Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.

Political pumpkin patterns

Another tragic case

☛ ER Probable cause hearing for man facing 70 charges expected to end today
Paul Alan Jasnosz, 42, has pleaded not guilty to the various charges, including 51 counts of rape by force, two counts of false imprisonment and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. The man, who was living in the Fairhaven/Samoa area prior to his arrest in early October, was on probation for assault and discharging a firearm at the time. He was also convicted of robbery in Orange County, Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said.

A series of alleged crimes spanning about four days in early October led to the arrest of Jasnosz. He was arrested on Oct. 5, after his wife of 18 years and 22-year-old step-daughter told Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office officials he raped his step-daughter at gunpoint, threw her into a wall, threatened to kill them and locked them in his bedroom, according to a probable cause statement for his arrest.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's the difference?

'Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at,'

"Dig It. First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!"

Two white supremacists

Barger not guilty of first-degree murder

☛ TS Jury: Barger not guilty of first-degree murder

After nearly four days of deliberations, a jury found 23-year-old David Gabriel Barger not guilty of the first-degree murder of Rex Shinn, who was shot in the head on a Southern Humboldt County pot farm in 2003.

The jury could not agree on the lesser count of second-degree murder, and ultimately hung with eight of the 12 jurors in favor of his acquittal.

Barger was found guilty of vehicle theft for taking and hiding a truck that belonged to Shinn.

...Following the verdict, juror No. 1, who deliberated in the case, said she was unhappy with the outcome, but because the prosecution did not produce enough compelling evidence, the jury had no choice but to find there was reasonable doubt Barger committed the murder.

”It's very upsetting the evidence wasn't better,” juror No. 1 said. “It wasn't fair to the whole jury because of the evidence. They didn't give us enough.”

...witnesses were granted immunity for their involvement in the marijuana growing operation, and juror No. 1 said this was a primary concern during deliberation.

”Maybe if they had a witness without immunity it might have been more believable,” she said.
Gallegos said he understands the jurors' concerns.

”This murder revolved around a marijuana grow. If we don't grant immunity, those people won't talk, so we have no evidence,” Gallegos said. “It doesn't feel good to us either. But in the spectrum of wrongs, the person pulling the trigger is a lot worse than the others.”

Barger was returned to the Humboldt County jail, and awaits sentencing for the vehicle theft.
He is scheduled to return to court for a pretrial hearing on the second-degree murder charge Nov. 18.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trinity county repeals its marijuana law

Check out Eric's post - ☛ Trinity county repeals its marijuana law
...The Trinity County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday repealed a year-old ordinance that allowed medical marijuana users to exceed state limits on how much marijuana residents could grow and keep....

"What we adopted last year ruined the fabric of the county," said Supervisor Wendy Reiss, who voted for the ordinance last year....
Redding Record Searchlight - Trinity repeals marijuana law - Complaints of commercial growers prompt revisit year later

As Eric points out, that's two counties making major changes in their policies - and with all the grow house problems in this county, we're probably not far behind.

From the article - "The emphasis of marijuana growing has changed in most cases from medicinal to profiteering," Craig told the board Tuesday. "I have 15 men to patrol 3,200 square miles and the increased quantity. It takes us eight hours to get to some parts of this county who have never seen a cop."

During a supervisors meeting earlier this month, officials with the county's health department reported that the ordinance has led to an increase in hundreds of violations that included guard dogs running loose, unpermitted dwellings, rentals being destroyed when they're converted into grow houses, and septic lines draining into the ground or creeks.

Left out diesel spills. Code Enforcement issues? And Pot? Imagine that.


☛ TS KHUM declines to run 'Yes on Prop 8' ad

And if they declined to run "No on Prop 8" ads - would that be ok?

Time to change the slogan. Radio with politically correct rules.

The latest on Gundersen - UPDATED

☛ TS Trinidad investigating Gundersen for weapons violations
Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen is currently under investigation by the Trinidad Police Department on suspicion of firearms violations.
District Attorney Paul Gallegos said he is aware of the investigation and that his office has been briefed on it.
”It was an independent investigation -- we didn't participate in it,” Gallegos said, adding that he is taking the investigation seriously. “Certainly, we are considering charges.” (...)

☛ ER Gundersen under investigation, again
(...) (Gallegos) said he wouldn’t go into details about the investigation, about which he was recently briefed

...The District Attorney’s Office has yet to receive that report.

...When contacted, TPD Police Chief Ken Thrailkill would only confirm that an investigation is under way and wouldn’t provide any other details into the investigation....

Gundersen’s attorney, Russell Clanton, couldn’t be reached for comment by deadline.

Guess we're waiting for details.

Grand theft charge dismissed against former Blue Lake police chief


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012


Deputy Field Organizer for the West Side (OHIO)

the North Coast Journal - Web of Lies - Richard Salzman and other email phonies
From the Publisher: An apology
Rhonda Meehan's letter
Letters from "R. Trent Williams" printed by the Journal
Glossary of terms
Another Salzman alias?

Salzman exposed: Local newspapers reveal real names of letter writers - Diane M. Batley/Eureka Reporter
Read it here
Supervisor Geist wants apology from Salzman - Eureka Reporter
Read it here
Police begin investigation into fake letters allegedly sent by Salzman - Diane M. Batley/Eureka Reporter◼ link
Editor files criminal complaint - Eureka Reporter◼ link
Search warrant served in Salzman case - Eureka Reporter◼ link
Salzman investigation forwarded on to state Office of the Attorney General

Trinidad police investigate Salzman
The final Salzman tally?
Consultant used others' names in letter-writing blitz to local newspaper

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heh - Photo ID Required

No. Not to vote.

Forget $250,000.

Let's say you win $1,000,000.00 tomorrow. How are you going to spend it? What would you do with a million bucks?

Shadowy Networks - Project Vote, ACORN Institute Inc., ACORN Housing Inc., Wal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now (WARN), Citizens Consulting, Inc,

The Story: An intrepid researcher has discovered more than 200 tax liens totaling more than $3.7 million have been filed by the government against the (ACORN) Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now’s for unpaid taxes since the late eighties.

...The conservative-leaning Capital Research Center’s Matthew Vadum found a staggering number of liens listed against ACORN’s national headquarters at 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana while conducting an exhaustive investigation of ACORN's history and current activities.

“I took that address and plugged it into Nexis and did a public records search for tax liens,” Vadum said. “At least 230 tax liens corresponded to ACORN’s address and they were all from ACORN’s shadowy network of affiliates.”

The liens filed against ACORN and their associated groups come from the Internal Revenue Service and government officials in fifteen different states.

75 of the 230 tax liens appear to have been “released,” meaning the full debt was paid or a negotiated payment was made for the debt. The rest are outstanding.

The "shadowy network" Vadum mentioned are the hundreds of ACORN offshoots housed at ACORN's official 1024 Elysian Fields Avenue address, such as Project Vote, ACORN Institute Inc., ACORN Housing Inc. Inc and Wal-Mart Alliance for Reform Now (WARN). One of those organizations is Citizens Consulting, Inc, which was paid nearly $800,000 by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign to conduct get-out-the-vote activities during the Democratic primary.

While CSI raked in cash from the Obama campaign the IRS was preparing nearly a million in liens against ACORN. The IRS filed a lien on ACORN for $306,407 on March 6, 2008. A different lien was filed for $547,312 against ACORN on March 10, 2008 and another was filed on March 14 for $132,997.

Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R.-Ohio)and other Republicans have called on Congress to strip ACORN of their federal funding, which has received at least $31 million in various grants since 1998, because of ACORN's role in rampant vote registration fraud across the nation, but Democrats have not expressed any interest in doing this.

“ACORN is a relentless crusader for social programs and government wealth redistribution schemes and the fact they can’t be bothered to pay taxes speaks volumes about the integrity of the organization,” Vadum said.

The Report ACORN: Who Funds the Weather Underground’s Little Brother?

More: In 1995, ACORN sued the state of California seeking an exemption from the law that requires that it pay its own employees a minimum wage. ACORN, which argued that keeping its employees in poverty helps to boost their zeal to help the poor.

As far back as 2004 - ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Allegations Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg
A Florida state attorney is investigating thousands of potentially fraudulent voter registrations associated with the leading organizer of Florida's Amendment 5 ballot initiative. But this is just the tip of an iceberg of illegalities, fraud and contradictions connected to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). In recent days, ACORN has been at the epicenter of reports on thousands of potentially fraudulent voter registrations across the nation -- including many by ex-felons -- submitted by ACORN employees in the presidential swing states of Ohio, Colorado, Missouri Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Minnesota. (...)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amending the Constitution to force Redistribution of Wealth?

In his own words. On Chicago Public Radio WBEZ FM in 2001, Barack Obama speaks of the "tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalitions of power through which you bring about redistributive change."

He said that it's a tragedy that the constitution wasn't radically reinterpreted to force redistribution of the wealth.

"I am not optimistic about bringing about redistributive change through the courts. The institution just isn't structured that way."

From Atlas Shrugs who comments - So he doesn't think it can be done through the courts but he thinks it can be done legislatively. That is why a Liberal Supermajority is crucial.
From Atlas Shrugs
and Michelle Malkin
and SuperKev Redistribution of Wealth: Not just a slip, folks
UPDATE III: Keeping a running tally of video views before the Obamaniacs get it yanked from YouTube. (Don’t worry though, the PUMAs warned us, and thousands of us have all been downloading copies of the video. Down the memory hole this one will not go.)

and HillBuzz: Obama’s socialist audiotape should pressure the LA Times to release the tape they are holding of Obama at the 2003 Rashid Khalidi event in Chicago
The LA Times is sitting on a story about Obama at a 2003 Chicago event honoring Palestinian Rashid Khalidi, at which Obama was present while rampant anti-Semetic, anti-Israel hate was spewed.

Obama did nothing to stop it — and instead joined in the praise heaped upon Khalidi.

The LA Times shut the story down and refused to release the tape, because it would obviously hurt Obama with Jewish voters and all Americans who understand the importance of our historic and strategic friendship with Israel.

flip side: This Is The Best They've Got?

Diluted meaning.

Communist. Socialist. Terrorist.

Is it just that the words are now too familiar? They've lost their meaning?

I'd define socialism as a form of government that compels people to work for the state. A form of government that cannot tolerate individualism. It's the opposite of what we know and love.

What do you think?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

That's a little better

In a message dated 10/24/2008 8:05:17 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Friend and Supporter,
Supervisor, and Clark/Atkins Campaign Co-chair, Bonnie Neely will host an Art Auction...

What happened to Two clues as to who is driving the bus.

Gundersen back in jail, sentencing pushed back to next month - UPDATED


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012


☛ ER Gundersen back in jail, sentencing pushed back to next month
☛ TS 'Arrogance': Judge sends Gundersen back to jail for missing hearing

Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Bruce Watson sent David Gundersen back to jail Friday after the former Blue Lake Police chief skipped a Wednesday sentencing hearing.

Gundersen was found guilty by a jury of battery and firearms charges on Sept. 24, and posted bail when Watson lowered it from $1.25 million to $50,000. But Watson on Friday expressed concern that Gundersen's absence on Wednesday suggests he might be a flight risk, and decided to remand him to jail and set bail at $200,000.

”I wonder if it is in fact arrogance, a contempt for the proceeding or an attitude that what applies to others does not apply to him -- if that's the case, Mr. Gundersen should be remanded,” Watson said. “Obviously, the laws apply to all equally.”

Watson agreed to delay Gundersen's sentencing to Nov. 21.

☛ TS Blue Lake trying to shut down Gundersen's city e-mail
Blue Lake city staff have been trying -- with no luck so far -- to shut down an e-mail account started and apparently still used by their former Police Chief David Gundersen.

Staff have been trying to cancel the account “” for the last few weeks, since it was brought to their attention. The account was originally set up to function as the e-mail address for the entire department, and is paid for by the city.

Originally started by Gundersen, he is the only one who has access to the account, and, according to more than one recipient, is still sending mail from that address.

Uhhh, guys, take the advice of the people in your comments section. Stop paying the bill. AOL will shut it down then, no problem. And Gundersen - gmail, hotmail and yahoo are all FREE. You should have your own email anyways. This is just silly.


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012


Little Green Footballs reports- Orwell’s nightmare. with UPDATE

Government computers used to find information on Joe the Plumber (from the Columbus Dispatch)

State and local officials are investigating if state and law-enforcement computer systems were illegally accessed when they were tapped for personal information about “Joe the Plumber.”

Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher became part of the national political lexicon Oct. 15 when Republican presidential candidate John McCain mentioned him frequently during his final debate with Democrat Barack Obama.

The 34-year-old from the Toledo suburb of Holland is held out by McCain as an example of an American who would be harmed by Obama’s tax proposals.

Public records requested by The Dispatch disclose that information on Wurzelbacher’s driver’s license or his sport-utility vehicle was pulled from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles database three times shortly after the debate.

Information on Wurzelbacher was accessed by accounts assigned to the office of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers, the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department.

It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why. Direct access to driver’s license and vehicle registration information from BMV computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business. (...)

h/t: Little Green Footballs

Helen Jones-Kelley, pawing through the records of anyone who challenges Barack Obama...
Ohio residents be warned: You're being watched
Update: Yes, Helen Jones-Kelley (two e's in Kelley) just happens to be a maximum $2300 contributor to Barack Obama.

Says she provides this sort of illegal intrusion into personal records for anyone who "comes into the public light." It's a public service, you see.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Speaking for George Clark

In this corner we have Richard "R. Trent" Salzman

In a message dated 10/23/2008 5:37:44 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
Dear Friend and Supporter,
Only 12 Days separate us from making history in Eureka with the first progressive voting majority. (...)

And in the other corner, Alec the out-of-town-socialist-mouthpiece...

And what are they looking for? Power. You got it. A "Progressive" majority on the Eureka City Council. Soo no one can stand in their way. So no one can interfere with their plans to STOP all progress, and what that really means is so they can use the City Council to fight their nemesis, Rob Arkley. Clark is a tool.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

For the record

The Republican history on racism - not what you think it is.
good link here and good link here. (pdf)


Judge takes Belant’s motion to dismiss under submission

☛ ER Judge takes Belant’s motion to dismiss under submission
A motion to dismiss the child molestation case against Andrew Belant was taken under submission Wednesday by a Humboldt County Superior Court judge.

Judge Marilyn Miles noted Belant’s “fairly lengthy” motion, at 14 pages, and said she’ll issue a written ruling after reviewing both his and the prosecution’s arguments.

Belant, 25, has pleaded not guilty to 18 counts of child molestation, which include forced oral copulation and lewd or lascivious acts. He’s scheduled to stand trial Dec. 1 and has a trial confirmation date set for Nov. 17.

Belant, who is representing himself in lieu of a public defender, filed the motion Oct. 9. (...)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jackie Ray Hovarter - Affirmed

Jackie Ray Hovarter has been on death row for the 1984 kidnapping, rape and murder of a teenage girl from Willits. ☛ JN GENERATION NEXT ON THE BENCH

A Humboldt County jury convicted Jackie Ray Hovarter in 1988 of the first degree murder of Danna Elizabeth Walsh. (Pen. Code, § 187; all further statutory references are to this code unless otherwise indicated.) It also convicted defendant of kidnapping and forcibly raping Walsh (§§ 207, subd. (a), 261, former subd. (2), now see id., subd. (a)(2)) and sustained special circumstance allegations that he murdered Walsh while engaged in the commission of a kidnapping and rape (§ 190.2, former subd. (a)(17)(ii) & (iii), now subd. (a)(17)(B) & (C)). The jury was unable to reach a verdict as to penalty, and the trial court declared a mistrial.
Defendant, with the agreement of counsel, waived his right to a jury for the penalty retrial, and in 1989, the trial court, sitting as the trier of fact, returned a verdict of death under the 1978 death penalty law. (§ 190.1 et seq.) This appeal is automatic. (§ 1239, subd. (b).)

As explained below, we conclude the guilt and penalty judgments should be affirmed in their entirety.

On Tuesday, August 12, 2008, Supreme Court Rules Defendant May Waive Jury for Death Penalty Retrial
The justices affirmed the death sentence of Jackie Ray Hovarter, convicted of killing a young woman, Danna Walsh, who was abducted, raped, and strangled. Her body was found under the Scotia Bridge, about 30 miles south of Eureka in Humboldt County, in August 1984.

Hovarter, a truck driver from the San Francisco Bay area who transported wood pulp from a mill near the crime scene, was charged with the murder after he was identified as the perpetrator of another crime—the abduction, rape, and shooting of a teenager in Mendocino County in December 1984.

While in jail, Hovarter allegedly confessed both crimes to his cellmate, Gary Marolla. Marolla, who was being held on drug and weapons charges, negotiated a deal in which he received 111 days’ credit for time served and probation in exchange for his testimony against Hovarter.
Besides Marolla, prosecutors called the victim of the Mendocino County crime, identified only as A.L. Humboldt Superior Court Judge William F. Ferroggiaro Jr. ruled that her testimony—in which she explained how Hovarter tied her to a tree, assaulted her, shot her twice and left her for dead—was more probative than prejudicial, citing the similarities between the crimes. Both of the attacks occurred along U.S. 101—which Hovarter traveled on his route between his home, the mill, and the Oakland yard to which he delivered the wood pulp—and the modus operandi were similar, the judge ruled.

Much of the case against Hovarter was circumstantial, including evidence that on the morning of the crime, he arrived at the mill more than two hours later than usual, and about an hour after the murder occurred.

Jurors found Hovarter guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping, and forcible rape, with special circumstances of rape and kidnapping. After jurors deadlocked in the penalty phase, Hovarter agreed to have the judge alone decide the sentence, and Ferroggiaro opted for the death penalty.

Gundersen fails to show up for court hearing - UPDATED


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012


Gundersen fails to show up for court hearing
(...) A warrant will be issued for his arrest, and $200,000 bail set, if he does not show up for a rescheduled hearing Friday.
Attorney Russell Clanton said that Gundersen was on the road from Newport Beach, where he was visiting his ill mother. (...)

Gundersen a no-show at hearing
(...) Clanton said he also plans to file a motion for a new trial, after speaking with jury members about their findings in the case. That motion will likely be heard before Gundersen's sentencing.

"Certainly you don't go to sentencing until you have the motion for a new trial filed," Clanton said. (...)

Gundersen a no-show for scheduled sentencing
(...) After the hearing, Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said Gundersen hasn’t met with the probation officer yet, which is necessary in generating the report that the judge will use in determining his sentence.

“I don’t think he’s going to do anything to facilitate the process,” Gallegos said. “Mr. Gundersen thinks he’s above the law — I invite him not to show up Friday. (...)”


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012


Monday, October 20, 2008

WEB OF LIES - The Salzman Chronicles

On the cover: Richard Salzman shakes hands with Deputy DA Worth Dikeman

◼ NJ From the Publisher: An apology
Richard Salzman and other e-mail phonies
September 1, 2005
◼ NJ Rhonda Meehan's letter
◼ NJ Letters from "R. Trent Williams" printed by the Journal
◼ NJ The story of 'Jan Johnson'
◼ NJ Glossary of terms
◼ NJ An apology

◼ NJ Another Salzman alias?
Another Salzman alias?
◼ NJ The final Salzman tally? - Fake letter campaign was more extensive than previously known 1/26/06
--- ◼ archived

Plus: Gallegos, Kerrigan, others react to phony e-mail campaign
◼ ER Salzman: Nothing more than a Machiavellian misfit 9/2/05
--- ◼ archived
◼ ER Salzman exposed: Local newspapers reveal real names of letter writers
◼ ER Supervisor Geist wants apology from Salzman
--- ◼ archived
◼ ER Police begin investigation into fake letters allegedly sent by Salzman9/9/05
--- ◼ archived
◼ ER Where is the apology from Reporter's editor?
◼ ER Salzman can be trusted and respected
◼ ER Editor files criminal complaint
◼ ER Search warrant served in Salzman case
◼ ER Let's not forget that a crime is a crime
◼ ER Salzman investigation forwarded on to state Office of the Attorney General
◼ NJ Trinidad police investigate Salzman
◼ ER Salzman will always be welcomed
◼ NJ The final Salzman tally?
Fake letter campaign was more extensive than previously known

Consultant used others' names in letter-writing blitz to local newspaper
◼ TS Clearing the e-mail air
◼ TS - New twist in Salzman case
◼ TS - Salzman inquiry to AG
◼ ER - Attorney General receives Salzman case report
◼ ER State advises against prosecution of local political figure Salzman
◼ ER Witnesses say Salzman put stickers on city property
◼ NJ Top Ten
◼ ER Kerrigan Should Dump Salzman,
◼ MP "R. Trent Williams" aka Richard Salzman's

Note: Some links are dead - The Times Standard closes off links after a few months, and The Eureka Reporter ceased publication and pulled their online archives off the net. Some may be retrievable via the Wayback Machine, and, barring that, hard copies or microfiche of the articles should be available at any Public Library. Some articles are also archived in an online scrapbook/newspaper clippings file at ◼ WatchpaulArticles, linked here in the sidebar.

Fortuna Mayor John Campbell has died

☛ ER He passed away at his home Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. after a fight with cancer.

☛ Steve Lewis Fortuna mayor John Campbell has passed
☛ Heraldo John Campbell is dead
☛ TS Timber man and Fortuna Mayor John Campbell dies

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More to it...

How many fake voter registrations are there? This is more than just making up names - this is actively premeditated - choosing vacant lots and empty, dilapidated homes as address listings. in addition to using other people's addresses. This is deliberate.

It reminds me of Salzman's choices for the phony letters he wrote - old people who wouldn't know any different when their name was used in the paper... it's always seemed to me that that was carefully planned. What goes on in those training sessions, anyways? What goes on at Pamplin Grove? Do you learn how to do this stuff so as to not get caught? How to spin it if you do?

By Request - The "Censored By Heraldo" Support Group

The "Censored By Heraldo" Support Group - Because of continuing reports of censorship, and complaints about being blocked from commenting on The Humboldt Herald from numerous sources, this will remain an open thread. linked in the sidebar. Anyone see a pattern?

Discussion: Talking Tech - Censorship: A Failed Policy

✂ Here was a comment deleted from the Humboldt Herald just tonight. (Oct. 13)
From now on, I'm double posting everything I post there to watchpaul. We need to watchheraldo too since they are part of the same dirty money machine.

"Good point about the dirty phony DUHC money, Rose. All those Democracy Unlimited gangsters like David Cobb and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap should be investigated by the Secret Service for violating the constitution by coining legal tender without an Act of Congress."

✂ #2?
Now Heraldo/ette is censoring comments calling Kaitlin's re-election into question.

Part of the same pattern of shilling for the DUHCs and their pro-Measure T, anti-fluoride antics.

"Since Davies and Schultz support a public vote on fluoridization, with Sopoci-Belknap and Hecathorn opposing even a public forum on the subject, it's not difficult to see who is being misguided. "Democracy Unlimited" indeed!

And Arcata and Eureka have had fluoride for 50 years now. Do you claim we're all stupid now, Nice?"

✂ Censored comment #3:
"Yup, 65% of voters in Arcata are too dense. Probably 70-75% of voters in Eureka support fluoride too, they must be uneducatable too.

That's a real winning strategy for Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, deny the voters the right to even have a forum or a vote on what they want the water district to do.

Democracy Unlimited? Not really."

✂ Censored comment #4: Do we detect a trend here, or even venturing closer to the identity of Heraldo as one of the DUHCs?
"Why not just use calcium fluoride if you're so concerned about sodium?

It seems to me you disprove your own argument. Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap voted against holding a public forum on district-wide fluoridization. Her opponent calls for a public vote on fluoride, she's against it.

If the public is so sympathetic to your cause, why do you oppose putting this issue before the public?

Democracy Unlimited seems pretty limited when it comes to how Kaitlin is "representing" the voters of Eureka."

✂ Censored comment #5. Now Heraldo doesn't want any Corbett criticism included. Remember who Local Solutions backed in the last MCSD races, Rose?
"John Corbett has always been a slimeball. Once he witnessed someone obviously getting stalked and harassed in the hall outside the courtrooms here in Eureka, usual sort of family court stuff. John Corbett didn't lift a finger; instead he let out this snickering laugh and even made fun of the person who called for the sheriffs to intervene and prevent an outbreak of violence. I know this because I was attending a hearing that morning and I witnessed him behaving like a jackal.

He also ran the Arcata Co-Op into massive amounts of debt in the boondoggle remodeling of their Arcata store in 2000 which almost drove them out of business (the Eureka relocation with all its problems was idyllic by comparison to the massive disruption in Arcata). Their own finance chiefs will tell you that the North Coast Co-Op is neck deep in debt to this day because of Corbett's mismanagement of the Arcata remodel. That's why they had to turn to Arkley to finance the Eureka relocation, because they couldn't increase their debt load. Go ahead, ask 'em.

Corbett also oversaw the blind eye attitude of the air quality board towards the pulp mill, which operated for nearly two years under the Chinese without installation of the necessary scrubbers to cut down on the particulate levels and noxious chemicals released. People got sick because of the arrogant disregard for public safety exhibited by the local air board, which Corbett is the chair of.

Let's not even get started with the McKinleyville CSD board and how Corbett lets the GM run wild acting more like a dictator than like a general manager. That guy made Dan Hauser appear to have a benevolent management style by comparison."

✂ Censored comment #6 from the Herald:
"The "socialist" representative and Democrat repping us in Congress is Mike Thompson. He voted for the rescue package once it was fixed up.

But leave it to that economics expert Bill Holmes to figure out this stuff for the rest of us.

"We don’t have to entice any businesses to come here" what a gem Bill! What vision!

If he were really interested in electing Democrats, Bill wouldn't be backing conspiracy theorist Greens like Carol "Pot Doctor" Wolman and Kaitlin "Mea$ure T" Sopoci-Belknap-Cobb."

✂ Censored comment #7. Heraldo is sure scared of any criticism.
"You're wrong, mresquan. The Water Board was considering the fluoridation of all residential water. With Kaitlin and the since-resigned Randy Turner's help, they turned their back on accepting further public input on the issue.

This is why Buzz Webb is running in McKinleyville too, by his own admission. He was shocked how our Water Board would turn its back on public health, as was Stephen Davies. My best wishes to both of them to restore sanity to the water board.

And shame on you Heraldo for calling someone a lunatic just for disagreeing with you. It's a tactic worthy of McCain."

✂ *replacement* censored comment #7,(8) yet again a response to misinfo from Bill Holmes, Heraldo's new best friend:
"The local ACLU supports F & J along with the Green Party?

But according to Bill Holmes, the ACLU are chock-full of "completely corrupted freaks" who deserve to be purged Green Party-style due to their principled opposition to Measure T (ironically, on the very free speech grounds Bill would deny them).

And just look what the Cobb/Holmes treatment has done for the Greens: 20% decline in a single year, according to the Times-Standard?

Make up your mind Bill, are Measures F and J good for the children of our community, or is it more important to enforce your peculiar ideological conformity? Does free speech only apply to people and organizations who agree with Bill Holmes 100% of the time without exception?"

✂ Censored comment #8: (9)
"So Davies being co-counsel with another lawyer on a totally unrelated case means he is personally responsible for everything that other lawyer does in cases which don't involve him?

We can only imagine what can be pinned on your hero Gallegos now considering who he's been associated with, starting with Tim Stoen. Actually, that's worse: Davies sure didn't hire Schectman at taxpayer expense, they were both hired by a third party. Gallegos actively recruited Stoen, and entirely on the county's bill.

If Kaitlin really wants to go there to slime her opponent, I guess it's fair game to ask about David Cobb's long-time employment by a big insurance company in Texas back when he actually was a lawyer. My goodness, Cobb a Corporate Lawyer, heaven forbid!"

#8 was re-posted by Heraldo as "Anonymous" with the second and third paragraphs cut out.

✂ Censored comment #9 (10) from the Sopoci-Belknap campaign manager aka Heraldo:
"I hope Big Boss Man is right about Kaitlin. She's accomplished nothing in the last four years in office."

✂ Censored comment #10, (11) yet again Heraldo covers for Bill Holmes making idiotic claims:
"Who exactly is Bill Holmes to lecture anyone about local economic development?

Let's review: Our often stoned friend Highboldtage has never created a job for anyone, anywhere, ever, has never owned a successful business, and has no academic credentials in economics or in business administration.

Rose pointed out to him how local thrift stores aren't even accepting children's clothing with the glut of it. But don't let facts stop Bill from spinning more bullshit about how some government subsidized clothing factory will save Humboldt County. After all, we grow so much cotton around here."

If you're going to submit an entry - please include the relevant POST/THREAD. And bear in mind, if comments are awaiting moderation, they may get posted later, and aren't being blocked.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Salzman's in Ohio

In a message dated 10/17/2008 9:59:57 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
I'm in Columbus Ohio through election day doing my part to help secure what will hopefully be a tamper proof majority for Obama. Meanwhile Greg Palast and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have this to say about what's been going on in Colorado, New Mexico and elsewhere:
ROLLING STONE: It's Already Stolen
Investigation by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Greg Palast released today

Now THAT's an unbiased source. A good offense is the best defense - now don't look at ACORN anymore, 'K?

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: Innocent ACORN Defrauded by ACORN Workers Caught in the act, deny, deny, deny.

Friday, October 17, 2008

ER - Letter to the Editor - UPDATED


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012


Great letter in today's ER:
Plea bargains, deals kept street racer on roads

Dear Editor,

The tragic death of a 9-year-old girl on State Route 299 because of a drag race once again points out the deplorable judgment of our district attorney.

At the same time Paul Gallegos was prosecuting members of the Eureka Police Department (whose charges were dismissed), he was cutting deals and plea bargains with one of the drivers, who has 17 criminal cases on his record.

Yet this man was free to drive the streets and kill a child.

Susan Dodd

h/t: The Mirror


Much as I tend to agree with the sentiment - valuable time and resources were spent going after good guys, Douglas and Zanotti, that could have been spent going after bad guys and Gallegos' record shows he doesn't know how to go after bad guys with the same zeal he goes after good guys; the list is long - starting with Martinez-Hernandez; giving the convicted murderers Kesser and Leahy plea deals, the horrific botch job on Gundersen, the unforgivable persecution of Sean Marsh - it is also true that Jason Bradley Whitmill was a parolee. He was sent to prison - a plea deal yes, but one that didn't make much difference in the amount of time he served.

There's alot to hold Gallegos accountable for - the point of this blog, actually. But to hold him accountable for this death? No.

For too many plea bargains? Yes. For prosecuting innocent people like Sean Marsh, and going easy on people like Kesser; for bizarre plea deals like we lower the charges or drop the charges if you pass a lie detector test, and then if you fail it we let you take it again... that kind of schizophrenic prosecution leaves every member of this community at risk. Yes. For that and much more.

One of Law Enforcement's primary beefs with Paul as DA is that bad guys are let out before they've even finished the paperwork on the case, and then they turn around and commit another offense. For that? Yes. Time and time again.

I believe there will be a case that can be laid at his feet. One that will make national attention. It's only a matter of time. But this one isn't it.

Whitmill will go back to prison, presumably, if Gallegos doesn't screw this one up. It won't be for long enough. No punishment will be harsh enough. And nothing will replace the life that has been lost.

The funeral is tomorrow.


Former Blue Lake Police Chief David Gundersen has been cleared of all major charges first filed against him in 2008. - Arcata Eye MARCH 2012


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Craig's List as a political weapon?

The item below is posted on Craig's List. It appears to be an attempt to discredit Frank Jager - which makes it likely a move by the Clark Campaign. It references this blog. Whoever posted this doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. There is alot more information than is posted on this blog, though I am going to be VERY HAPPY to fill in some of the gaps!

The claim it makes is false - Jager has, in fact, made a request to release and return the remains of Andrea LaDeRoute to her family. This request has been turned down by Paul Gallegos, with his usual mumbo-jumbo response(s). The emails that prove this are posted, I believe. I am checking. Andrea's sister, Lisa has a site of her own and a rather lengthy place of her own on the Court TV Message Boards - a standing link in the sidebar. She has made repeated requests to Gallegos for the return of her sister's remains.

What's Wrong with this Picture? (Eureka)
Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-10-15, 7:17AM PDT

Why won't Frank Jager, our esteemed county coroner, release Andrea LaDeRoute's remains to her family so they can have some closure?

Andrea was murdered in 1980 when she was 20 years old. Her murderer was arrested and jailed right here in Humboldt County. He had her bloody clothing in his car. He was set free because NO ONE SHOWED UP FOR HIS ARRAIGNMENT.

He went on to kill up to a dozen more young women.

Frank Jager was on the Eureka Police Department then. He has some explaining to do. Maybe he is covering up for his friends. Or himself.

In the mean time, release her remains, let her family have some peace.

It's the Christian thing to do.

Location: Eureka
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 880030833

Voter fraud alert: Houseful of out-of-state Obama activists registered as Ohio voters, received absentee ballots

An entire houseful of young, non-Ohioan Democrat activists have used the Brownlee Avenue address to register themselves to vote in the Buckeye State and secure absentee ballots under extremely shady circumstances — all while mobilizing a large effort to register thousands of others for absentee and early voting. The activists are leaders of a group called “Vote From Home ‘08.” The group is self-identified as having “extensive experience with political organizing, election administration, and Democratic politics.” They were hailed as the “Justice League” by a Daily Kos blogger. Their Facebook page brags: “Want to turn the Presidential election blue in a key swing state? Vote from Home is a political organization that was founded by a team of young people for the purpose of assisting, aiding, and tracking voters to elect progressive candidates to the White House. Encouraged by the excitement of the 2008 elections and the movement around the Democratic candidates, Vote From Home will be in Ohio seeking to deliver 10,000 votes to Democratic candidates statewide.”... of them says “It’s a perfect opportunity for them to come in, register at a temporary address like a homeless shelter or a YMCA or something like that. They can register at that address because they don’t know where they’re going to be tomorrow or next week.”...

No, Eric. There won't be any fraud on election day. Keep repeating that.

And remember. These are just the ones who are getting caught. This ain't Mickey Mouse. Rock the vote!

Leahy pleads guilty - reduced charges - gets probation?

☛ TS Leahy pleads guilty to murder
Just short of her 17th anniversary behind bars, a tearful Jennifer Gale Leahy pleaded guilty to second degree murder in a Humboldt County courtroom Tuesday afternoon.

The plea was part of a deal that reduced Leahy's charge from first- to second-degree murder. Now, if a sentencing judge agrees with the disposition in early November, Leahy will be set free, with a life-long probation sentence.

Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos said new information has emerged since Leahy's first trial took place in 1992, that better defined her role in the murder conspiracy of Mary Kesser, a 30-year-old Fortuna woman who was killed in 1991. That information revealed Leahy helped her then-boyfriend Richard Kesser find a hit man to kill his wife, but her involvement appears to have tapered off after that, Gallegos said.

”She's still as culpable,” Gallegos said. “She was the linchpin that put the two people together.”
If the sentencing judge agrees to release Leahy, she will not be allowed to live in Humboldt County, where Mary Kesser's family continues to reside....

Rachel Donahue, who became friends with Leahy in jail, attended Tuesday's hearing. She said she was excited about news of the plea agreement.

”She deserves to get out of there; it's been a long time,” Donahue said. “She had only been with the guy (Richard Kesser) for four months, so this is like nothing but bad memories for her.”

Leahy will return to court Nov. 2 for sentencing....

I expect Gallegos will call this a win - now what happens with his convoluted Lie-detector deal with Kesser?

Richard Kesser has entered a guilty plea as part of an agreement to reduce his sentence from first- to second-degree murder, but that plea is pending the results of a (SECOND) polygraph test. (He FAILED THE FIRST ONE, REMEMBER?)

Murder charges - Mustang found

☛ TS Whitmill faces murder charge for alleged role in crash
Public Defender Laura Cutler was assigned to represent Whitmill and Deputy Conflict Council Kaleb Cockrum was assigned to defend Flores, after both told the court they could not afford an attorney....

While elements of malice and planning are generally required for a first-degree murder charge, University of California Hastings School of Law professor David Levine said those elements aren't necessary for this charge, as Whitmill is alleged to have committed a separate felony, driving under the influence, that also led to Nicole Quigley's death.
”It's a rule of criminal law that if you commit 'felony A,' and in the course of committing 'felony A' a death takes place, even if you didn't intend for that death to take place, you can be charged with first-degree murder,” Levine said. “The commission of this separate felony DUI is what enables the prosecutor to charge murder. And, of course, that leaves tremendous leverage for a plea bargain. It's certainly legitimate (for the prosecutor) to charge up like that.”

☛ ER Driver charged with murder in connection to fatal street race collision
One of the two drivers involved in an illegal drag race that left a 9-year-old twin girl dead last week is being charged with murder, among other charges, and faces life in prison if convicted.

Jason Bradley Whitmill, 31, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of murder, gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, causing great bodily injury, vehicular manslaughter and engaging in a speed contest that resulted in injury.

While his bail was set at $1 million by Judge W. Bruce Watson, he also has a parole hold, meaning he’s ineligible to post bail, Humboldt County Assistant District Attorney Wes Keat said....

The other driver, 19-year-old Anthony Marques Flores, pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular manslaughter, engaging in a speed contest that resulted in injury, and hit-and-run with injury. He faces up to seven years in prison if convicted, Keat said, and remains in custody in lieu of $250,000 bail.

Flores, who allegedly drove the silver Ford Mustang that fled the scene following the collision, was arrested three days later, after the CHP received numerous tips from the public. While the Mustang wasn’t found at the same time that Flores was arrested, it was located late the next day in the Valley West area of Arcata.

Both men are co-defendants in the case and have a preliminary hearing scheduled for Oct. 24....

Nicole's funeral is Saturday.

Whitmill and Flores trial date delayed another month 08/04/2009
Whitmill, Flores take District Attorney's deal 12/05/2009
Jury selection begins in trial of Whitmill, Flores 11/23/2009
Whitmill, Flores trial to proceed 11/10/2009
Motion denied to suppress blood sample in Whitmill case 11/06/2009
Whitmill faces murder charge for alleged role in crash 10/15/2008
Quigley family, friends remember 9-year-old Nicole 10/06/09
Nearly one year ago 10/01/2009
Case surrounding fatal crash on Highway 299 delayed 09/15/2009
Too many delays 9/10/09
Legal maneuvers slow case of men charged in 9-year-old's death 09/01/2009
Whitmill and Flores trial date delayed another month 08/04/2009
Evidence, charges unchanged against Whitmill 07/17/2009
Evidence for second degree murder charge? 06/19/2009
Thinking of the Quigleys 05/29/2009
Remember Nicole 05/08/2009
Looking forward: Quigley family watches and waits as case continues 05/17/2009
Defendants in 299 wreck plead not guilty 03/28/2009
Judge holds Whitmill, Flores to answer for 299 wreck 03/14/2009
Wife refuses to testify against husband at preliminary hearing 03/13/2009
Investigator testifies suspect in fatal crash changed story 03/12/2009
Officer testifies about 299 crash at prelim 03/11/2009
Preliminary hearing over Highway 299 wreck continues 03/10/2009
Superior Court delays hearing in 299 crash case 02/11/2009
Broken system 01/23/2009

Hug your children 12/03/2008
Vehicular manslaughter suspect has extensive criminal history 11/13/2008
Whitmill-Flores hearing continued 11/06/2008
Street race case waiting on CHP reports 10/23/2008
Authorities seek Mustang passenger for questioning 10/17/2008
Court document: Flores tried to 'subvert' investigation 10/16/08
Whitmill faces murder charge for alleged role in crash 10/15/2008
Authorities arrest driver of Mustang 10/10/2008
New driver named in fatal collision 10/09/2008
Search continues for other driver in fatal crash 10/08/2008
◼ ER Parolee named as driver in fatal collision
◼ TS New driver identified in fatal crash
◼ TS New driver named in fatal collision
TS Update: ☛ TS Police still looking for driver
◼ TS Driver sought: Suspected drag race on 299 results in fatal crash

Note: there were other articles in the Eureka reporter, but none are available online anymore.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Federal court: Ohio must check voter registrations

OHIO: “A federal appeals court on Tuesday ordered Ohio’s top elections official to set up a system by the end of the week to verify new voters’ eligibility and make it available to Ohio’s 88 county election boards.” Federal court: Ohio must check voter registrations


So - should you have to show a driver's license? ID Card? Thumbprint? How would you ensure one person one vote?

Thank WHO?

In one corner:
R Richard Baker - Louisiana
R Ed Royce - California
...we need to create a new regulatory structure
R Christopher Shays - Connecticut
R Don Manzullo - Illinois
...Fannie Mae understood the rules and chose not to follow them

Armando Falcon - Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) Director

D Bill Clinton, weighing in.

In the other corner:
D Maxine Waters - California
...trying to fix something that wasn't broke we do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac
D Gregory Meeks - New York
...nothing that was indicated that was wrong with Freddie Mac Fannie Mae
D Lacy Clay - Missouri
...says this is the political lynching of Franklin Raines
D Artur Davis - Alabama
D Barney Frank - Massachusetts
...I don't see anything in your report that raises safety and soundness problems

Franklin Raines - Fannie Mae - Chairman and CEO

Monday, October 13, 2008

What can you say?

This one's for Eric.
h/t: Dr. Sanity

Oh, it'll never happen... Uh huh.

Thursday, October 9, 2008
(Orange County) Sheriff begins taking away concealed weapons permits
Hundreds of letters have been sent out advising current permit holders of impending revocation.

Comments 94 | Recommend 150
The Sheriff's Department has begun the process of revoking hundreds of concealed weapon permits across Orange County.
This week, department officials confirmed that 146 letters have been sent out advising current license holders that their permits to carry firearms in public – called CCWs – are being revoked. There are currently 1,024 permit holders....

Locally - Recent Journal story prints the names of local CCW holders.

Uhhhh - THIS is the guy you WANT to be worried about. NOT the legal CCW holder.
TS - Man faces concealed weapons charges What is HE thinking?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The beginning of the end of the Partisan Divide?

Centrist Democrats and Republicans working together!

Clinton supporters sharing evidence for RICO case against Obama campaign
The article ... states, and we have confirmed this with people who know for sure, that the people who gathered evidence of Obama’s fraud and voter intimidation techniques during the primaries against Hillary Clinton are sharing everything they have with the Republican Party and the federal government.

What’s happening here is something we have never seen before: centrist Clinton Democrats and Republicans are working together to expose the DNC and Obama campaign’s illegal activities and orchestrated, coordinated fraud. Both parties are working with federal agents to investigate ACORN, which has been funded with upwards of $800,000 in questionable donations from the Obama campaign (in what appears to be the expressed and explicit direction to engineer voter fraud in the general election). The tactics being employed now in the 15 states currently under investigation are the VERY SAME TACTICS we saw on the ground in Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, and other states working for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

And all of this ties back to Chicago.

Where the Obama campaign and DNC are now based....

The documentary “We Will Not Be Silenced” shows that there were thousands of complaints to the DNC about illegal and improper conduct by the Obama Campaign during the caucuses and it establishes, among other things, falsification of documents, that results were changed, that unregistered people were allowed to vote, that there were threats to Hillary supporters to scare and intimidate them, that they were stalked, and even locked out of their polling places.

“We Will Not Be Silenced” presents interviews with numerous witnesses including teachers, professors, civil rights activists, lawyers, janitors, physicists, ophthalmologists, accountants, mathematicians, retirees and others in caucus states. They recount their personal stories of threats, acts of intimidation, lies, stolen documents, falsified documents and much more. According to screenwriter/director Gigi Gaston, a Hillary supporter, “everyone turned a blind eye to thousands of complaints - at least 2000 complaints, in Texas alone. The DNC and the media chose to sweep this under the rug by looking the other way. It is as though they had their pick from the beginning and were going to make sure they had a winner. It is not that Hillary lost, rather how she lost that concerns me. What are my party’s principles, and why would they turn their back on millions of voters who cried out for justice?”

Viviano concluded, “I believe the leadership of the Democratic Party participated in the suppression of questionable, unfair, unethical, and sometimes criminal practices by the Obama campaign and disregarded thousands of complaints about such conduct in order to assure a victory by Obama in the Democratic Primary. Now Obama continues his thug tactics and no one says anything. The Chicago way is not the American way.”

The “30 Day Campaign for Truth” will include numerous nationwide press releases to at least 1,400 media outlets; presentations on numerous blogs; You Tube presentations; press conferences and a viewing of the documentary. Numerous groups including Cristi Adkins and, The,, YouTube sensations Paul F. Villarreal and John D. Villarreal with Villarreal Media, and others will participate....

We Will Not Be Silenced The “30 Day Campaign for Truth”
link to part 1
link to part 2
link to part 3
link to part 4


BEFORE he is inaugurated, part of his transition TEAM, he says...

h/t: Atlas Shrugs

BUT WAIT! Obama Claims He Never Worked For Acorn
Planting Seeds of Disaster
...ACORN, far more than we’ve recognized up to now, had a major role in precipitating the subprime crisis...
ACORN office in Vegas raided in voter-fraud probe
County rejects large number of invalid voter registrations oct/08
ACORN is under serious investigation in what? 14 states now? Hundreds, thousands of phony voter registration cards. Busing people in for same day voting.

Now if this was Palin - every reporter in the nation would be all over it.
How did we get this far along without any questions being asked?

Seriously. Did you know there's a court battle going on to force Obama to release his BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Why would ANYONE not release their Birth Certificate? You and I have to do it to get our driver's license. This man wants to President. Why is this even in question?

You think letting Ken Miller in the DA's Office to write a lawsuit is bad. Putting ACORN on your transition team is that multiplied a hundred fold.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

ACORN Files Voting Rights Suit on Behalf of Imaginary-Americans

"Participation in our electoral process is a fundamental right, and the foundation of our democracy," said ASDF ASDFG, a spokesperson for the National Association for the Advancement of Imaginary People, one of the groups named as plaintiffs in the class action. "We will not be silent when government denies people access to the polls on the basis of color, or sex, or existential status." ACORN Files Voting Rights Suit on Behalf of Imaginary-Americans...

..."Whether we are obituary notices, hallucinatory giant rabbits, or strings of random keyboard strokes, it's time for the chimera community to stand up and claim our rights as citizens," said ASDFG. "We will no longer be silent and invisible. Okay, maybe invisible."

In addition to $3.2 jubajillion in damages and free federal mortgages for homeless spectres, the suit also seeks enforcement of the Americans with Dimensional Disabilities Act. The Act requires voting places to make accommodations for existentially-challenged voters who have trouble completing ballots written in standard 3-dimensional reality. The accommodations include multiple site registration, time travel, and allowances for alcoholics to cast ballots for dependent D.T. phantasms....

Deja Vu

☛ ER Man held over on sodomy, molestation charges
A man accused of sodomizing and molesting his then-8-year-old daughter was held over Friday on the charges, which carry a life sentence.

Isaias Felix Romero, 33, impregnated his now-wife when she was 13. They married after he pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. The child from the pregnancy is now a 9-year-old in the fourth grade and the alleged victim of Romero. She will be referred to as Jane Doe.

There was sufficient evidence to move forward with charges of sodomizing a child younger than 10 and continuous sexual abuse of a child, Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Timothy Cissna ruled.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What's the deal? w/update

Sure seems like crime is up the last few days!
Two arrested, one at-large after Garberville robbery Wrong house, home invasion.
Police bust armed parolee after struggle
Truck stolen, burned, others vandalized
High-speed chase nets two parolees Michael Tray Johns and Waymond Richard Kelly, Katrina Gerace - Waymond Richard Kelly? * - haven't we heard of him before?
Johns was arrested on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle, evading a peace officer, possession of stolen property, being a felon in possession of ammunition, resisting or delaying an officer and parole violation, Whitmer said.

Kelly was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property, being a felon in possession of ammunition and parole violation, Whitmer said.

Gerace was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property, Whitmer said.

The Ford station wagon was reported stolen on Oct. 3 in Eureka.

Whitmer said that while there’s been a recent rash of home invasion robberies in Eureka, there’s no evidence to link the arrested parties with any of those crimes.

“It was coincidental,” Whitmer said of the pistol ammunition found in the vehicle. “As far as I can tell, we just can’t prove anything but two parolees in a stolen car.”

* OH YEAH - we have - Attempted murder charge dropped (11/01/2007 - 22:33)
... Omholt and Cooke, with a third man identified as Waymond Hiat Kelly, are suspected of a string of armed robberies in Eureka ...

Omholt arraigned on attempted murder charge of HCSO deputy (01/09/2007 - 21:25)
... In addition to the Oct. 23 assault, Omholt — along with Waymond Hiat Kelly, 24, and Zachary Cruz Cooke, 18 — is suspected of being ...

Third robbery suspect in custody after high-speed chase (01/06/2007 - 00:44)
... task force. Late that same night, 24-year-old Waymond Hiat Kelly led California Highway Patrol officers on a ...

Father of slain teen files claims against city of Eureka, county (07/03/2007 - 23:14)
... reported in The Eureka Reporter, Zachary Cruz Cooke and Waymond Hiat Kelly were suspects in the robberies as well. Kelly was arrested ...

There are two WAYMOND Kelly's? Waymond Richard Kelly, Waymond Hiat Kelly - both into high speed chases?

2009 UPDATE:
Repeat Offenders, armed and dangerous
☛ TS Shotgun brandished in home invasion robbery
photo source
☛ Rio Dell Times Home Invasion

Driver of the silver mustang found - the car is missing, and painted black.

☛ ER Second driver arrested in suspected street race crashAuthorities arrested a man on Thursday believed to be the driver of a Ford Mustang that fled the scene of an alleged drag race that turned into a fatal collision Monday, killing a young girl.

Eureka resident Anthony Flores, 19, was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County jail Thursday afternoon on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter and fleeing the scene of an accident which resulted in injury or death, a CHP news release stated. “After numerous contacts, the investigation led to Flores,” the release stated, which also noted the help of numerous leads from the public.,,,

In another development, 31-year-old Jason Bradley Whitmill is anticipated to be charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while under the influence, as the California Highway Patrol allege he was driving under the influence a 2004 Pontiac Sunbird linked to the suspected drag race incident. Whitmill, who was arrested after the Monday collision on suspicion of parole violation, was initially identified as a passenger....

As for Whitmill, he knows the Humboldt County court system well, with 17 cases on his criminal record dating back to 1995 — four of which were in 2007....

Authorities sought out the silver Mustang and Flores after he fled the scene Monday following the collision. While he’s been located and arrested, the vehicle remains at large. It’s been determined that the vehicle is a 1998 Ford Mustang convertible, with a license plate No. 6EMK473. The Mustang has since been spray-painted black and was seen Wednesday by a witness in the McKinleyville area, the CHP stated....

☛ TS Authorities arrest driver of Mustang
Blood samples, taken from Whitmill at the scene, showed he had recently been drinking alcohol. Fabbri said the upcoming charges will reflect that.

Whitmill suffered minor injuries in the collision. Cheri Marcelli, his passenger who suffered moderate injuries, told authorities she had been driving the vehicle in order to keep Whitmill out of trouble, Fabbri said.

Police records show Whitmill has a history of erratic driving and drug use.

In January, Whitmill pleaded guilty to evading a police officer and wanton disregard for safety.

According to a police report, in December an officer located Whitmill, a “parolee at large,” driving in Eureka. When Whitmill saw the officer, he reportedly sped away. The officer reported Whitmill was later found after he fled on foot into a nearby wooded area.
Officers found a large quantity of marijuana and hash inside Whitmill's vehicle, but the drug charges were dropped in exchange for his guilty plea.

Anyone who has seen his vehicle, license number 6EMK473, is asked to call 911 or 268-2000.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fascinating - Follow the money

☛ TS Follow the money: A look at the money fueling Arcata and Eureka elections
Over in the 4th Ward, Clark narrowly edged out Jager in the contributions race, bringing in $20,754 in cash donations compared to Jager's $17,804. Clark also loaned his campaign $480.

Jager, however, has not spent as much as Clark up to this point in the election, and carries the edge in cash on hand, $6,153 to $4,094.

Clark received a total of 69 donations at an average of $300 each, while Jager garnered a total of 58 donations at an average of $306 each.

Perhaps more interestingly, the disclosure forms also show how a few big donors can change the dynamics of an election.
Of the $61,740 in cash raised by all four candidates, $11,250 of it, or 18 percent, came from two entities and went to two candidates.

Sedgefield Properties, owned by Bill Pierson, donated a total of $9,000 to Clark and Atkins -- $1,500 to Atkins and $7,500 to Clark -- accounting for 37 percent of the candidates' war chests.

Ken Miller, a local physician, donated a combined $2,250 to the same two candidates -- $750 to Atkins and $1,500 to Clark -- accounting for another 9 percent of the candidates' cash contributions.

The campaign contributions also show how money from outside city limits can play a sizable role in the race for Eureka's council seats. According to the disclosure statements, almost 17 percent of the combined contributions to all four candidates didn't come from donors with Eureka addresses.

The biggest beneficiaries of these donations seem to be Clark and Atkins.

Almost 25 percent of Clark's cash contributions ($5,100) came from donors who listed addresses outside of Eureka while 27 percent of Atkins' contributions ($1,000) came from donors with non-Eureka addresses, according to the disclosure statements.

The disclosure statements also show that City Councilman Chris Kerrigan's consulting firm, Kerrigan Associates, has been hired on by Clark and Atkins. According to the statements, the firm has received $1,250 from the Clark campaign and $1,000 from the Atkins campaign for its services. Kerrigan is currently representing the Eureka's 4th Ward but is prohibited from running for re-election due to term limits.

☛ ER Eureka candidates disclose donation information
With one month left until the November election, three of the four Eureka City Council candidates have raised almost as much money as many of the 2006 candidates did in their entire race.

Second Ward appointed incumbent Polly Endert brought in the most, with $24,191. Fourth Ward candidate George Clark raised $21,234, while Frank Jäger, also vying for the 4th Ward seat, raised $18,044.

Second Ward candidate Linda Atkins raised $8,137, of which $4,500 came from her own pocket.

Endert and Jäger received small donations from a number of donors, including developers, real estate and financial industry sources, while Atkins and Clark received large donations from a few benefactors.

...Clark said his supporters struggled financially and could only give small amounts.

“I’d like to be financing my campaign with 10,000 $5 donations,” he said. “We’re doing everything we can ... we’re fighting the machine.”

No, Mr. Clark. You are part of the machine.

It's all very interesting, because we all know how Bill Pierson feels about the Marina Center -
George Clark for the Marina Center! Labor endorses Clark and Adkins
Sid Berg responds to Clark/Marina Center rumors

As I predicted

I told you that by November, they'd be saying McCain ran the torture camps in Vietnam.


NBC went to N. Vietnam to interview the warden of Hanoi Hilton — so he could tell Americans what REALLY happened. ...“Tran Trong Doyet, the former prison director, remembers it differently.

During “office hours,” he and McCain would have “fierce debates” about the war, Tran told NBC.

McCain describes these so-called debates in “Faith of My Fathers” as torture sessions. But that’s not the message NBC wants to get across.

“But after hours, we would talk as friends,” Tran said.

Why, their time together was so relaxed that McCain even had time to teach him English, a smiling Tran recalls!...

Looking for video of this interview. NBCs opening page is all SNL, Conan OBrien, Biggest Loser and Angela and Andy's Wedding site. Hard news? Not.