded and eager all were to create lies and cut folks down. Nothing better to do! Do you all possibly think after years of whipping the Elsebusch couple, maybe all of your narrow minds and unkind words have created the defensive shell around them that you all now despise? The fact You all posted comments over the years about the passion and concern these folks had over issues, which also should concern all of you, too…..and then you all just forgot that and turned on them. Amazing! Anyone ever think to stand beside them, reassure them of your support, as it wasn’t just their fight? Show some unification! Maybe use a little honey in the mix? Why is it so wrong for them to be watch dogs over servants of the people? Which one of you would like to be treated likewise? Why was it wrong for them to want to do something? Maybe if all folks would be more concerned, this country wouldn't be in the mess it is right now!

You might wonder why I care. Well, I read all sorts of blogs and news items rather as a study of humans, especially in these times. It is no small wonder Our Creator is now lowering His almighty power upon earth with acts of nature. WE ARE HERE TO LOVE! Love listens, and looks for a good in all people. If I could look for the good within my own first born son’s murderers, the first day and offer their souls’ redemptions up to Our Creator; then why is it too much to hope humans learn the lesson of love while here on earth and love their neighbors as themselves? So, the answer of why I care is because you offend Our Creator – He made each of you, too! It hurts you don’t love Him enough by thinking about your own words and actions. And reading these ill words years in and years out, has caused my soul to hurt for each of you. I don't hurt for the Elsebusch couple - they most likely stand ok before Our Creator! They've managed to weather all your unkind words.

Perhaps all of your community needs to do an examination of each one’s individual soul! End times? Who cares, one way or the other! We are all born to this earth to DIE – period! We all do die, so end times is not my thing! I wouldn’t like to be in the boots of any of you folks who have said such unkind things over the years about this Elsebusch couple. We all do stand before His Throne, believe it or not! Take it from a human who did step over to Home, stood before His throne and was away from earth 11 minutes. Unfortunately, He lovingly advised me that He needed me to return to earth, which I didn’t really want to do. I think more and more that He sent me back so I could shed tears for Him over we humans lack of Love. We were all created with Love by Him.

It is not what a man puts in his mouth that harms him, but rather what comes out of it! Think about what you write, say or reveal – truth or not, about humans. It is not pleasing! This was written for all of you to reflect exactly why we are here. WE ARE HERE TO LOVE, and that is not love which I’ve read. Remember, too - Our Creator sees all that is written or spoken.

Shame, shame, shame! It was time for me to say enough of this mean spirited game! I do hope that someone posts this up there and the community reads it and reflects upon the words.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hate crime suspects turn themselves in to Eureka police

Hate crime suspects turn themselves in to Eureka police - 5/12 TS
The Eureka Police Department said Jamie Sean Hunt, 32, and Jeremy Lee Schweizer, 30, both of Eureka, surrendered to police at 3:30 a.m. and were booked into the Humboldt County jail on charges of strong-armed robbery, committing a hate crime, attempting to pass a fraudulent document and assault and battery. Their bail is set at $50,000 each.

According to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office, Hunt and Schweizer allegedly attempted to pay for gasoline with a counterfeit $100 bill at about 9 p.m. on Sunday...
Humboldt County Sheriff's Office searching for two men suspected of hate crime 5/10 TS
Sheriff's Office searching for two men suspected of hate crime 5/9 TS

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorry, there will not be a Bebop & Brew in 2003.

Humboldt County Sheriff's Office still searching for suspects in Willow Creek homicide; memorial service for Darrell Hanger Sr. set for this Saturday

Humboldt County Sheriff's Office still searching for suspects in Willow Creek homicide; memorial service for Darrell Hanger Sr. set for this Saturday
While the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office continues its investigation into a shooting that killed a Willow Creek man last week, the community he served is preparing to honor his life.
What detectives believe was initially going to be the second burglary of a home on the 400 block of Sunset Place took a violent turn last Thursday morning when four people, all armed, came to the house and were met by Darrell Hanger Sr. and his son, Darrell Hanger Jr., both of whom were also armed....

...the extent of the burglary didn't end there, said Willow Creek Community Services District Manager Steve Paine, who saw both Hanger and his son just days before the shooting.

Paine said that the people who came to rob the home were “totally different” than the teenagers that both Hanger Sr. and his son were expecting to find when they decided to spend the night at the house last Wednesday.

”No one had any idea that this was the group that had performed the home invasion,” Paine said, referring to the Weitchpec case. “Obviously, had Darrell or his son known the type of criminal they were dealing with, they would have known their lives were in danger.”

There is a lot of information missing in this story. What type? What is known? If it is known, why are they still operating?

Del Norte DA may seek death penalty for Wyatt; new allegations could return case to square one

Some five months after taking office, Alexander is seeking to amend the criminal complaint against Jarrod Wyatt, 26, to include special circumstances allegations of mayhem, torture and extreme cruelty, to go with charges of first-degree murder, aggravated mayhem and torture. The special circumstances allegations would elevate the maximum sentence facing Wyatt from 25 years to life in prison to include life without parole and the death penalty.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Willow Creek: Investigation into botched burglary continues

victim remembered as a “wonderful father” and an “upstanding man”

An autopsy and toxicity test are scheduled today for Darrell Hanger Sr., the 50-year-old man who was shot and killed in a burglary attempt that went awry...

Humboldt County Sheriff's detectives are continuing an investigation into the incident, which left Hanger's son Darrell Hanger Jr., 25, with serious injuries from a gunshot wound. Four people robbed Hanger Jr.'s home earlier this month, according to sheriff's reports, and returned to the residence shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday to burglarize the home a second time.

They were confronted by Hanger Jr. and Sr., said Sheriff's Lt. Steve Knight, adding that both men decided to arm themselves and spend the night at the home.

”They were fearful enough that they felt if they were going to spend the night, they should be armed,” Knight said, adding that it didn't appear to be a “lying in wait” situation. “We don't believe they (Hanger Jr. and Sr.) had a plan if they showed up.”

Sheriff's detectives, meanwhile, arrested a pair of suspects in the case, said Criminal Investigations Cmdr. Dave Morey, when they were found walking down Patterson Road about a mile from the residence late Thursday afternoon. Sonia Hunsucker, 30, and Jackson Surber, 29, both of Hoopa, were taken into custody and are being held on suspicion of violating their parole.

The sheriff's office is planning to charge both Hunsucker and Surber with murder once detectives complete their investigation, Morey said, adding that new charges could be filed as soon as next week....

Both Hunsucker and Surber are being held without bail on a slew of charges from a separate home invasion incident last April in Weitchpec, in which they reportedly broke into a home on Lake Prairie Road armed with a pistol and an AR-15 assault rifle. They were booked Thursday on suspicion of assault with a firearm, threatening a crime with intent to terrorize, burglary, false imprisonment, shooting at an inhabited dwelling and robbery, charges on which they can be held for up to six months, Morey said.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Homicide in Willow Creek

A Willow Creek man and his father got into a gunfight last night while defending the man’s home from burglars. Both men were shot in the exchange; the father, 50, was killed. - The Journal

The Sheriff's office site has not been updated in a while.
4/28 is the last date posted at this time

UPDATE: victim remembered as a “wonderful father” and an “upstanding man”

Cinco de Mayo

beautifully curled and ruffled - Wayside Gardens
Smoky chocolate orange - Weeks Roses

The "Transportation Opportunities Act" Updated

Floating a plan to tax you by the mile on top of rising gas prices; administration denies. - Red State

The study, which compared average gas prices with median incomes nationwide, also showed that U.S. households spent nearly 9% of their total income on gas last month.
EXCEPT for Washington DC "where drivers spend less income on gas is Washington D.C., where the average household spent just $89 on gas in April, or about 2% of total income."

This new "per mile" would be on top of the gas taxes that are ALREADY in place:
Gasoline Motor Fuel Taxes as of May 2011

"We don't have a spending problem. We have a revenue enhancement problem."

And how would they monitor your 'per mile' usage? Mandatory OnStar? Who's going to pay for that?

And btw - that 'mission creep' is already beginning - State Farm has a new program: They'll give you a break on your insurance bill IF you ALLOW YOUR ONSTAR REPORT YOUR MILEAGE TO THEM.

Big Brother is here, offering you carrots.

Gas Prices in Humboldt County
$4.279 to $4.499 for regular; $4.639 to $.659 for Premium according to Motor Trend's site.

Forget per gallon, how much does it cost you to fill your tank? How much is it costing you to drive to work? What is this adding to you food bill? To the cost of your medications?

WHO IS ASKING THESE QUESTIONS OF MIKE THOMPSON? BARBARA BOXER? WES CHESBRO? What are they going to do? Answer, they've done nothing, too little too late, zip zero nada. We have known about our weakness in this area since the 70s. NOTHING. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING except add more taxes.

Humboldt County jury returns guilty verdict in heroin case; Mexican national faces prison, deportation

Humboldt County jury returns guilty verdict in heroin case; Mexican national faces prison, deportation
After just hours of deliberation Wednesday, a Humboldt County jury found an undocumented Mexican national guilty of heroin trafficking charges.

On the heels of the four-day trial, the jury convicted Jose Hernandez Lopez of possessing heroin for sale, transporting heroin and using a false compartment to conceal the drug. Lopez was also found guilty of providing false information to law enforcement, according to a press release.

Lopez, 50, faces up to eight years, eight months in prison and deportation to Mexico after serving his sentence. A prior drug conviction will add a mandatory three years onto Lopez's sentence, according to the release.

”The evidence showed sophisticated, large-scale drug trafficking of the sort which deserves the fullest application of our law enforcement resources,” said Deputy District Attorney Maggie Fleming in the release. “And this case shows how our Drug Task Force can effectively interdict such activity.”

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sack 1 Regulatory Bureaucrat, Create 98 Private Sector Jobs

Eliminating one regulator creates 98 gigs – not just this year, but next year, and the year after that, and….

Ten Things that will be Increasingly Evident to Californians by 2012
...Government has no business prospering when the economy is suffering…but Democrats would rather protect bureaucrats at the expense of services than protect services at the expense of bureaucrats.

...You can’t tax and spend your way to prosperity. More government is not the solution to every problem, but that’s the only answer Democrats can offer....

Governors come and governors go, but the legislature that holds the power of the purse strings and government oversight. If you don’t like where California’s heading, look to the legislature, and the party that’s been in charge for more than 40 years....
The 67 percent income tax rate increase Quinn and fellow Democrats approved in a January lame-duck session will bring in about $2.8 billion until the end of the budget year on June 30, but there’s “simply not enough money to go around,” according to the budget office...
Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka today said the state will end the budget year $8 billion "in the red” unless changes are made.

“The prescription for our financial recovery is simple: stop spending more than we bring in,” said Topinka, a Republican. “But sadly, that still has not occurred.”

You want to save services in Humboldt County?


Go back to every article covering the budget for the last 9 years. you will see the State stealing the money from the County. They have NEVER fixed their problems at the state, they kept spending and spending and spending. And every year they take more.

And every time they tell the taxpayers it is cut police and fire, or raise taxes, while they add on more and more and more spending.

Say NO. Keep police and fire. They are the very last things that should be cut - and that should never happen.

And right now, while you're waiting for Chesbro to do his job - cut the Planning and Building Departments entirely. There's no building going on, and whenever anyone tries, all those departments are is an obstacle that drives up the price. You want affordable housing? You'll never get it with the policies you have allowed to go on here.

You can raise taxes til the cows come home, and Wes and his pals will take more and spend twice as much as you raise. It's ain't gonna solve nuthin' - no matter what your Supervisors tell you at these 'listening tours.'

Sunday, May 01, 2011

"Multiple sources" Bin Laden Dead

turn on the news

Humboldt County needs to lay off nearly 50 employees; cuts may include frozen positions, dissolving Alternate Counsel office and providing voluntary furloughs

Since the county can no longer rely on its reserves, the board previously asked department heads to reduce their budgets by 8 percent. The proposed eliminations would save about $3.8 million annually.
According to a staff report, departments identified the need to eliminate funding for 46 full-time positions in order to meet the board's directed deduction.

The positions include one position from the board's office, four from the District Attorney's Child Abuse Services Team, three from the Public Defender's Office, 24 from Sheriff's Office operations, three from the Probation Department, one from the jail, two from the Economic Development Department, two from Alternate Counsel, five from the animal shelter, and one from the library.
Humboldt County urging public to prioritize services for budget cuts; Sheriff's Office to take biggest hit, with layoffs looming.