Sunday, December 07, 2008


By now you've received your "Baykeeper," NEC, "Friends of the Dunes" and "Democracy Unlimited" pleas for holiday donations.

If you prefer to give your money to groups who actually need it, and who actually DO something with it - or, in other words, if you prefer to give your money to groups that don't pay a flock of lawyers to go after deep pockets, and don't live off of predatory lawsuits... groups that are NOT political and DO NOT spend their days (and your money) trying to dictate how other people live their lives...

Consider ◼ The Humboldt Wildlife Care Center. These people do good work, Quietly, on call when needed. And there are real results.

Consider the ◼ Humboldt Botanical Garden. They're actually building and creating something, something that will be an asset to future generations. You can write a check - or volunteer or donate services. They've had a pretty good year. ◼ The Oysters and Ale donation added up to $12,076. And ongoing donations from Miller Farms and Loleta Cheese Factory have added up to $13,929.96 and $4,812.56 respectively. Both donate an ongoing portion of sales - at ◼ Miller Farms, if you are an HBGF Member, you can donate half of your 10% member discount to the Botanical Garden, and every little bit helps. ◼ The Loleta Cheese Factory donates every time you buy their Humboldt Garden Cheddar

There are many others. Add to the list!
It's not a group, but Kym has a suggestion: ◼ Help a Young Lady go to the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (details on her site, click on the link.)
(I'd add to that, contact your local high school and donate to help low income kids go on the Europe trips. It's a Pay-It-Forward kind of thing.)
Anon suggests: ◼ Redwood ACLU
Carol suggests: ◼ Humboldt Literacy Project
Humboldt County Breast Health Project Good choices.
mresquan suggests ◼ the Northern California Community Blood Bank.


  1. Who did Friends of the Dunes sue?

  2. Donate to the local Redwood Chapter ACLU and piss off the intolerant David Cobb cultists from Democracy Unlimited!

    917 3rd ST EUREKA 95501

  3. Rose, Thank you. Margo is a great kid who has overcome a lot of family problems. She is a good person to help for someone who want to donate to people who help themselves. She hasn't let life keep her from working hard and from helping others. Great kid!

    She is going to be somebody!

  4. It's neat, Kym. Wishing her luck!

  5. Great post Rose. Friends of the Dunes my be the worst of the worst. Such arrogance. Give your money to 4-H,scouts,youth sports,anything but the fools who have paved the path to our non economy.

  6. Humboldt Literacy Project has one employee and a large staff of volunteers who help adults learn how to read.

    Humboldt County Breast Health Project offers support and help to woman and men (yes, men can get breast cancer) diagnosed with breast cancer or gynecological cancers.

    Food for People can always use monetary donations and all donations go to help those in need.

  7. mresquan suggests the Northern California Community Blood Bank.

    But do wish to donate to other orgs that suite your wishes.

  8. The Blood Bank is a good choice.

  9. No, the blood bank is not a needy reciepiant of anything but your money. They make boo-coo bucks and are not raising employee wages in relation to bottom line. A great organization that we all need to support but make no mistake they are not poor.

  10. correct that --should read but your blood---

  11. not boo coo - ITS BEAU COUP


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